Monday, November 13, 2006

Ah Beng's Toilet Adventure

Ah Beng was an innocent artist in a small village, one day he got a job interview as a designer, Ah Beng was so sexcited, he never been into big city before.

On the interview day, Ah Beng manage to find the company and attended the interview on time. He was so successful in the interview, the manager decided to hire Ah Beng as junior designer after looking at Ah Beng's art works.

During filling the registration form as a designer, Ah Beng suddenly got stomachache, he tried to hold it, but can't... Finally he asked the manager "excuse me manager, may I go to toilet first?" The manager said... "sure, from here you walk straight to the end then turn left, the toilet is there".

Ah Beng quickly ran to the toilet, suddenly he was stood... he looked at the toilet sign for a minute and he was so sexcited and went into the toilet. Less than a minute, suddenly got lady shouted in the toilet... "hamsap lou ahhhh~~~!!!! Got hamsap lou peep me!!!! help!!!!!...."

After that Ah Beng was caught by the security there because he was peeping a lady in the next door toilet. The manager was so disappointed and angry towards Ah Beng, he said... "how dare you!!! Today only your first day and you already did something so embarrassed. You are FIRED!!!".

Poor Ah Beng answered... "I just follow the signage only ma... How I know it cheated me?".

Want to know what was the signage? Please scroll down...


Poor innocent Ah Beng.... designing company can design everything ma.....



Rames said...

WAhahahkakak!! LOL! :P I do design, so I know lolz

and and! OMG! Im first to comment! nice feeling lol!

may said...

LOL! that's a funny sign. hmmm, so when you go to the loo, got follow sign anot?!

nyonyapenang said...

what kind of toilet is that? must climb so high oni can shoot wan ar?

angel said...

whose liuli design is that??

Kenny Ng said...

so did u design it b4? Wakakakaa... be the 1st commenter feel nice or not? kekeke

so far I still haven't encounter this kind of sign in any toilet... if got I won't do that oso la... LOL

not climb up and shoot... is climb up and peep :P

I oso dunno who design it, I got it from my email and I add in my crap story only... :P

Simple American said...

Just following instructions. Ah Beng should sue for to get his job back.

Wingz said...

where is this toilet one har? i wanna go leh!

Maverick SM said...

Did you draw the signage yourself?

It's motivating???????Isn't it?????????

Anonymous said...

Eee. I think the company hamsap that's why put a signage like that instead of a normal one. Kekekekeke. Ngam Ah Beng what~

Iwan Sanchez said...


Maybe the staffs there are HAMSAP kua??


Kenny bro,
are u one too?

Anonymous said...

lucky the logo din show just lift skirt & stick it !

then your stoly will bekum 18xxxxx, then i will sen 2 ace hundred 18

me said...

why is the girl just standing there? the design co should be more graphic and draw her sitting on the loo lah. kakaka.

Anonymous said...

eh u forgot to label the guy's name la.. Its Kenny NG!

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
haha... Ah Beng too innocent ma...

I'm looking for it too... once I found it will let u know ok? kekeke

haha... how wish I got such creative brain to draw it. Yeah... would be motivating if really happen :P

It's a designing company la... can design macam macam ma...

u hamsap or not? yeah... i'm hamsap... LOL

haha... maybe u can design it? :P

LOL... that will be more fun right?

shhhh.... dun say it so loud la, u know enaugh la... :P said...

kenny, you are really full of crazy ideas @_@

Anonymous said...

aha..ahahaha what a toilet..

liucas said...

u so hamsap i no lap u :(

mummy says u good in guitar but she berry bz so can u teach me first? i will teach mummy i promise

LP said...

The company must be owned by Lin Peh or Cocka....

Kenny Ng said...

hahaha... sometimes la, not always.

hehe... u wanna go?

another dog that can talk!!!!!!!! *run fast fast far far away*
anyway... u got hand to play guitar meh? LOL...

LOL... they told u ah?

Chen said...

*vomit blood*
okie okie, i exaggerated :P

this ah beng padan muka kena tangkap, who ask him so bodoh? :P

Kenny Ng said...

aiks... dun vomit!!! Ah Beng just too innocent ma... kekeke

mirror said...

ahahah..i love the signage!!! two thumbs up! another way round?

Kenny Ng said...

LOL... u can design urself the other way round one... kekeke

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