Friday, January 26, 2007

Band Of The Week - Thin Lizzy

This weekend my band of the week is Thin Lizzy. This Irish hard rock band who formed in Dublin in 1969. Thin Lizzy is widely recognised as one of the first hard rock bands to employ double lead guitar harmony (the twin guitar clash) - a technique pioneered by Wishbone Ash in the UK, whilst independently in the USA by Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers Band.

Thin Lizzy in 1976

The band was originally led by bassist, songwriter and singer Phil Lynott. They are possibly best known for their 1976 song "The Boys Are Back in Town" - a major international hit still played on hard rock and classic rock radio stations. My most favorite song from Thin Lizzy is "Still in Love With You" in live version, the double guitar solo part is the most killer part for me. "Whiskey in The Jar" also another famous song and Metallica did the cover song in their Garage Inc. album. "Parisienne Walkways" is another my favorite sad tune.

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Thin Lizzy - Still In Love With You (Live)

Thin Lizzy - The Boys Are Back In Town

Thin Lizzy - Whiskey In The Jar

This Lizzy - Parisienne Walkways

History (edited from wikipedia)

The group was founded in late 1969 in Dublin, Ireland, by Lynott, guitarist Eric Bell, electric organist Eric Wrixon and drummer Brian Downey. Wrixon was gone by early 1970, and tiring of the limited possibilities in Dublin, the group relocated to London in 1971.

Thin Lizzy

After a farewell tour in 1984, Lynott dissolved Thin Lizzy and focused on his solo career. Lynott continued his solo career, which he had begun while still with the group with the album Solo in Soho. Lynott died in January 1986, a victim of drug abuse. In the summer of the same year the band members reunited for the Self Aid concert in Dublin with Bob Geldof stepping in on lead vocals.

Phil Lynott

The remaining members of Thin Lizzy reunited in 1999 for a European tour and live album. Having toured with Deep Purple in the USA in 2004, Thin Lizzy are currently, as of 2006, touring the UK and Ireland. They will support Deep Purple again in April and May of 2007 for their UK tour. As of this moment there aren't any plans for an album release.

Thin Lizzy in live

Thin Lizzy... A Legendary Classic Rock Band...

Happy Weekend!!!


may said...

I swear, the middle 2 really looked like women. except for that moustache. facial hair gone wrong.

L B said...

Oh yeah! Parisienne Walkways, by Gary Moore, an all0time fave!!!!

Sin Ling said...

kenny, cham lo why all the band i also didnt listen b4 one? like a frog in the well la... :P

Simple American said...

I love the Gary Moore period of Thin Lizzy. I did not know that Lynot died. Damn shame. Thats what drugs can do to a soul.

Their live album has to be one of the best ever made. Did not see much to my regret. Though I did see Gary Moore who is awesome. If you can get his first solo album it will just blow you away.

aceone118 said...

Dis time not tarak tangkap bola but bola kena tiang la!!!! hahaha

Kenny Ng said...

That era all long hair one mah... kakaka.

Gary Moore live version is the most killer when he sustains the guitar solo so long... my guitar can't even do that.

[sin ling]
Haha... coz u not into classic rock mah, I'm too hardcore with classic rock, that's y lor...

[Simple American]
Gary Moore was in the band before. He plays alot Thin Lizzy songs during his solo concerts. I also knew Lynott died few years ago.

Gary Moore really an awesome guitarist but too bad was too under rated.

LOL... if piao mei's songs u sure catch the balls nicely hor? :P

ah nel said...

haapi weekend brader...thanks for caring bout me so much... ;)

_butt said...

(off topic a bit) ohh.. look at the hair!! so the alley cats!! cool!!

yeah, heard of Parisienne Walkways.. a friend of mine send me this song but actually, not so much of my cup of tea la cuz duno much about guitars and stuff.. cool stuff though.. :)

Kenny Ng said...

[ah nel]
No prob bro... happy weekend to u too.

That era got macam macam style mia hair mah... LOL. Parisienne Walkways ah... really a sad song, listen more can bang my head to the wall one... LOL.

Helen said...

confession time: never heard of them:-P

you know I got phobia when I see the word 'thin'. Thank god they are not really thin. lol

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... They r sound like Thin Lazy, lazy to be thin ma... LOL

art said...

for those of u that dont know who thin lizzy is, u guys can get the cd+dvd in mph bookstores... theres a series of cd's there which has 2 cd + 1 dvd of studio and live performances for just rm 59.90...

cheap if u ask me... i bought my thin lizzy live at rainbow theater vhs 11 years ago at 39 pounds sterling in london!!...


Kenny Ng said...

True... now MPH got alot...

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