Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Legend of Cigarettes

Note: Just for reading pleasure, I'm sure most of you had read it before...

I am Peter Stuyvesant
I have two friends, Benson & Hedges
I came form the city of Marlboro
In the Salem high country
I always carry a Mild Seven
I rode on a White Horse
Going to Kingsway in Kent
It was Lucky Strike I fell in love
With the daughter of Master Duke
Her name was YSL
We got married by Perillys, the priest
We checked in at the house of Dunhill
And booked into room number 555
I laid her on the bed made of Gold Leaf
I played with her two Matterhorns
When I poked in my Rothmands King Size
She cried in delight, "You are a Rough Rider!!!"
You are riding like a mad Camel
When I asked her if she is satisfied,
She answered, "I want More!!!"
Enjoy your mid week!!!


Nine3 Nine 3 said...

I'm now wondering how Camel Rides ??

K :y nno :D said...

Kenny, getting a lil horny? hehehe...turning ur blog to hamsap blog ka? please blog more... i like! hehehe Good Blog!

de pianist said...

haha..wow..all those names is ciggarates brand,right?i just can recognize some brands only..hehe

mirror said...

ahahah i heard before..but not the full version. nice ler..fun cigarettes peom

Chen said...

although i read this in the past, but it's still nice reading it back again..
nice, nice :D

psss.. I don't promote smoking and smoking is bad to health :P

Kenny Ng said...

[9393] go watch animal planet or national geographic... kekeke

[Don] yes... im hamsap! only hamsap gals ah! u wan more? MORE? go buy MORE cigarette la... kekeke

[de pianist] better not to know the brands

[mirror] thanks

[chen] thanks, yah... smoking bad to health n i'm killing myself with it =P

ah nel said...

all the cigarattes boss will tenk q for this post...lol

u noe smoking bad to health lagi u go smoke...my car ekzos smoke u want i kasih free...

Nonnie said...

Kenny, I'm gonna make you sad by mentioning the increase in price of cigarettes.

Btw.. which is the most expensive and cheapest cigarettes?

nyonyapenang said...

why no kretek or gudang garam wan?

Maverick SM said...

You are right ... How come we post the same thing??? hehehehe

Kenny Ng said...

[ah nel] hope they will sponsor me free ciggy la... kekeke.

[nonnie] errr... im not sure with all the prices here

[nyonyapenang] u can visit maverick's blog, his got gudang garam version, so coincidence he oso blog the same thing with me.

[maverick] coz we r wise man right? think alike ma... hahaha.

Simple American said...

That was well done. Almost made me wanna light up. hehe Have not done that in 20 years, other than cigars at weddings and births.

AceOne said...

Pall Mall ans Winston dun have leh, how come?

Kenny Ng said...

[simple america] better don't start again, i'm in process of quit smoking now.

[aceone] errr... maybe the writer forgot bout it kua... kekeke.

ikanbilis said...

cool! i never seen this yet before.

toniXe said...

beers got this kind of thing ah ?

maybe u can make one to share with us !

Mr.Goober said...

i didn't know got so many brands out there..

no wonder smokers always feel like they're in heaven :P

Kenny Ng said...

[ikanbilis] thanks

[tonixe] u got any idea on beers? can share with us?

[mr. goober] just a story created by someone nothing to do la... hehehe

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