Thursday, July 27, 2006

Joke With The 'L'

Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about L license, it's all about name of fruits. Pass few days I was joking with some friends to name out all the fruits which start with L alphabet. They really have a good sense of humour and say out all the fruits name such as...

  1. Limau/Lime (this one ok la)
  2. Langsat (ok also la)
  3. Lu-Lian (haha... it's chinese slang of Durian)
  4. Lambutan (again another chinese slang of Rambutan)
  5. Luku (I think should be Duku)
  6. Lapple (this one I laugh till stomachache... Apple la)
  7. Langgis (manggis la oik!)
  8. Lorange (hahaha... again , orange add with L)
  9. Langka (sound like Sri Langka... lol... Nangka la)
  10. Lembikai (they really have tongue problems... Tembikai it means)
  11. Lapes (Grapes become Lapes.... wakakakaka)
  12. Lesberry (Lesbian with beer berry? No no no... it's Resberry)
  13. Laibina (Ribena drink... they said can count in coz made from fruits also)
  14. Lanana (wahahaha... it's Banana)
  15. Laici (eh... this one ok)
Lhey Leally Lracy Lah.... (They Really Crazy Lah) hahahaha... Don't Laugh till you Laosai (Diarrhoea)!

If you have any others funny fruits name start with L please do add-in in the comment. Thank you.

Continue... (from contributors)

16. Liwi (it's Kiwi... thanks to king)
17. Lawberi (it's Strawberry... thanks again to king)
18. Leach (Peach... another idea from king)
19. Lambai (Buah Rambai... thanks to mamarisyia)


Lan Rambai said...

La Toya can ah? Got fruit also what

Kenny Ng said...

La Toya? What is that?

Nonnie King said...

Hahha! Kiwi = Liwi, Strawberry = LawBeri, Peach...become LEACH!

Kenny Ng said...

hahaa... good one, thanks!


hehehhe...buah Rambai = Lambai (Lan Lambai)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Jace said...

Lomato. LOL !

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