Monday, August 17, 2009

Another UWA Lens Poison Threat

This is another post to poison any photographers who like Ultra Wide Angle (UWA) lens. Pictures were taken last weekend here (Friday) at Marina Mall Abu Dhabi with my colleagues.

All pictures were taken by my brand new Nikkor 10-24mm DX lens.

Water features

Wide Angle View

Inside Marina Mall

Impressive art work by using mosaic tiles

The lonely chairs

Beautiful outlets under the canvas

Currently I become a wide angle sucker, this UWA lens become my kit lens and it attached on my camera most of the time.

UWA Lens Rocks!


Leena said...

great pictures...

Wyn said...

nice pictures...

i like wide angle pics too ler...=P

Kenny Ng said...


Thanks... good to have wide angle kaki

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