Friday, January 22, 2010

Flying with Firefly

2 weeks back, it was my first experience flying with smaller scale of plane with Firefly. My working company arranged me flight instead of let me drive from Kuala Lumpur to Penang for a site visit.

So coincidence my father was admitted into hospital and needs medical operation in Penang, so end up it was my 2 in 1 tasks back to Penang.

After flew with Firefly, I found out I kinda like it compare to MAS or Air Asia, the check-in is so easy and luggage delivered very fast. Passengers also lesser and I felt more comfortable with it, the seats are quite comfortable as well, the only lack is when took off the engine sound was very noisy.

The Propeller

Beautiful View



Agnes said...

hmmm..maybe next time i can take firefly to Penang too...:)

vera said...

this reminded me of the flight I took from KK to Labuan many many moons ago.

Kenny Ng said...

Yeah... it's easier since Subang is nearby

how was that?

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