Wednesday, December 02, 2009

28 Nov 2009 Photo Outing

Last weekend once again went out for another shooting session with YeoCK and the gang. This time we went to Sekinchan and Kuala Selangor for 1 day shooting trip.

We moved from KL early in the morning to chase the sunset scene, too bad on that particular morning, it was heavy rain at Sekinchan. Our mood were spoiled due to the bad weather and then went to nearby mamak store for drink while waiting the rain stopped.

After 1st stop we started the shooting session, in less than half hour the rain came again, once again we forced to wait at nearby Warong to wait the rain stopped then only continue our shooting.


Paddy field

The close-up of paddy

Rain drops on seeds

Another eagle

Little Egrets

The loner

Long straight drain

Through the hole

Stand alone

Group of little egrets

What is this bird?

The reflection

Lonely boat

My 1st macro attempt

After Sekinchan, we headed down to Kuala Selangor fishing village. Over there we were welcomed by a group of hyper active local kids. I'm so envy their happiness together with friends around there, it reminds me my childhood time...


Fishing village

Low tide

Walk way

Wooden bridge

Kung Fu heroes

Jumping high

Our tripod assistants

Sunset view

*Comments & Critics are very much welcome!

Another Outing!

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Bengbeng said...

some very interesting shots here

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