Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Am I Cold Blooded? Or He?

He was the first person insulted me without finding out the truth infront of all state directors in my first year of service.

He always think he is the best in the world, but he is not.

He got many enemies.

He never earns his own respect from others.

He is selfish.

He is ego.

He refused to help me to appeal my engineer post, somemore said I'm not qualify to be an engineer. (Is that fresh graduates are more qualify than experience person with same level of education qualification?)

He never gave anyone of us an easy life.

He is my director now.

He is going to retire tomorrow...

Today, is his grand farewell lunch in a hotel, but I refuse to go. Everyone persuade me to forgive him, but I don't know why I can't. This is the first time in my life I can't forgive a person.

So... Do you think am I cold blooded?


Iwan Sanchez said...

alah, just go lah...

Lets bury the hatchet and move on..

Who knows he will talked to the new director to promote u?


L B said...

No need to forgive when it's not meant to be..

zeroimpact said...

What can I say it's up to you really.
Forgive and forget it a trait not a must
Do what you feel is right, that's what matters most

sun,moon&star said...

The crack will always be visible but go la since i guess you wont be seeing him anymore after today.

Sasha said...

aiyah..dun carry bad potatoes in your bag..will be smelly wan. Learn to let go and you will feel lighter...flyyyyyyyyyyyy..........we..........................sorry been up since 4.30 am. high high tei

Will said...

if you don't feel like going then don't go...

JL said...

just go and drink wor tau chau loh. Like Zero said, forgive & forget. And rock on!

Helen said...


Not for him... for the makan.

K :y nno :D said...

Kenny, frankly speaking u must go lor... just dun go there to bid farewell to him...

U must return in kind to ppl like this... U must be grateful for their doings...

To forgive and forget is important... and also not to leave bad potatoes in ur bag like sasha said...

spike his drinks!
poison his food with 'snake powder' (in cantonese)
wear all black and white head band there (funeral party mah)
bring white roses and white "kuk fa" for him...

the rest u think la...

i'm sure after all this u can find somewhere in ur heart to forgive and forget this person...

sengkor said...

hou! yau kuat hei!

_butt said...

Nvm la, be generous, forgive him for your own peace of mind. After all, he's gone for good now, rite?

It's all up to you. :)

_butt said...

Wah.. I didn't know K :y nno :D that 'evil' punya leh.. LOL

Cocka Doodle said...

He'll probaably join a private sector and come back contracting his services with your company.

Go to the dinner...put some cyanide in his drink! LOL

angel said...

Why do you have to ask that question? If you asked that question, it means you feel something not right... but then again, I'm not you... so, you decide...

To forgive or not forgive is not really the question... the real question is your state of mind... eh beng peik boh? Damn cheem, isnt it?

Just go hug your 3 Wives lah... everything kao tim! ;)

Chen said...

if u don't feel like going, then dun go.. no point going there with uneasy and hatred feelings in the heart..

the good thing now is.. he is no longer your director, and u dun have to face him again in the future :)

De Pianist said...

what cold blooded lah..quite normal also..i suggest you go lor..see him for the last time liao,[who knows you're gonna miss his annoyingness later..hehe..]remember to give an evil smile to him o..

no matter how,follow your heart bah..syok mah pi,tak syok stay at home watch tv..=)

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks for everyone's comments. I did not go this afternoon. My colleagues told me many of us also not going.

He just be my director for 8 months time. But I really felt like work in hell for 8 centuries. My ex-director was the best director I had in my life.

The worst case is, this current director is a CHINESE!!! To be honest, Chinese never help Chinese in government sector is like a father disown his own children.

So, why should I forgive him? The reason I felt bad is not I can't forgive him, is because I broke my principle of life that can't forgive a person.

Lastly, I wish he is doing well after retirement. I'm not cursing him to die fast. Although I can't forgive him, but I wish him getting well and realized what he did in the past.

Thanks again everyone... I'll keep craping and rocking!

moz monster said...

Guess it's immaterial now ... but I would not go if I don't feel comfortable.

Unfortunately, no matter how we try, we don't always get along with all people.

But it's good to forgive. It's the action, and not the person, who makes him an enemy. If the person's action was a little different, he could easily be your best friend as well.

And my mum told me that forgiving someone else is actually giving yourself relieve from carrying a bad feeling. And mum's always right !!!

Simple American said...

Fuck him.

0.0 Sorry.

But why give him the face. It's not about forgiveness. It's about your valuable time. And I'm sure you can find a better way to spend it.

may said...

don't go if you don't feel it's right. or, go and show him that you're a better, more forgiving man than he is!

tai yann yau tai leong...

Simple American said...

Just tagged you Kenny. Have fun. :)

Kenny Ng said...

I didn't go, and he won't talk to new director to promote me. He just think of himself.


I'm not forgiving him.

I didn't go, I just don't want to see his face and listen to his bullshit speech.

Why woke up so early? Fatt Hao ah? LOL... Anyway, I'm not forgive him... maybe forever.

I didn't go... :)

I didn't go... I rock in my office room... kekeke

I afraid I'll vomit out all the foods when I see him and listen to his LCLY + bullshit speech.

You know me well lah, I always forgive people, but this time exception. Eh... although I hate someone, I won't gonna hurt or harm the person la.


Too bad I can't forgive him.

I don't think got any private company want to hire him, he don't have strong technical background, he just good in bluffing. He will doing his freelance in acupuncture treatment. I'm not going and I won't kill a person.

Wa beng pek... yah, I better hug my 3 wives...

I didn't go, if I see him outside in future, he'll be one of a stranger to me.

[de pianist]
I didn't go, I don't want to see his face too. I was rocking in my office room during his farewell lunch... kekeke

[moz monster]
You don't understand and you never meet him. My ex-director is the best personality person I ever met, he also can't forgive him.

[simple american]
Yeah! Fuck him! That's what I wanted to see among all the comments, you rock! No need to say sorry, my blog is freedom to say anything. Cheers!

To him I'm not so tai yann. I didn't go.

Today is his last day, everyone will gather for his final punch card. Can't wait this moment...

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
hahaha... ok, thanks for tagged me, at least got something to blog... :P

AceOne said...

Nabeh!! It that farker again ar? Wan to kena him kao kao anot?

Shea Speare said...


Is been a while I visited your blog. Hehehe. Your director? Make your life hell?

Patient, patient.

Kenny Ng said...

no need la... he is no longer my director now.

[shea speare]
I'm very patient already, if not I think I punched him long time ago...

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