Sunday, April 19, 2009

Red Bull Air Race, Abu Dhabi

Last weekend once again a crazy group of us that 'wanna-be' photographer went to watch and snap the Red Bull Air Race at Abu Dhabi Corniche.

The weather on that day was quite bad, there was no blue sky and full of dust, we couldn't get a single nice shot on the sky. Anyway, it was fun to watch this kind of race and it was my first experience to watch it. Those pilots are really good and physically damn fit to take the G-force up to 12x at approximately 370km/h. (Sources from Red Bull Air Race Official Website)

Red Bull Air Race

Official Helicopter

Fly Through the Air Gates

Ooppss... Someone hits the Air Gates

Another Failure...

The split seconds hit at the Air Gates

When the Air Gates damaged, it will gone down then the crews will change it in less than 5 minutes. I'm amazed with their technology and speed to save time to replace a new Air Gate.

Acrobatic Show?

This one flew so low... Geng!!!

Red Bull Team in action

The Local Hero

Looks like 'Pearl Habour' attack

One of the best skills

The finish line

My opinion this racing sport is much dangerous and required more skills than Formula One. All pilots must responsible to avoid crash to spectators if accident happens, all pilots must be extremely fit and fast reaction to enter the race. I can see the pilot faces from big screen TV shows that they are really struggled with G-force inside the plane.

The photography shooting is not that easy because the planes move so fast on air, I have to use very fast speed shutter and fast panning to capture the special moments.

Red Bull Air Race


day-dreamer said...

Whoa... cool race... good photos!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

yeah this sport is more trill, dangerous and exciting

we can see the pilot do some few awesome skills

julieann said...

looks awesome!!!!!!!!! and i can see my dad's company he's working with got sponsor this event!!! it's really awesome!!!!!!!!!

kat said...

Great shots! Where were you? I was on the family beach, but couldn't see the gates properly even though I was quite near to the blue gate that got crashed repeatedly!! You got a great pix of the Jap plane slashing the gate! And I was also wondering how they managed to fix the gates so fast!! Quite terror, hor?

I think this is more fun than F1. After watching them whizzing round the track for the 35th time, it gets a bit boring...

Wyn said... this kinda of race 1 ar? nice shots...

Agnes said...

Great shot!!

Kenny Ng said...

[day dreamer]
Thanks... The race cool leh?

[pisang goreng]
Yeah... if we sit in it, sure will be fainted.

Your dad works in Red Bull? Can get special discount ah? LOL

I was sitting right infront the big video screen. I think you are at same side with me but quite distance away. Too bad we never met up there hor.
I just watch the 1st qualifying, like you said quite bored after some time.

Got!!! What kind of race also have, got camel race here too... hahaha


julieann said...

kenny, my papa work for breitling lar... bukan red bull... hahahahaha...

Anonymous said...

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