Monday, August 16, 2010

iTalk WHOA! Ramadan Special Offer

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Recently petrol price just increased and it’s not only happened in Malaysia, I was in UAE last 2 weeks and their petrol price increased even more and almost on par with our petrol price!

As we know when petrol price increased, this will lead everything increased the price as well, but how about our income? We can’t avoid inflation and this will cause increasing our cost of living, what we wish is to have big sales on the right time to ease the burden.

Now we are heading to festive season, Merdeka is right in the corner and Hari Raya will be the next. From now on I can see many places are having big sales on their goods. The best thing now is iTalk WHOA! also giving best offers to all users, this sounds like double bonus to all, we not only can buy goods from sales but we also can enjoy best offer in telecommunication services.

In conjunction with Ramadhan and Aidilfitri, iTalk is pleased to announce that starting from 10th August 2010 until 30th September 2010, iTalk will be offering special International (IDD) call rates to 3 selected countries to Fixed and Mobile as low as 9sen/30second.

In addition, starting from 1st September 2010 until 31st October 2010 any iTalk users who activate iTalk will be rewarded 20% FREE iTalk talktime as below:
  1. Denomination RM50 - Free Airtime RM10
  2. Denomination RM30 - Free Airtime RM6
  3. Denomination RM20 - Free Airtime RM4
So what are you waiting for with this good offer? Aren’t we always looking for the cheap and good things? I already have the account and used to call to Middle East to communicate with my colleagues over there, surprisingly the line is so clear compare to what I use other services before in Middle East.

I was in Middle East for 2 years and I truly understand that foreigners who working here and wanted to make calls to their loves one, the cost of telecommunication is not that cheap. In Middle East is more restricted on usage of internet calls and far more costly, so now iTalk has given the best offer, it will be major losses if you don’t get it!

For more information about iTalk WHOA! Please logon to

iTalk WHOA!

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