Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Story of "Ah Singh"

*This is an old joke I found it in my joke folder, just wanna share with u all...*

A Singh who is a sailor?
> Karpal Singh

A Singh who attends a Chinese wedding party?
> Yam Singh

A Singh who is digging a hole?
> Menggali Singh

A Singh who likes to slap people?
> Tao Pa Singh

A Singh who is a gangster?
> SamSingh

A Singh who is lost?
> MisSingh

A Singh who is noisy?
> BiSingh

A Singh who likes herbs?
> Gin Singh

A Singh who kills people?
> AssasSingh

A Singh with one ball?
> BalWanSingh (Ball One Singh)

A Singh with two balls?
> BalanSingh (Balancing)

A Singh with three balls?

A Singh who is swimming in an iced pool?
> KuldipSingh (Cold Deep Sink)

A Singh who likes to drink soya milk?
> Yeoh Hup Singh

A Singh who owns a ship that sank?
> No la... not Titanic Singh... is KaramSingh!

A Singh who was sacked from the national hockey team?
> Relax Singh

A Singh who is a lousySingh?
> OwtarSingh

A Singh who likes roundabout?
> PuSingh

A Singh who is flying around on a broom?
> Sou Pah Singh

A Singh who is a three stars general?
> Sam Lap Singh (in Cantonese)

A Singh who succeed in forming his own country, what will he call the currency?
> Mata Wang Ah Singh

A Singh who likes to scold people?
> Tiu Nia Singh!

Enjoy your day!


Chen said...

kekkek... this is the singh joke that I used to circulate around in email few years back :D

Balwant Singh :P

Maverick SM said...

A singh who migrated down south -Singh ga Pore

The Singh that's noisy: Bising

The Singh that snakes around: Hissingh

The Singh that writes post this essay: Kenny Singh

angel said...

Ei, Singh Song larrr...

Simple American said...

I'm Dum Singh. I kenna unnerstan the jokes. :( keke

AceOne said...

Kenny's brader is Niasingh!! kekeke

Kenny Ng said...

u like balwansingh ah? LOL

LOL... kenny singh pula

u singh la... :P

[simple american]
now u r blur singh... LOL

u wan kena hamtam till see singh singh (stars) ?? kekekeke

Anonymous said...

yeah a sing joke
i wanna to hear so long oledi...

veri nice lor...

K :y nno :D said...

A Singh who gets bashed up and what he sees? Singh Singh (Stars)... Kenny if a Singh is reading this i think u might be looking at alot of Singh Singh...

Cocka Doodle said...

Have you heard of the one where the baiyees in Punjab put their heads together and come up with a sci-fi movie?
Its simply titled; "The Empire Strikes Your Back!"

Anonymous said...

Kenny koko is Singh Singh.

But not star-star, but kig-kong.

LP said...

A Singh who is siao
>> Qi Singh (cantonese)

Mr.Goober said...

singh with three balls always cracks me up :P

dreamie said...

A Singh who is unlucky is a Hak Tau Singh

A Singh who loves apple polishing is a Pok Singh

A Singh who is not hansem is a Tai Singh Singh

may said...

LOL!! Singh jokes are always funny... in moderation, of course. no offence to the real Singhs, ok? *grin*

Kenny Ng said...

now u hear it lor... siok boh?

im already see alot sing sing now... LOL

ahh?? i dunno wat u mean la taikor..

cilaka u... mau kena Tao Pa Singh? LOL

im qi singh now... kekeke

u always met with 3 balls singh ah? LOL

good entry!

[may] of coz not la... if yes they really scold me Tiu Nia Sing lor... kakaka

Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha..the old singh joke..i will never feel bored reading it again and

old beng said...

* Thumbs up* :D

Anonymous said...

niasing...u damn 9 funny!

See Fei said...

singh the supermarket owner (sg joke)
seng shiong muahaha...

sun,moon&star said...

A romantic Singh who gaze at the sky in the nite .. thaii singh singh

Aloha Kenny Singh ! the way, i am also a sing ... ~ I am the Liang Xin Xin ~


Kenny Ng said...

[de pianist]
yeah... old jokes always the best

[old beng]

kekeke... thanks

[see fei]
LOL... there also got this joke ah?

hahaha... then i can see xin xin now :P said...

A Singh who is good in acting: ming singh

A Singh who is good in kungfu and acting : zao singh singh

A Singh who is really good in accounting: wui gai singh

A Singh who is really good in accounting and you owe him money : Hak Singh

Iwan Sanchez said...

OMG Kenny!!!!!

Your entries never failed to amused and make ppl laugh like hell!!!!


That was a good one!!!!

ah nel said...

no gasingh no?

singh like to kanisingh_no?

The Horny Bitch said...

wah hope no bayee reading ur blog. haha

Mr.Goober said...

kenny, hope you don't mind me using this space.

have latest comments on my blog to you about the challenge. Thanks~

Kenny Ng said...

fuahhh... u more terra... LOL

haha... thanks, got more to come, get ready oh... dun get heart attack :P

[ah nel]
huh??? never heard b4 la

[the horny bitch]
yalor, i oso sked sked later kena hamtam :P

it's ok... i got my final answer oledi :)

Anonymous said...

lolz~ i love this:

A Singh with one ball?
> BalWanSingh (Ball One Singh)

A Singh with two balls?
> BalanSingh (Balancing)

A Singh with three balls?

Rames said...


Hey since u like this one, I got similar one too, u know Aftab?? the famous prank call known as "You Kicked My Dog" AHAHAHAHHA! Thats damn funny ok, search you tube or something, sure u will like it!


titoki said...

Titoki singh, "Selamat DeepaRaya to you~!!!"

Kenny Ng said...

[karen q]
how come u only interested in BALLS? LOL...

noted... thanks, hehehe. Cheers!

is it rock version? LOL... same to u

Chen said...

Cos I know someone with the name Balwant S :P

Chen said...

Balwant sounds like Bawang too.. :P

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

The one who high on drugs = GianSingh

Kenny Ng said...

ohhh... so he got only 1 ball? :P

how about high on alcohol? kekeke

Anonymous said...

I have another singh

What you call a crazy singh?

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