Sunday, January 28, 2007

2 in 1 Meme/Tagged Post

Ah!!! Not again, been tagged by 2 person with 2 types of meme/tagged. One is Grab A Book meme by Joec and another one is 5 Favorite Malaysian Bloggers meme by Taikor Wingz. So I decided to do it 2 in 1.

Meme #1 - Grab A Book


1. Grab the closest book to you.
2. Open to page 123, go down to 4th sentence.
3. Post the text of the following 3 sentences on your blog.


A concrete foundation mat of 5-m radius supports four equally spaced columns, each of which is located 4 m from the center of the mat. Determine the magnitude and the point of application of the resultant of the four loads.

4. Name of the book and the author:

Vector Mechanics for Engineers - Statics and Dynamics.
Ferdinand P. Beer
E. Russell Johnson, Jr.


Meme #2 - My 5 Favorite Malaysian Bloggers

Ok... this one very tough, you can see my favorite links on my side bar, that is more than 5. I hope you all don't angry with if I didn't mention it at below. To me you all are my favorite bloggers that I read everyday.

#1. Everybody Lafu Rojaks
This blog belongs to a group of bloggers who good in comedies, but then main person who always update in this blog is my taikor Wingz. I found out this blog is very funny all the time and very relax when I read on it. My blog joking style also inspired by this blog.

#2. Tok 3 Tok 4 (LinPeh)
This blog also belongs to my another taikor LinPeh. In this blog you also can get tons of jokes, not only that but also got many 'hamsap' stuffs... kekekeke. This blog also contains some politics issues that to condemn the issues in funny ways. The most happening in this blog is about the Sing Song Project, I started join the project from previous Christmas song and now coming up is Chinese New Year song, don't miss it ya!

#3. Ah Pek
I always visited this blog for jokes too. He is good in create poems, I mean 'hamsap' poems lah... kekeke. If not poems will be other interesting stories. Too bad recently he blog too much about sponsors from many sites for making money. Anyway, that's his blog he can do anything he wants right? I still visit to this blog regularly.

#4. A Journey Called Life (Chen)
This blog updated regularly and have lots of interesting posts all the time. The owner is a sot sot + blur blur sotong Doctor Chen (she admitted herself). I always been tagged by her too.

#5. Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin (Maverick SM)
I got lot of politic issues from here, not only that, it also has jokes and other useful informations. He also gave me lot of advices regarding to my career. He really is my 'sifu' in managing problems in work place.

Alright... I'm not gonna tag anyone this time.

Happy Lazy Sunday!!!


_butt said...

chappati chup!! :D

kenny ng man sui!! never tag ppl this time.. weee!!

psst.. should tag doc chen ma.. hehee

may said...

Vector Mechanics for Engineers? dang! that's so intellectual! and all I have is my tattered and torn Kamasutra book next to me... *oops*

L B said...


Maverick SM said...

Thanks Kenny. Now I know, I have at least one fan for my blog. It's so kind of you to name me as one of the five. Now, I also can show my wives that I am popular like Wingz and Lin Peh....

De Pianist said...

wah you still have books beside you closest books is 15 metres away from me leh..haha..

Will said...

so liu liu tag :P

aceone118 said...

You are meme specialist ma thats why people like to tag U lor!! kekeke

Kenny Ng said...

I tag u baru tau... LOL

wahahahaha... now I know what U like to read. kekekeke

no hug hug lah... LOL

No prob sir, I really enjoy to read your blog. Yeah, u can show to your wife that you got a loyal fansi... :)

[de pianist]
I was like u too after my high school... LOL. Now no choice la, my room is too small and everything is so near to me.

Liu meh? What is liu anyway?

Nolah... where got? Got meh? I tag u baru tau... LOL

Chen said...

LOL at kenny's reply to Butt
Your book very geng..
I read liao sure fall asleep wan!

ah boy kena tagged with the book tag too, but he hasn't do the tag yet :P

Wah....... I "kembang" liao
Top 5...
tonight sure insomnia :P

Huei said...

Meme king! heheh
so many ppl tag u wan

FireHorse said...

Dis year you kena tag a lot loh, oso very sporting every time you do it wan. *Pat on back*

Lin Peh said...

Lin Peh blog where got humsap ? LOL!

Kenny Ng said...

So... can u sleep lastnite? LOL...

coz I sor hai mah... dun tag me next time ah? LOL

Thanks... can pat more harder ah? :P

[lin peh]
no humsap? but super humsap only mah... right? LOL

ah pek said...

hehe.. very little sponsored post wan lah...
all my poems shifted to here

Monk[+]Icon said...

yeah!!! rojak rulesss!!! hahaha...that is my stress relief blog...gero gero gero~

Chen said...

Yesterday night ah.. might be cos of jogging, I manage to zzzzzzzzzzzzz cos tired mah :P

I only blur when necessary & if condition permits :P
Very alert one when on duty or when working

team BSG said...

dun bluff ah I tot yr most fav blogger is xiaxue

Dale said...

fuiyoh luckily u didnt tag 9 sama me for the book coz if u tag 9 sama me. here's the result.

The folloing:-

They are absorbed into peoples' minds like water into a sponge. Here are my personal favorites:-

1. Clearly
2. Obviously
3. Definitely
4. Especially
5. Completely

You should slip these key words into your sentence to add some emphasis and to focus attention.

4. Name of the book and the author:
How to be a Lady Killer, Ann May

Kenny Ng said...

[ah pek]
haha... little meh? Since when u shifted to other blog? No wonder never see any poem anymore recently... okok, I bookmark it!

Yeah... I think most of bloggers also got same feeling with it :)

Luckily u can sleep, if not I'll feel guilty lor... LOL

When u work not blur ah? No wonder lah... all attention into work, after work tired n blur jor lor... correct or not? LOL

[team bsg]
Huh? I never read xiasue's blog one lah.

Wahhh... what CODEC is that? avi? mpeg? flv? Don't tell me is Da Dale Codec ah... LOL

Wingz said...

niahma!!! i hou lan kamtung ledi!!!

Kenny Ng said...

kamtung ah? belanja me makan! kam kam! LOL

Simple American said...

Oh I done those tags. The Five Favorite Malaysians is so difficult. Cripes.

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
Yeah... it's not easy

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