Friday, November 24, 2006

Band Of The Week - TOTO

I'll going back to my hometown Butterworth, Penang today (Friday) until next Tuesday only coming back to Kuala Lumpur. This trip I gonna to spent more time with my parents. My dad had road accident during Hari Raya first day, I couldn't go back that time because I have important task to do for my department and I was the only person here. Luckily my dad was alright and my mom asked me no need to go back.

This weekend my favorite band selection is TOTO (Not Sports TOTO ah!!!). I think most of you heard their songs before. The reason why I choose this band because of last week I was watching their latest concert 'Live in Amsterdam' and I really enjoy it. Most of their songs are very relax and sound pop. Let's enjoy their songs by clicking 'play' and listening on it.

Click 'PLAY' to listen

TOTO - Hold The Line

TOTO - Africa

TOTO - Rosanna

TOTO - I Won't Hold You Back

TOTO - I'll Be Over You


Toto is an American rock/pop/prog band which had their greatest commercial success in the 1980s. They are known for covering several music styles, such as pop, rock, funk, prog, jazz, and others.


About TOTO

Toto was formed in Los Angeles in 1977 by David Paich, Steve Lukather, Bobby Kimball, brothers Steve and Jeff Porcaro, and David Hungate, the son of former United States Congressman and United States District Court Judge William L. Hungate. The bandmembers had met in high school and at studio sessions in the 1970s, when they became some of the busiest session musicians in the music business.

At first, the band had no name, so Jeff Porcaro, having watched The Wizard of Oz recently, wrote the word 'Toto' on demo tapes, to make them identifiable. When Toto was in search of a name, the members came up with very different ideas. They wanted something simple, which would be pronounced the same all over the world. Eventually, after the band explored the origins of the word "Toto", this name was chosen. The origin of the name comes from Latin, meaning "all encompassing". As Toto played a mixture of different styles, they agreed this would be the best name.


Toto released their self-titled debut album in October 1978, selling two million copies on the strength of airplay for their top ten hit "Hold the Line". The next two albums Hydra and Turn Back had little success, but Toto IV (released in 1982) featured the number one hit "Africa," as well as the top ten single "Rosanna". Toto IV went multi-platinum and earned several Grammy Awards including 1983 Album of the Year and Record of the Year (for "Rosanna").

Despite the success of Toto IV, the band still continued their work as session musicians. The best example is their collaboration on Michael Jackson's hit album Thriller.

Their only film work to date was for the 1984 David Lynch science fiction film Dune. In addition to their own score, they also recorded the "Prophecy Theme", composed by Brian Eno.


Steve Lukather

Bobby Kimball and Steve Lukather

TOTO Live in Amsterdam

TOTO... one of the greatest pop, rock, funk, prog, jazz... band!!!

Happy Weekend!!!

Penang...!!! I'm Coming Back!!!


angel said...

waaa!!! at last a band that i know!!! I love I'll Be Over You! And that Africa song oso nice...

ei, nxt time u balik kampung, u ajak me also larr... so bad never ajak me... but i'm going back nxt wkend :D

enjoy the weekend, locker!

AceOne said...

This TOTO band got gip numbers wan anot?

K :y nno :D said...


Anonymous said...

lolz.. i only know about SpORTs TOTO ...

and no worry kenny, your dad wil recover soon....

have a great holiday...

The Lazy Bloghead said...


I am still waiting for my IT guy to get the that headset so I could listen to the song you sent me.

Till then have a great holiday. You deserve it mah friend!

Kenny Ng said...

haha... at last u know the band. Aiyah... last time u told me u seldom going back ma, so never ajak u lor... next time ok?

Happy weekend to u too...

u try listen to their songs n see can find out any hidden numbers? LOL

[k :y nno :d]
me 3!!! ops... me too!!! :P

haha... TOTO only got in Malaysia. Thanks for your concern :)

Happy weekend to u...

[the lazy bloghead]
can see ur saliva drolling oledi... LOL
They still belum get u the headphone? so slow one... yeah, really need holiday. Get ready for coming new year rock session ah! kekeke

LP said...

ok I finally recognized some of the songs.....My problem, never pay attention on the song title/artist...bad leh

_butt said...

Oh, Africa one.. I liked the song!! Actually, all of them! Good thing I know the band now.. not too late. Thanks for sharing! ^^

Have a great weekend..

Chen said...

wah.. TOTO?
got such band ah?
i suku again :P

King's wife said... least I am familiar with this one. I like Africa.

Winn said...

happy holiday....

send my regards to asam laksa

Bernard said...

Sooo many ppl recognise this band ah.. i'm lost. Hehe.. but i recognised the previous bands lah. Not completely lost.

Balik kampung ah.. happy holidays. :-)

ah nel said...

i just tot of goin kl nia tis week but lucky cancel coz i got sense not a good time if not cant meet up wit u again...

happy weekend bro...

Kenny Ng said...

many ppl also like that, no need feel bad... LOL

hmmm... seems like everyone like Africa this song.

if u dunno this band u listen to their songs la... sure u know at least once.

[king's wife]
wohohoho... another prefer Africa.

happy holiday to u too... asam laksa? in my stonach now... :P

if u dunno any bands i intro u really lost... so far u r not :P

Thanks n happy weekend to u too.

[ah nel]
u said will come last week? i was waiting for ur call leh... ok, Jan 2007 I'll going S'pore, maybe can meet u there.... Happy weekend bro!

ah nel said...

soli bro...last week too tight n hard to leave...

Lin Peh said...

Niasing ! Malaysia peeples all know Toto wan la ! No need introduce !

Anonymous said...

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Simple American said...

Those are some good songs. But I have never been a big fan. Too confusing for me to lock on their style I guess.

_butt said...

I used to listen to Africa a loooot.. on light&easy, but I didn't know the band. The last song 'I'll be over you' is one of my personal favourites.. :D

Anonymous said...

Your band of the week always surprised me!

Hmm..Maybe you should blog about Penang's attraction, because people like me.. who never been there are super curious.

Winn said...

u see mppp catch dogs u oso din help.......u summore say u superman!!!!!


liucas said...

yalor.. agree with mummy..

liddat i very sad, no confident in superman anymore :(

Kenny Ng said...

[ah nel]
nvm bro... other time la

[lin peh]
u mean sport toto ah?

[simple american]
haha... many people told me so... will confused.

so now u know the band lor? kekeke...

why supprised u? not rock enough ah?

Penang attraction? errrr.... will try la... :P

ehhh... i dun have power to save dogs ok? so fast got story oledi ah? LOL

next time i'll ask MPPP/DBKL/MPSP/MBPJ/MPK/MBSA all come catch u ah? kekekeke

Winn said...

sei kenny...-___-....

Anonymous said...

Truly, TOTO rocks!!! attended their outdoor perfromance when they were here in may.

may said...

suddenly, a flurry of posts which weren't picked up by my RSS reader till now! alamak! I'm so late in commenting!

ok, this band, I know! and I love their songs. classic pop-rock. have a couple of their tunes in my iPod too...

ah nel said...

ayam kambing soon... ;)

Kenny Ng said...

LOL... ngor mei sei la

Welcome n thanks for dropping by, I missed when they were here :(

haha... never too late :) I got their songs in my MP3 walkman too ;)

[ah nel]
mari la mari...

Marie said...

toto is the greatest fucking band ever

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