Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Thumbdrive

Note: This is not an advertisement for the product at below...

Have you ever wash your thumbdrive in a washing machine before?
Answer: I did!!!

If you did, does your thumdrive still can be used after the full process of washing in a washing machine?
Answer: I can guarantee that 99.9% NO!!!


One day I forgot to take out my thumbdrive from my pocket and put together with my clothes into my washing machine. After the full process of washing, when I hang my clothes, I saw my thumbdrive was inside the washing machine!!! That time I was saying in my heart... SHIT already!!! All my work stuffs, my personal stuffs and my 'hamsap' stuffs all sure gone already!

Then I hang my thumbdrive for overnight for it dry itself, the next day I tried to plug into my computer USB port... and you guess what? Sure not working right?

Suddenly I saw the LED light responding, and I saw got removable hardware detected! I really can't believe it. I checked the contains, and all my files were still there!!! My thumbdrive still alive!!! Phewwww~~~~~!!!!! So I can continue view my 'hamsap' stuffs now... kekeke :P

Apacer 1GB Thumbdrive

p/s: Please do not try it at home! Any failure is under your own responsibility!!!

Unbelievable right?!


_butt said...

tsk, tsk.. typical guy store those 'stuff'.. :P

lucky your pendrive still can work.. :D

zeroimpact said...

You dry clean izzit

Monk[+]Icon said...

huahhh...dasyat siot ur thumbdrive...survived the hurricane! gero gero gerooo~

Pink Cotton said...



lets all go APACER from now on!!!!


p/s wat kind of ham sup stuff ah? :P

Little Ray said...

Apacer. Hmm.. Next time get Apacer, everyone :)

Chen said...

i found my thumb drive swimming inside washing machine too leh in the past, but i dun dare to use the thumbdrive liao after tat... :P I presume it had oredi RIP

Kenny Ng said...

kekeke... u wan to see the 'stuff' or not? :P

dry clean? shhhh.... dun say so loud lah... :P

Yalor... really impossible hor?

[pink cotton]
I cant guarantee u all the same lor... u wanna see the hamsap stuff ah? lai lai... I show u... LOL

[little ray]
hahaha... if your one spoil dun blame me ah :P

u must try mah... maybe still alive leh?

may said...

I think I'll just stick to not putting my USB thumbdrive into the washer and save me that heart attack, hor... *checks pockets*

Drew said...

Of course can, most electronic device if split into water in turning off mode, after 100% dry, they can be use one... Even handphone :P Next time you drop your handphone in the water, remember to turn it off first and let it dry before using it again...

L B said...

Ok, I wanna try too! Which Wash Cycle was it, or is that not important? Can use with colors, or just whites? Ok, ok, ok!!

Sin Ling said...

OMG, i cant believe you just wash and hang your thurmdrive overnight, luckily your thumdrive still can function very well, dont be so careless next time ok? can continue hamsap liao *wooohooo*... :p

FireHorse said...

I wash my cordless phone in washing machine before by accident, oso then put it in dryer, blong, blong, blong, now not very functioning liao.

cc said...

This happened to my dad numerous times. He never check the pockets before putting the clothes to wash. Haha...
We called his thumbdrive supperdrive, still functioning after a few washes. Amazing!

My sister-in-law diid the same thing last year and the phone also died.

Simple American said...

I did that once.

And I had to buy a new jump drive.

Hamsap lor?

moz monster said...

Wah .... quickly ... ask reporter to put in newspaper !!!!! =)

I don't leave thumb drives in my shirt and put them in the wash ... I simply borrow them to people who will take them home. And home is in another country.

All my ex-thumb drives are in India, China, Singapore or Indonesia.

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... next time better check before u wash.

Hi, thanks for dropping by here. Yeah, most of time it still can use if it's offline, but most of the time my devices died.

Full cycle, got detergent and softener, u can try it out.

[sin ling]
Yeah, after that incident I checked my pocket everytime, if not I cannot see my hamsap stuffs lor... LOL

Phone ah? Sure die one, all the cases I heard were all died leh.

Wah... your dad washes few times ah? Amazing leh, so now the superdrive very clean hor? LOL

[simple american]
Yours one died ah?

[moz monster]
LOL... if reporter write bout it, can I get commission ah? Your thumbdrives really into international hor? LOL

Huei said...

Heyyyy cool! I tried that before too..accidently..and the thumb drive would be still working fine if i haven't lost it >.<

but it still worked after the full process! thumb drives are so durable! haha =D

Nonnie King said...

It's good that you let it dry before you plug it in.

Just like mobile phone, if it's soaked in water, do not switch it on straight away, dry everything first. It might just work.

firehorse said...

CC & Kenny Dun lah say lidat must have hope wan, I think mine maybe in ICU right now, touch and go situation can die anytime, on good days can use little bit, on bad days totally cannot use. I am spending as much quality time as I can on it during those good days, :o(

Patrick said...

Apacer.. ok ok! next time i go for it.. i sweat alot, so my pocket always wet wet one! Apacer should be water proof de.. hehhee...

De Pianist said...

bad lor you..use thumbdrive to keep hamsap things...bad thumbdrive too lor..got hamsap things inside it still wanna function and let you see somemore...haha..

Kenny Ng said...

Ohh... u also kena b4 ah? Too bad u lost it lor.

Mobile phone I not so confident, most of my friend's one died. My mobile phone was lucky too... I dropped in basin and it works after a day to dry up.

haha... Don't tell me when u swim u also wear it together :P

[de pianist]
aiyahhh... u know lah, I'm just a normal man, sure got keep hamsap stuffs one lah, if not will be dangerous lor... LOL

nyonyapenang said...

mine also masuk washing machine before. still boleh jalan wor. :)

Bernard said...

Humsap thumbdrive.... have to wash it clean!!!

Wash it, wash it, wash it.

Kenny Ng said...

Really ah? We sama gang lah... LOL

LOL... not only hamsap stuffs lah... 90% are work document weh.

www.yenjai.net said...

I won't dare to try it, haha.
You know, a thumbdrive cost less than RM50.
What if the thumbdrive decide to 'sot' my mama-board? Rugi besar lor

Kenny Ng said...

I also sked my mama board can sot, but I still took the risk, anyway... it's ok... hehehe.

karen said...

haa.. i experiend it before. same, apacer also.. and STIL WORKING TOO>> hahhaa...

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... that mean they really build for washable? LOL

Bernard said...

Work document ah? NVM lah... resign ard mah.. out with the old and in with the new.

Kenny Ng said...

cannot say like that... those documents very useful for me to work in new company.

IIwAnDII said...

i also experienced this , since flash drives only contain 1 component and no moving objects . Its safe to say that the thumb drives wont die easily when washed or soaked in water...though plugging in your thumb drive when it contains water , that could do some damage :p !..*bzzt*

p.s i see alot of people using apacer...whats with that?

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