Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Stress? Tension? Frus? Confuse?

Ok, this time is serious, no jokes no rocks no crap. I got something to confess here about myself...

Living in a city really is not that easy, I've been living in this major city about 4 1/2 years and I still can't use to it. The reason why I came to KL is because of my career and education. I was working with a civil and structural consultant company about 2 years in my hometown Butterworth and being treated like a cow instead I was a Clerk Of Work (COW). Everyday have to work till late night, sometimes have to work for 24 hours non-stop and the worst was 36 hours non-stop! I have to cover more than 10 construction sites in the same time and all were located far away. Half of my salary just contributed for my petrol... sigh!

Then I started my part time bachelor degree in Civil Engineering with UTM (SPACE), because of tight schedule of work so I applied for government job and finally I got it, so I'm posted to KL and I have to come all the way alone, I don't have any relatives or friends in KL that time. Then I transfered my study from Penang to KL UTM Campus. I was so frus with the system, when I transfered during short semester, they failed all my subjects with the reason I never sit for the exam! When the results came out I was attending government course outstation for almost a month. When I came back the application to appeal the result already closed, KNN!!! Really wasted my money and time to re-take all the subjects.

Last year, I left only a general paper to complete my study, but I was in the wrong timing, the subject only offered once in a year that mean I have to wait another year. I wrote so many letters to appeal them to offer it in normal semester, but they gave me a reason not enaugh student so have to cancel it... MCB!!! So I wasted a year for waiting a paper which is only Islamic studies and not related with my field. This year... finally I manage to finish it all and I was so happy after 4 1/2 years struggling with it, but nothing come smooth again... really TiuNiaSeng, they said my convocation have to postpone to next year because of my result came out so late! What the hell... why only me? All my classmates already graduated last year and I still have to spend another year somemore?!! I really damn 9 Tulan with it... I'd spent so much my own money and time on it, but why only me got such luck?

Now I'm in dilemma, I already completed my bachelor degree, I also applied for engineer post in govt and now I'm waiting for the interview for the new intake. At the same time got few companies asking me to join them, but I think still not the right time. Now I'm in the low-rank govt servant, and my current salary is not enaugh to cover my daily expenses, if I leave govt job I may get at least double than my current salary. So I give myself another years to wait my engineer post in govt, if not I'll leave and join private sectors. What do you think? Can give me some ideas?

That's why I was so down and bad mood in past few weeks about all of the above matters plus with my relationship another failure and I don't feel want to talk about it here.

That's all my confession... I feel better now, thanks for reading and comments.


AceOne said...

If i were you, I will join the other company which offer double the salary.If stick to this govt post like you said kenot even cover your petrol then whats the point?

Take it as a stepping stone from there. I think private engineering post pays higher leh! Goods,foods, petrol and services all gone up sky high ledi, how long can you absorb?

Note: This is only my personal view. If you like working in Govt sector, its entirely up to you to decide.

Kenny Ng said...

[aceone] thanks for ur opinion, i'll leave govt 1 day but now the economy condition is not that good especially in construction field. Somemore the 9MP really disappointed everyone.

Nicole said...

u shouldn't kept everything within urself for weeks... find me yum cha or maybe some close friend yum cha to help u weight ur issue ma... or at least not to listen to share

i think it depends on ur priority... u got the experience already and u have contacts... so it goes down to whether u're going to stay in this major city or to be at somewhere u're comfort at, also what is ur next aim/goal. money? stability? preparing for family planning? what's ur expectation?

why not u list down all the pros and cons... and weight according to ur preference and judgement... hope this will help.

anyway cheer up, k?

Simple American said...

Why are universities so inflexible? Don't they realize how they affect people's lives? What can you do?

I hope having the sheepskin ain't going to keep you out of a job. That would truly suck. But you got to look at what you have available and make the move that is best for you long term. Hard for me to say exactly what to do. You should have a good feel really on which way to go.

mirror said...

Civil Engineering ah..well, i think my cuz work with gov with quite nice salary..dunno how he does it though

ikanbilis said...

my frein's sister doing that as well! C.Eng. in Johor UTM

but i don't know.. if i were you i'd stay for a while and wait for govt but if the salary is still not enough, then i'd move on. as long new salary can cover daily expences for a month, or at least got extra money to save for future, then its great.

nyonyapenang said...

congrats! you've finally got your degree(save for the convo. oni).
perhaps, you may wanna hang in there for a while and in the meantime, try to some 'pasang kakis'.

btw, izzit ok for you to take up some related freelancing work, like maybe, doing technical drawings, to boost your income?

ah nel said...

work in government...ciak beh pah gho beh si(eat not full,starve wont die)

private sector offer higher salary...

anything also depends on urself whre u felt comfortable to join... ;)

Mr.Goober said...

it depends on ur main you think salary is important?

from ur story..HELL YEAH!!

so...perhaps its good to finally sit down and rethink the whole thing..and whats not so good about private companies anyways?

Kenny Ng said...

[nicole] soli la nicole, when i'm down i prefer stay alone n try to cool down myself. will find u yam char 1 day ok? anyway, thanks

[simple american] it's from normal universiti and they form another group for only part time studies. the way they handle the system really 'double' standard. Thanks for ur point of view :)

[mirror] yah, salary of engineer in govt is quite reasonable but for my current post is far behind although my post just 1 step behind it.

[ikanbilis] full time and part time studies in UTM totally handle by different management. u can ask any SPACE student, non of us satisfied with it, it's all about money matter. About job, due to the current economy status and the 9th Malaysian Plan, i can see very clear still not the right time to leave.

