Sunday, October 01, 2006

Tagged by Shea Speare - 4 Things...

I kena 'Tiak' (Tagged) again! Why so many people like to 'Tiak' (Tag) me ah? This time I was tagged by Shea Speare, I thought is Britney Speare's sister or what, see see is a guy, so disappointed lor... LOL.

Ok la, don't too long gas, here are four little things about me... wait wait wait! Forgot my trademark again... jeng jeng jenggggggggggggg® (Electric guitar sound with heavy metal tone)

Four Things Not Many People Know About Me:
  1. Shea Speare said he still virgin wor... so do I, that mean I win la coz I'm older than him very much... ngek ngek ngek.
  2. Of course I'm straight and single... plus I'm hamsap (pervert) too... kekeke.
  3. I'm a rocker, but I don't look like a rocker, my heart always rocks!
  4. I don't know why I prefer watch rock concert than porno, but I'm hamsap ok?!

Four Places I Ever Lived:
  1. Butterworth, Penang
  2. Jitra, Kedah (study at Polytechnic)
  3. Butterworth, Penang again...
  4. Kuala Lumpur (present...)

Four TV Shows I Love To Watch:
  1. Formula 1 race
  2. MotoGP race
  3. Football
  4. Badminton

Four Places I've Been On Vacation:
  1. Medan, Indonesia (free trip)
  2. Danok & Padang Besar, Thailand (massage, eat and drink... no 'kiu kai' ok!)
  3. Redang Island (free trip)
  4. Kota Kinabalu & Kuching (Air Asia special offer)

Four Of My Most Hated Foods:
  1. Char Koay Teow without Koay Teow.... LOL.
  2. Beef... coz I can't eat.
  3. Cakes... I seldom eat cakes unless in birthday party, have to give face eat abit la.
  4. Fancy and expensive foods.

Four People I wanted To Meet:
  1. My family
  2. My future wife
  3. My future kids
  4. All rock bands...

Four Person I Want To 'Tiak' (Tag) Are:
  1. No idea
  2. Lazy to tag anyone
  3. Don't feel want to tag anyone too...
  4. Who want to do this tag please do it.

That's all... thanks for reading this boring story about me. Enjoy your Monday Blue tomorrow yah!


shea speare said...

Lol! Never imagine you really do it. Hahahaha.

Chen said...

haha, u don't have to mention so many times that u r hamsap lah.. :P

u been to Medan, Indonesia?
Thinking of going there one of these days...
Anything interesting there?

eerr.. why u hate fancy & expensive food?
next time u can pass those to me :)
I will sapu on your behalf :D

ikanbilis said...

self-proclaimed hamsap.. apa la! hahaha

Anonymous said...

Hehe. Now we all know that you're
- Virgin
- Sibeh hamsap
- straight.

No need emphasize on it mah~


Kenny Ng said...

[shea speare] have to give face u bro ma... i oso abit kiasu ma... so must do la... LOL

[chen] have to mention la, if not many tot im gay... susah la.

Medan ah... the nice place is the Lake Toba, largest in south east asia, damn cooling at night and very peaceful, really breath taking, but the journey took about 6-8 hours to reach, somemore the roads r so narrow.

fancy n expensive foods very mafan la... i hate too protocol when i eat.

[ikanbilis] nothing wrong ma... police tangkap? no right? kekekeke

[nonnie] if not emphasize ppl tot im gay ma... :P

OMG said...

Your Feng Shui very good man
A lot of girls shiok you

angel said...

U are virgin, hamsap, single and hamsap.

Hmmmm... something not right... please go consult Dr. Cocka, yeah? :P

_butt said...

hi ya!!

haha.. it's kinda funny that you keep on emphasize the fact that you're not umm.. gay. lol

pisang said...

psst i tell i oso still virgin lor....

Kenny Ng said...

[omg] r u feng shui master? if not i not believe u... LOL

[angel] not right meh? i feel normal la... must see Dr Cocka meh? LOL

[butt] yalah... have to la, many misunderstand ma... :P

[pisang] welcome to the club :)

Nyokk said...

im already feeling monday blues now ... damn shitto

ah pek said...

why everytime people say go thaicock never go giu gai wan?
I everytime go oso must giu 2 gai!

Anonymous said...

Sure boh???? CHeng Tau Chai? Nyak Nyak Nyak

ah nel said...

cipet...u kambing kuching oso no find me...later i go k elle oso dowan find u ledi...

Kenny Ng said...

[nyokk] dun la... treat monday as start of the happy day lor... will b ok then.

[ah pek] coz i dun have the guts to kiu kai... somemore i sked kena penyakit.

[sasha] sure la... i believe got many also like that.

[ah nel] that was early this yr la... that time i still not yet start my blog n dunno u la... next time la sure i kacau u ok?

Ang Gu Gu said...

future person u wanna meet why no me geh? haha

AceOne said...

Halo hamsap!! Didn't know you're hamsap oso.

Winn said...

u hamsap thats why u vent ur hamsapness to rock music??

haha ur pic at cocka's very funny..haha the sanitary napkin!! lol

toniXe said...

i kin allenge 4 kolor virzins 4 u ,
one or not ? all diflent one.

Kenny Ng said...

[ang gu gu] LOL... u rock or not? :P

[aceone] of coz im hamsap... but not until extremely hamsap la... LOL

[winn] haha... yeah i hamsap with gals n rock music.

eh eh... who's the one snap the pic ah? kekeke

[tonixe] huh? wat u mean? dunwan dunwan!

Cocka Doodle said...

**Taking cue from angel Dr.Cocka inspects Kenny...**

Confirmed virgin....Virgin in the arsehole, that is! LOL

ah nel said...

u wana kacau wat?knn...balu saja said u virgin...i don play back hole mia lar...LOL

Kenny Ng said...

[cocka] cilaka... u check wrong place la... LOL

[ah nel] knn... i said will kacau u by asking u bring along makan la. if u think lidat i dun bring u makan in KL ah... kekeke

Simple American said...

Jeng jenga jeng jenga jeng. Plays rhythm guitar along with Kenny. Distortion dial set to 10. Let's rock.

I wish I was still a virgin. Kids are so expensive.

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american] LOL... I wish i'm not :P

See Fei said...

hhahhaa... so many available gals in KL & PJ, i am sure you cant keep that M status for long... :-)

Kenny Ng said...

[see fei] haha... i've been in KL almost 5 yrs n i still manage to keep it ;)

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