Monday, February 26, 2007

My CNY 2007 Adventures (Part 1/3)

This is the first part of my adventures during Chinese New Year (CNY). I don't really visited my relatives and friends to get 'Ang Pao'. Most of the time I brought my friends adventure around in Penang Island and Mainland.

My hometown (Butterworth) changed alot with the new highway - BORR (Butterworth Outer Ring Road). Besides that, I hardly can see wooden houses anymore. The places I used to hangout also changed. I really missed those days environment, now I felt like a stranger in my home ground :(

On my CNY holiday, I've been visited many places and snap lots of photos...

Prai Mega Mall's decoration

This decoration really impressed me, I've been Queen's Bay Mall, but the decoration still can't beat the above picture.

Now I wanna show you a hidden treasure in my hometown, The "Nine Emperors" Temple. This temple located at Jalan Raja Uda, the workmanship of this temple really impressive! They really hired the workers from China to do the carving on the building.

Nine Emperors Temple

This temple still extended and now they are building the main entrance and fencing with dragon statue. They also wanted to turn this temple as a tourist spot.

You can see how fine is the workmanship, I really felt that I was back to thousand years back to taste the real traditional buildings.

The Nine Emperors Main Door

The Nine Emperors

Inside the temple you can see many more excellent carving works...

This is not painting, it's a 3D carving works.

Excellent Carving

To Be Continue...


aceone118 said...

Nice pictures!!

angel said...

Whoa!!! Our megamall so grand eh??? Really tak sangka! I always go there every year on New Year's eve for last minute shopping and this ONE year I tak balik, they put up so nice mya deco.. sien...

Can fight Midvalley also!

Waaa!! I also never been to the 9 Ong Eah temple wey!! So men-sia-suey-kan... :(

Psst! How cum boh lang wan? U own the temple arr? :P

ah nel said...

take me to the temple to pray... ;)

Huei said...

bring friends for adventure around penang? should've looked for u when i was in penang!!! hehe

Kenny Ng said...


Haha... this year CNY quite grand in Penang. Mid Valley one ah? Haven't seen yet.

The 9 Ong Eah just nearby my house only. Trust me, many ppl from B'worth also never been there, no need feel Mem-Per-Sia-Suey-Kan.

I went there quite late liao, so all the ppl cabut ledi.

[ah nel]
come come...

Haha... next time lor...

simmie said...

very impressive temple!!! nice photos!

moz monster said...

nice temple ... the design is based on the ones you find in fujian province in china ... so ngam lah ... penang a lot of hokkien lang ah ... =)

this year, i don't feel the chinese new year atmosphere lah ... dunno why.

Bernard said...

Oit... you're from Butterworth ah? Sama gua jugak la...

... i used to stay in Kg Gajah. 1988 to 1992.

Very beautiful temple.. is that the one at (what used to be) Pantai Bersih?

ikanbilis said...

wah macam khoo kongsi. rindunyaa

kyh said...

wah the temple is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo magnificent! esp with the dim lights on... very stunning!

megamall really sien one leh... the environment tak syok one...

angel is from pg meh???

King's wife said...

Wow! the temple looks so grand and majestic.

L B said...

So the very Curse of the Golden Flower hor?

Nonnie King said...

Nice pictures!

See Fei said...

i was half expecting gong li to walk out of the wood work of the nine god temple. so beautiful, just like the set of the "flower" movie.

frostier said...

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Chen said...

the temple looks so grand :D
nice picture :)

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks! And welcome here :)

[moz monsters]
Yah... they import the workers from there. This year I also no mood for CNY.

U pak hai kia ah? Wahhh... kakilang oh... I stay at Jln Tamby Kecil there only. The Pantai Bersih temple is 'Tian Fook Gong'. This Nine Emperors Temple located at Jln Raja Uda, actually Raja Uda got 2 Nine Emperors Temples.

Yah... Khoo Kongsi smaller version.

Yalor... that temple really stunned me when I entered there. Mega Mall now days getting better than last time, now seems like Sungei Wang in KL lor. Yup, Angel from Penang too.

[king's wife]
It's really grand!

LOL... this temple not allow 'big boobs with half naked' one. When the Nine Emperors festival, they only allow those 'vegetarian' at least 3 days only allow to enter.


[see fei]
Haha... if really got Gong Li wear sexy sexy, sure kena ban from the temple.

Ok sir...


Ellone said...

The last pic sooo soooo NICE !!

Simple American said...

Really beautiful. Would so like to check it out for real someday.

But until then, ummm, how about part 2?

Kenny Ng said...


[simple american]
If you really come, I'll be your tour guide! Part 2 on my way...

_butt said...

whoa! so majestic looking the temple! i like! :)

yeah, and the first pic too! beauutifuuuuuuuuul! compare to the deco at midvalley.. sad case

Kenny Ng said...

Yeah... I really like that temple. Midvalley deco so bad meh?

Simple American said...

Thank you. :)

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
No Problem :)

Bernard said...

Wa si si sua tua eh kia... BM got, Sg Dua, Kg Gajah, SJ. Hampalang stayed before.

I used to go to the Kindy in the tek kah hui near Raja Uda.

Bernard said...

Ancient history :-)

Kenny Ng said...

Oh... really si sua tua. That mean u know B'worth well?

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