Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Together-Gather Bloggers Party

We often ask ourselves.....................ARE YOU READY Yet?

We were not. But now, we are.

Late last year, we planned a dinner gathering to meet up but the plan for us to prostitute ourselves to raise some funds somewhat went sour. Hence, we postponed. However, thanks to the biggest strip teaser code name LP, we manage to pull through.

Why did I mention our special agent LP here? Is because we manage to get him to sponsor half of where we started. The details as below;

Venue : Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Date : 9 March 2007

Time : 6 pm till 11 pm

Dress code : Anything

Charge : RM100.00 RM35.00 (payment made b4 18 Feb 2007)
RM40.00 (payment made after 18 Feb 2007)

So what are you waiting for bloggers? It’s not whether there will be celebrity bloggers or whether you will be appearing on newspapers the next day. You will be able to gossip like you never did before and most importantly, it’s about the amount of CAM WHORING you can indulge yourself in!!! We’ve even got our balloons sponsored!!! Also, we have free movie passes for some of you… on us!!!!

Email us for payment methods & further enquiries at



Eve said...

thats time i balik penang liau >_<

frostier said...

eve : u can come back all the way for the meeting

Anonymous said...

I'll cheer you on from Sydney!

may said...

oops... that was me... dunno why I can't seem to logon liao...

Will said...

apa event ni? you organize one ah?

Chen said...

Will sure will go wan :D

L B said...

I hope to make it too, but don't hold breath ok? KKKK, enjoy yourselves, and may you cam-whore till batteries all habis!!

L B said...

PS: Any LIVE FEEDS from the Event?

De Pianist said...

eh eh..not just camwhore..remember to video-whore too o..hehe..let us who can't attend d feel the situation from there ma...hehe..=p..

Pookyma said...

i wana go but dunno parents allow or not..hahaha

Bernard said...

Uahhh.. kenny rocks! I just might be able to make it.. will inform, k?

_butt said...

me too.. not confirmed yet, hopefully can make it :D

ah nel said...

ehhh...i no money can join kar???

Simple American said...

You set up a web cam so I can go? :P

Cocka Doodle said...

How come from RM100 can drop to RM 35 geh?
Eat leftovers ah? LOL Or tarpau nasi lemak?

FireHorse said...

Can you go for me and take photos, post them so I can see, pleasssee can or not?

Kenny Ng said...

Come over lah... just for the day mah... please... ;)

wa support sama lu!


Not me... it's whole team.

u come ah? good!

LOL... I'll be eatwhore, not camwhore :P

[de pianist]
So... u come or not? come lah... lai lah... cincai lah... :P

tell ur parents me Kenny Ng ask 1... sure they allow one :P

I really hope u can make it :)

Come la... cincai lah... I tell u more woo woo story lah... LOL

[ah nel]
I sponsor u ok?

[simple american]
If the ball room got internet access I'll try ok?

We not so cheap geh... u come n join us then u know lor...

aiyah... u not coming meh?

Chen said...

Errrrr... I'm talking about Will leh :P

Nonnie King said...

I want to go but no holiday. Sad sad.

De Pianist said...

kenny,can't lor...i'm in aussie d that time..air ticket too expensive,can't fly back..heh

Helen said...

I really hope I can come. :-)

But, gotta wait and see ....

LP said...

Wei, LP is my copy right name leh, no simply use arrr, nanti ppl get confuse....

LP said...

Forgot to mention, is spring break and I don't have to work that week, ada free air ticket to give away? ;)

ah nel said...

aiksss...later all wan u sponsor how??? :P

Simple American said...


But I don't you to get your PC stolen either. So maybe not a good idea.

FireHorse said...

kenny ah who are the "celebrity bloggers"?

Kenny Ng said...

Will ah? How bout u?

Then take leave and come :P

[de pianist]
Aiyah... too bad lah. Wrong timing again.

Come come!!! Don't no come... kekeke

I just copy everything what they ask me to post lah. Free air ticket ah? Ask my taikor see got sponsor or not :P

[ah nel]
I sponsor for u only... U ONLY!

[simple american]
Haha... PC is bigger, won't be so easy get stolen I think.

Wingz lor, LinPeh lor, 5Xmom lor... Kenny Sia maybe come also.

Bernard said...

Kenny.. I tak jadi mai lagi. Got work!! Ish.

Kenny Ng said...

Aiyah..... too bad la :(

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