Friday, July 07, 2006

Who's The Idiot Driver/Car?!!!

Now days I'm damn tulan with the car's horn around the place I stay here, every evening I can hear some stupid + idiot + uncivilised drivers will keep on press their car horn, not only that... some will press on it non stop for more than 10 sec. As I living in KL which is concrete jungle in this contry, the sound surrounding the buildings will not transfer out easily. Why they never consider the residents nearby? How about for the babies, old people? This action really is a phsycological abuse to us. I really scolded TiuNiaSeng or Fuck!!! But I can't do anything about it, just only sacrifice my body cel.

Ok... maybe they can't wait their turn to move because of some emergency such as... give birth? lao sai? rushing go home for sex? late for date?... bla bla bla... I don't care. Besides that, the double parking also cause the car can't go out from parking lot, the car owner will keep on press the horn until the car who blocked them move away. I wonder what the hell of City (Shitty) Hall doing... why they never enforce the parking offenses here? Police Traffic also never take any action about it. Let's put in this way for those have to make double parking... why not just put a notice at the windscreen so they can be contacted easily, or they not to pull their hand-break so the car can be push away and let other car to come out. Some of them will park for hours and don't know where they went... really Kannineh right?. For me I hate to use car horn unless to warn somebody is unaware of possible accident or dangerous situations.

Alright... finish about car horn, now I wanna talk about car alarm... many of car owner do not aware that their car alarm were triggled when they not around. Imagine at night time, the car alarm triggled non stop till next morning... how to sleep like that? I have to wake up at 6.30am every morning for work and if this happened... I'll be like dead man during working hour, really macipiak!!! When the battery totally run out, the car couldn't start, then the owner will cry father cry mother (kao pek kao boh). There are some reasons that cause the car alarm triggle... car thief, car door never close properly, low battery, too sensitive or circuit board gone wrong? For the too sensitive type alarm, if lightning happen... the alarm will triggle. Not only that... if got any car exhaust too loud pass by... the alarm will triggle too. Sometimes I really feel wanted to go down and wack the windscreen... open the car hood and cut the alarm wirem, but I never did that... only cursing on the car owner. I think everyone here did the same thing as me.

I don't know why now days so many car owner like to modify their car exhaust to racing type exhaust which really loud. I wonder how they can tahan the sound... Come on la... all the car racers also need to use ear plug to plug into their ears during the race, are they deaf or already dead? Even my new Proton Iswara Aeroback come with original sport type exhaust which approved by JPJ... but I still can't stand with the sound noise when I drove back from KL to Penang... it really makes me headache, so I went to change to the normal type of exhaust that I feel more comfortble with it.

I don't see any road in Malaysia can drive more than 110 km/h, why these people like to modify to sport type exhaust and have illegal racing during late night. They think they can win over Michael Schumacher or Alonso or Kimi Raikonnen? See see they may end up like Arton Senna... I really cursed them when I heard the noise when I was sleeping. Everytime I'll wait some 'bang' sound during the illegal race... so I'll run down and laugh on them. I wonder what happen to JPJ and Police Traffic again... how can they over look about it? Or they already 'kao tim' each other? Fuck it!!!

Ok... that's enaugh for the car sound pollution, actually I was waken up by an idiot car's exhaust sound and followed by car alarm... really macibai, tiuniaseng, makachaohai!!!


Violet-S said...

Wow, you really hate every parts of car now. Lol. And pretty much convince me not to get a car when I'm back in KL. I hate driving in KL, can't stand the people, the traffic jam and the 'no road rules' at all. Gonna stick to public transport no matter how bad it is.

Las montaƱas said...

You should visit India. There hor, if you don't sound horn, you are either a foreign driver, or you could have kena accident and lying there. Everybody sound the horn every 3 seconds one!

Kenny Ng said...

Well... it's same happen in Indonesia too. It depends on where we are, what I mean is they horn in a housing scheme, how do you feel if you're into deep sleep and someone horn out there with no reason?

Anonymous said...

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