Thursday, April 30, 2009

Missing Foundation

Can anyone tell me how to build a building without foundation? Or can anyone build a building first then only build the foundation? I'm not joking, I mean it's a real building, not a simple dog house which no need foundation.

Even for all who are not in construction field also can understand, any building must start from foundation. Here I got a sample picture taken from my email some time ago, I don't know where is that place and I also don't know who is the designer and builder.

Where is the foundation?

When I saw this picture, I really salute to the designer and builder, they really can did it without foundation! I think I better change my major to other fields...



clement said...

well, maybe that is design on mat footing? the entire base is their footin? he he he, but from the look of it, maybe steelement isnt important.. so what the f... do it however u wan... ha ha

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

my goddess.......

that designer and builder
must be made from CHINA

you knoe la

Seizhin said...

Last time I helped my boy friend to build a kennel, he even stressed on the importance of a blue print.

Haha, these people on the pic sure are talented.

Let's start counting how many days it'll stand though.

Kenny Ng said...

Then u try design and build it.

[pisang goreng]
I met many Chinese contractors from China, they won't do that at all.

Glad you also know how important the foundation.

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