[nyonypenang] thanks, i'm pasang some kakis now. about freelance, due to govt servant laws, we can't earn extra income which related with our field (conflict in interest). I'm not a business minded person, i dunno what i can do anymore.

[ah nel] yah, u r right... but we have look into deeper about future. Thanks

[mr.goober] yes, salary is very important to me. I'm going to be 30 and i still can't pay back anything to my parents, how shame i am. anyway, it's normal... i look good at u... and u look good at me. everywhere also got it's advantages and disadvantages right? Thanks

Anonymous said...




LP said...

First, you must ask yourself, are you happy doing what you doing now?

2nd, That is always a risk when we make a move. IF I were you, I would think this way:
Working in Private sector 1 year = to working for gaoment 2 years. Would I want to risk it? Yes...because instead of working 2 years to pay off my debts now I only have to work 1 year.
I know the economy plays a big part but we need to be able to take risk in our life too. I see thing this way, if you are a good employee, no matter how the company will keep you (of course kiss ass plays a big part too).
Sometimes, we can't be scare or think too much.

3rd: Sit down and listen to what your heart tell you.

4th: Ok I better stop talking yea sou, if you would like to talk more, e-mail me anytime.

ah pek said...

my 2 sens.
join the private sector now. it's a golden apportunity. public sector no much propects for our race.
rather than waiting for another year, why not spend the year building up your carrer there? if you don't get what you deserve after one year, then maybe you can move on. In any case, you have made double of what you will make in the public sector.
Only gain. No loss

Kenny Ng said...

[nonnie] thanks, i'm not giving up, i still wan to fight. I'm just confused.

[lp] thanks for willing to talk yea sou to me, I'm very welcome it.

Kenny Ng said...

[ah pek] that's wat i thinking b4, but for your information, now we r into new Malaysian Plan, we still dunno wat will going on next until 1 or 2 more years. now it's not the right time to join private coz the economy so bad especially in construction field, few of my contractors already tutup kedai, it's really unsecured now. thanks for ur point of view.

ah nel said...

if ur tot that whole life you want to serve to other ppl then chosed what the best for you...

which one offer da best root for your future... ;)

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Kenny: My 2 cents little bit of Ah Pek view and little bit of LP view

This Saturday afternoon you free mai..I meeting some Cocka.
Maybe we chi chit abit and give you some of our H.O
pls email me

Kenny Ng said...

[ah nel] i dun mind serve to other ppl as my life is set to be work more and hard. I just want a little easy life than now only.

[9393] thanks for invitation, i'll try my best ok?

Maverick SM said...

Be Patient! It's a journey you have to travel and there is no short cut to competency.

Income should not be absolutely salary. Multi-level marketing is an option. Part-time consultancy and services is another. Teaching part-time is good money too. Insurance, is another option.

So, the question of income, if restricted to one source, definitely is constricted.

Get going and open up your mind... be prepared to take challenge and opportunity.

Anonymous said...

i don't know what to say about this,i'm still a student.still don't know what the real world is.but i can only say,do what you want and follow what you like.all the best and cheer up.=)!

angel said...

My 2 cents, I'm with ah pek. Since the 1997 economic downturn, I have been hearing this line, "The economy is so bad etc etc..." right up till now... but things are still not as bad as we might have imagined... but okay, I don't really know the Construction World but if I were you, I won't wait any longer...

And I was going to 'invite' you for our Saturday date with Cocka as well. Cum lah, ciak cha koay teow ;)

ah nel said...

my friends work in this line and they told me that this line every 5 or 10 yrs there will be big changes...few years ago they failed coz civil line downturn and now slowly regain back..

do come out to private sector as i seen they all climbed up and they really safe a lot of cash in 2 yrs time...private sector offer better...smts risk must be taken...

btw ace got my number and we msg last nite...u can get my num from him... :)

Kenny Ng said...

[ah nel] maybe u not clear about the situation here, many construction companies already closed down. I dun have his num oso la... how la? u email me ur num la... i sms u back can?

Kenny Ng said...

[maverick] tq sir, yes... there is no short cut, but other people who took my credits already gone thru the short cut, really unfair right? I'm thinking of doing part time tuition or consultancy service. I won't do any MLM n insurance. Maybe i shud take my guitar cari makan at road side? LOL... Thanks again sir!

[de pianist] sooner or later u will go thru this process, so u must get urself well prepare for ur future. Thanks

[angel] thanks, now u all here advice me to leave, at my side here all asked me to think 10 times before i leave. anyway... thanks for inviting me for the meeting, really got char koay teow ah? =P

Chen said...

stick to the govt post first and gain experience from there..
take this as a stepping stone.
U can reconsider again once u have the experiences :)
Most private companies want experienced engineers, right?

Kenny Ng said...

[chen] yes, u r right. but i've been doing engineer's job for few years already although my post only asst engineer.

shea speare said...

Woh! Graduates. There's where the real point of working life starts. Well, i guess you better just go for something which benefits you most.

Most importantly, don't regret after choosing the path. Most of us will be more depressed if we kept on thinking about it.

Kenny Ng said...

[shea speare] thanks, it's not easy now.

ah nel said...

my fren company own by a Datuk oso closed down but thre is still other company will hired u...once u got experience everyone want u... ;)

i email u whre u can find my number.... ;)

Kenny Ng said...

[ah nel] 6 years experience enaugh or not? ok... got ur number oledi... thanks!

ah nel said...

more than enuf... ;)

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