Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What Happen to Our Music Industry?

Talent??? What is talent??? Can anyone tell me? I don't really understand it well, maybe my english is too bad... yes I am. I'm just a dude from chinese education background and trying to improve my english.

Ok... forget about language matter, now we talk about music matter... I'm a heavy music freak, without music I'll be mad... or maybe can die. No Music No Life!!! (Sorry to Tower Records coz I copy your slogan). To me music is like an art, without the passion and talent you can't do it well. I'm really sad and disappointed with the musics industry for the present day, it looks more to the outlook packages than the ingredient. For examples some reality shows on musics, it doesn't provide any quality of the music, but only generate more oppotunity on advertisements only.

Now we can hear from everywhere people are so crazy talking about Malaysian Idol la... Akademi Fantasia la... One in a Million la... Astro Talent Show la... I'm getting sick on it!!!

(Malaysian Idiot)

(Oh no!!! Mawi again... oik u all!!! Not bored one meh?)

(Sure or not? The SMS u all vote make them earn more than a million la oik!)

(who are they? new drama series?)

I don't really can accept these all reality show concept at all, ok... let's say every competition will have judges to give the points and comments, but all of this reality show results are based on SMS vote. So what the hack? Is that the person good looking will win it? I guess so... I did watched some of it before and the results really disappointed me and I felt really unfair to the contestants which really have talent but were burried with no reason. I suggest the coming reality shows don't need to have judges in the show... let the audiance become the judges ok?

Normally the winner will be over-promoted in everywhere. As we can see in the TV now... I can tell you every commercial break I can see Mawi's face is on the commercial. What the hell is that? Sorry to all Mawi supporter, to me I don't see any talent he has, his singing still can't beat any legend singer in our own country as well. So where are the other reality shows' winner gone? I can't recall who they are... Obviously... it's unfair promotion treatment.

Anyone of you got think about what will happen to our music industry in future if this reality shows rule the music world? I can tell you it's getting worst!!! Now days I rarely tune on my radio listen to radio stations. The musics really hurt my ear and destroy my brain! I can only hear all the pop songs and now very famous with hip-hop la... rap la... I don't what kind of these musics. Malaysian government always ban rock musics, they think that rock musics always link to drugs, sex and violent. Wake up man!!! Look at the hip-hop or rap music videos... see what they showed???!!!

I wonder why the people here must follow the style of living from the music videos? Music just a music, nothing related with the video content. Now you can see most of the youngster like to copycat the way of talking, behaviour, clothes from the videos.. come on la!!! BE YOURSELF!!! Are you lost your own identity??? I'm a hardcore rocker, but everyone will think I'm more on sentimental type, because I don't follow the outlook which full of tattoo, wild sex, taking drugs. I just be myself and just enjoy the music!!!

Cheers to Classic Rocks, Jazz, Blues, Country, Classical musics!!!


Las montaƱas said...

nice. music freak! so you blare the heavy lock until the neighbours complain?

Kenny Ng said...

Nope... never happen before as I'm behave myself. If I wanted to listen it loud I'll use headphone.

Nonnie King said...

That shows how much youngster nowadays wanna be a SUPER STAR!

Anyway.. I think that's the way they try to cheat audience's money by asking them SMS to vote lah..

They never show how they judge also.. Tipu one lah

Kenny Ng said...

Reality show always tipu one... organizer or the tauker only earn the $$$

Lan Rambai said...

Reality shows.... shows the bangang ness of malaysian who sms hahahaha

Jonh Neo said...

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Kenny Ng said...

Hi Jonh Neo, thanks for exchange my link.

~ GAB ~ said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
~ GAB ~ said...

You know Kenny, I was a fan of Judas Priest back then. I believe the name is rather strange to many young people around. Anyway, I used to see their concert live...

Oh..ho... I had full collection of Black Sabbath also...

Kenny Ng said...

~gap~: That sounds cool man! Anyway I'm not big fan of Judas Priest, I have full collection of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Dire Straits, Grand Funk Railroad, Dream Theater... I love Black Sabbath too.

Cheers to Rock n Roll!!!

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