Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Why I Love Guitar So Much?

Wonder why I love guitar so much? I'm not a good guitar player but I do enjoy to see great guitarists play on it. There are so many types of guitar that I don't even can explain it all here, usually it has six strings, some got seven strings too... but not the G-String you guys think about it ok? hahaha... Actually if six string guitar tune into standard tuning is sound as E A D G B E, eh... it really got G-String there!!! But is the key of G... hehehe.

Actually I love to play drum and I was a drummer for my primary school band. Since the drum set is so costly and takes a lot of space, so I switch to learn guitar. My best friend influence me alot to pick up learn guitar, he is a guitar teacher in a music school now and also my 'sifu' (master) in guitar. Guitar really is an unique music instrument, just like what Buddha said... when the string is too tight, it will breaks... when the string is too loose, it has no sound... so you must tune into the right tension to get a good melody sound. (Correct me if I'm wrong)

Another thing why I love guitars? Try to look at the guitar shape, does it looks like a woman body? hahaha... look at this...

and compare with this...

My Guitar Collection

Can you see the similar shape? I think my guitars shape are more killer than the upper picture, hahaha... As I'm a loner, guitars will be my best 'partner' to cheer up my boring day... another one, I can 'molest' it anytime I like and it will gives you any sound you like... hahaha.... I think I'm crack already.


AceOne said...

Hahaha..I prefer the top photo guitar.!!
BTW, I don't know how to play it, but like to listen to it.

Ang Gu Gu said... =p lol..nice "guitar"

Nonnie King said...

I can only play 4 chords.. which.. I forgot how liao also.. Haha

Kenny Ng said...

aceone: I know oledi... guys sure like the top picture. I also not good in playing guitar, just for action only... kekeke.

ang gu gu: u oso same... hamsap lou, me too... kekeke.

king: 4 chords enaugh to cari makan oledi... with these 4 chords u can play thousands of songs.

Ang Gu Gu said... im not cute..innocent..i link ya already! thanks!

Nyokk said...

ahahaha funny entry :D :D lol

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