Sunday, November 12, 2006

10 Sampat Questions Tag

Sorry for late update, I was busy reformatting my PC yesterday. It's been more than three years I never formatted my PC, now at least better performance than before. Today was busy whole for my housework, I digged out all my things, throw some unused documents and rearrange all my own stuffs, like that also cost me half day gone.

Ok... back to business, I've been 'tiak' tagged again!!! This time by Winn pula... She wants me to answer 10 sampat (38) questions sets by herself. Now let's see I can answer it well or not... Here we go... jeng jeng jenggggggggggggggg®

1. Close your eyes. What do you see in the bright?
I see black colour in the bright.

2. What are the things you would NOT do if you are trapped in a titanic figurine?
I'll NOT jump from the Titanic like Jack says to Rose... "you jump I jump".

3. Why do you think god created seafood?
Because when I eat the nice seafood I'll say Oh My God!!! So nice!!!

4. Look at your watch. What was the time yesterday?
I don't wear watch now, I guess the time for yesterday was 2500.

5. If a drunkard Angelina Jolie come up to you and puke aik-cheong coffee all over you. What would you say to Brad Pitt's mother?
I'll say to Brad Pitt's mother "Congratulations! Your daughter in law is pregnant now and the baby will belongs to a Malaysian".

6. Now slap ypurself four time hard-hard. What do you see? (pls repeat this act till you see Something)
Why I must slap myself? If I do it, I'll see myself in Hospital Bahagia, Tanjung Rambutan.

7. Tighten your fist and hit yourself hard on the chest... Got milk?
Why I must hit myself? Anyway... I don't produce milk, I drink milk only... :P

8. If you were to go to a plastic surgeon for a manicure session, do you think I am sane?
Why I must go for plastic surgeon? You are really insane!

9. If Big Mac is BIG, why is there no small mac?
Better ask Mcdonald, why they don't have small one.

10. Find a sampat word to NOT describe your tagger.
Winn... you are super-extra-ultimate-extremely-unlimited NOT sampat at all... :P

That's all my answers, now my turn to tag someone...

  1. Wingz (he asked for it... LOL)
  2. Iwan Sanchez (he loves to... kekeke)
  3. K :y nno :D (I wanna see how sampat he is... wakakaka)

Happy Monday Blues!!!


may said...

amen to the seafood answer! LOL!
and happy monday blues to you too... ;)

angel said...

Does that mean you also sampat cos u answer sampat questions??

Happy Monday Blackies!
(Kenot mehhh??) :P

LP said...

why you so 38 one arr? LOL

K :y nno :D said...

Wah 38 on a monday is very difficult lehhh..... Some more "ke-tiak" me on Moonday Blueessss... Anyways I dun think I'm as 38 as u la... ehheheheh... Cheers to 38_Kenny!

TUX said...

tough sampat question man...when you going to bring me to some good hawkers food man!!

Kenny Ng said...

I oh mi tor foh to seafood... :P

I always da sampat mah... u dunno ah?

Coz I'm really 38... LOL

[k :ynno :d]
hahaha... of coz I more 38 than u

wait u come back la... then I bring u to best best hawker foods.

Wingz said...

what is your question wor?!! same like the one in your post izzit?

Winn said...

ur answers blew my monday blues away..:)

but monday blues came back again!!

u super sampat too else u wont even bother to reply my tag:P

ha. thanks !

dreamie said...

kakaka... you so witty sampat !!

Iwan Sanchez said...

kenny bro!!

Shiok lar!!!


Mr.Goober said...

not bad :P a tag that hits yourself

Kenny Ng said...

yah... all the questions i did... u did it well...LOL

u know me sampat liao ma... LOL

thanks... yes I am

u even more sampat... got this sampat tag also siok? LOL

yeah... coz im really sampat :P

Anonymous said...

3 years! Your PC has not been formatted for 3 years! I salute you.. Don't know resides how many billion virus and spy wares liao lor

Chen said...

so super sam pat :P

ah nel said...

1. u manyak terer as closed eyes oso can see bright...

2. ask the gal jump 1st as she seem more

3. na the sea got food easy oso duno... :P

4. the time is im sohai if i ans

5. don let ur doter in law aik cheong kopi but drink kopi cap tangan...

6. i see cheebai even i no slap liao ler...

7. tat how the creater of this ques make milk???

8.smoothen my bud gv more attraction to gals toward me... :P

9. coz Mac had big

10. not sampat but too free... :D

Kenny Ng said...

I got no problem with viruses and spywares, just only to overhaul my PC and only install the programmes that I need.

Thanks you... yes I am... LOL

[ah nel]
Fulamak!!! You eat too full and nothing to do ah? LOL... good one!

Simple American said...

Winn got me too. You dun hit yourself Kenny. I tot I was gonna pengsan I hurt so bad.

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
hahaha... y shud i hit myself?

**L-Y-N** said... visit that time no no update suddenlly so many update...pening gua follow up =(

Kenny Ng said...

haha... now u know... who ask u MIA for so long?

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