Sunday, January 21, 2007

Meme: My Top 5 Favorite Movies

Oh No!!! Another tagged/meme post again. I was wondering why everyone like to tag me? This time I tagged by Moz Monster, he wanted to know my top 5 favorite movies. Anyway, I'm kinda lazy to watch movies, I really not sure which are my favorite movies all time. I'm more into watching rock concerts than movies. Anyway... I'll do my best here:

#1. Forrest Gump

I was holding my tears so badly when watching this movie, to me this is the most finest movie ever act by Tom Hanks. The lesson of this movie is never give up and fight for the right no matter how hard it is.

#2. Pink Floyd - The Wall

This is a rock opera concept album by Pink Floyd. To me, it's a most finest art work movie based on their The Wall album. If you really want to watch this, please make sure you are really free, off your mobile phone, relax your mind and enjoy it, if not it will blown out your brain.

The storyline portrays the fictional life of an anti-hero named Pink, who is hammered and beaten down by society from the earliest days of his life, having lost his father (killed in Anzio during World War II, as was Roger Waters' own), smothered by his over-protective mother, and oppressed at school by tyrannical, abusive teachers who tried to mould him and the other pupils into the "right" shape for society (hence the recurring image of the meat grinder). Pink withdraws into his own fantasy world, building an imaginary wall, an allegory for being emotionally distant to protect himself from the rest of the world. Every bad experience in his life is "another brick in the wall". After heavily contemplating how to fill in the last few empty spaces in the wall, Pink puts off its construction for a while. He becomes a rock star and gets married (although not to Vera Lynn, as some may think — she was an entertainer in the Second World War, the track "Vera" is ironic of the fact that Roger Waters and his father never did "meet again" after the war as Vera Lynn's original song stated), only to be cheated on by his wife due to his distance and coldness, as well as the life as a rock star. After this he resumes and eventually finishes building the wall... (from wikipedia)

#3. Lord Of The Ring : Trilogy

I don't know why I like it, usually I don't watch this kind of fiction movie. It's not because of popularity of the movie so I went to watch it. Somehow, I watch all 3 episods for the 1st premier show in cinema for 3 years! The effects of this movie really superb and I don't need to explain so much here, the awards they were winning is enough to say it all.

#4. School Of Rock

Jack Black did the nice job in this movie to teach the kids how to rock. You can learn a lot about rock musics in this movie. I really enjoy this movie together with the classic rock songs featured in this movie. The kids did very well in playing music instruments, if you watch properly, those kids play really play on it! No kidding man, they really can play and they really can rock!

#5. Shutter

I love horror, suspense and ghost movies, but none of it can really scare me. To me, this is the most finest ghost movie from Thailand and the storyline really blown me away. This movie actually based on a true story and the lesson of this movie is... DO NOT simply fool with any girl, the karma will back to you! I don't mind to watch this movie over and over again.

That's all about my top 5 favorite movies, I will not tag anyone here.

Happy Watching Movies...


L B said...

Great movies...

No The Doors?

Maverick SM said...

I don't watch I don;t know how to comment....

may said...

hahahahaha, I'm not surprised you picked School of Rock! it's a really cool movie, those kids are really talented. sei lor, if ask me to choose 5 movies only, I'd have such a hard time! errrr... definitely no Pink Floyd for me...

Winn said...

seriously i dun think i have any fav movie! am i sad?

Kenny Ng said...

I haven't watch it yet, I'm looking for it.

I don't really watch movies too... I just hamtam only.

School of Rock is a must watch movie for rockers mah... LOL. Of course most of you can't accept Pink Floyd, it's too psychedelic and will blown out your mind.

Actually those are not my favorite movies, I prefer rock concerts la.

Sin Ling said...

Wah kenny, i love the forest gump, lord of the ring and the shutter. shutter is my favourite horror movie, i think it is far away better than those korean and japan horror movie. :) agree?

Huei said...

OOoooOO horror moviee!

Me scareddd!!


Kenny Ng said...

[sin ling]
wah... u like horror movie? Cool! Yeah, this movie far better than other ghost movies ;)

dun scared la... dun cry lah... u cry I really scare la...

angel said...

Forrest Gump, LOTR & Shutter are Rock Movies mehhhh?? :P

bsGlutton said...

From yr list I think U prefer more serious dramas with real meaning about life's struggles and final triumph thru hard work etc .

right ? means u r a responsible person, shud be a v good husband and father ! ( hehehe)

piao mei I dunno....hahaha

Kenny Ng said...

Forrest Gump got classic rock track in the movie mah... LOTR, one of the hobbit also rock kaki mah... Shutter ah? Coz I like ghost movie mah... nice answer or not? LOL

Yeah... I like those kind of movies.

Haha... good husband and father? Don't look me so up lah, if really why all gals run away from me?

Piao Mei? LOL... I never touch any, I'm bad to them.

moz monster said...

Hey ... thanks for doing your homework so quickly !!!! =)

I see we share 2 movies in our list !!! Now I wanna see your DVD library !!!!

Simple American said...

I have not seen The Shutter. Love all your other selections. LOTR is in my top 5.

Eve said...

I hate horror movie! Hate it with a passion! Forest gump was good though.. I really like shawshank redemption :)

Kenny Ng said...

[moz monster]
hehehe... fast leh? OK... next time I show u my DVD korek-sen

[simple american]
Yeah... u should watch The Shutter... nice story and scary!

Why u hate horror movie wor? Chi kek mah... kekekeke

De Pianist said...

eh?most of the movies you mentioned are my favourites too leh..haha..i can watch those movies again and again without feeling bored..maximum i can watch for 5 times..=p!shutter i haven't watched yet,since you say it's nice,i'm gonna have a try..i damn love horror but till now i never be terrified by those movies before..not chi kek enough..haha..

Kenny Ng said...

[de pianist]
You should watch Shutter, it may not too scary but I kinda like this kind of story and effects.

_butt said...

oh you're a fan of horror movies!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAY!! :D

I loved forest gump too. I loved Tom Hanks!!

And yeaah, SHUTTER! the best Thai horror movie so far.. you know, the part that scares me the most until now I still rmb is where they actually found out that the girl was actually on the guy's back all along!!!!!!! scarrrrrrry..

but I wonder if it's true or not.. hmm..

Bernard said...

I'm watching the school of rock on cinemax right now!!!

Fun show, mannnnn!

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