Tuesday, October 27, 2009

YAS Marina F1 Circuit, Abu Dhabi

Formula 1 2009 season is coming to the end, whole world already knew Jenson Button already clinched the world championship title before the final race. Besides that, Team Brawn Mercedes also won the constructor's championship for this year.

As I'm a big fan of Formula 1 for more than 20 years, I always wish to have chance to watch the race live in race track. So far I still never got the chance to watch it in any circuit, shame on me! Anyway, at least I got chance to involve in the YAS Marina F1 Circuit construction, although I was just in the project for few months, I felt happy even I just did a little contribution to the race track.

Since the Bahrain F1 Circuit, YAS Marina F1 Circuit (Abu Dhabi) is the second F1 circuit that recognised by FIA in desert land. That's the wonder of engineering works and money, from an empty desert land can become the most modern and proper race track in the world.

YAS Island in Year 2007
(Picture source: http://www.crash.net/)

YAS Marina Circuit in May 2008
(Picture source: http://www.crash.net/)

YAS Marina Circuit in Oct 2008
(Picture source: http://www.crash.net/)

YAS Marina Circuit in Oct 2009
(Picture source: http://www.crash.net/)

This final race of this year will be also the 1st ever F1 race in history that the race will be started from evening till the sky turning dark. That mean when the race start, the sunlight still shine on the track and before finish the race, it's after sunset and the race track lighting will be fully utilised like Singapore F1 night race. During this time, sunset at Abu Dhabi is getting earlier and the sky turn dark very dramastic.

Let's look again the actual track condition before I transferred back to Malaysia end of August 2009. This race track left plenty of memories for me, I left plenty of sweat and some blood (real blood, no joke!) on this race track.

Main Grandstand and Pit Building

Start/End Point

North Grandstand (My favorite spot)

View from North Grandstand

Long straight at North Grandstand

Race Track cross underneath Marina Hotel

View from VIP/Sun Tower

Here are some concept model of YAS Marina F1 Circuit which been exhibited at Abu Dhabi Marina Mall.

Overview of YAS Marina F1 Circuit

Another angle view of YAS Marina F1 Circuit

Start/End point

Overall view with VIP/Sun Tower in background

Right now I really excited and can't wait to watch it from TV live telecast for this final race of the year. I think I can't hold my tears when I see it on TV this coming Sunday.

YAS Marina F1 Circuit!!!


day-dreamer said...

Hahaha don't cry when watching leh! :P

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

you should be happy
coz you are those who test the track

Anonymous said...

Yas marina circuit was fantastic! one of the best f1 experiences! amazing job from you and your team.

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