Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Dubai Trip With Nikon D90

Last weekend me and few colleagues went to Dubai for our photography trip. We were worrying about the weather condition as last whole week the weather in UAE was so crazy with thunderstorm and sandstorm.

Luckily on Thursday night the weather was perfect, and we all 'tortured' our own cameras (Nikon D3, Nikon D300, Nikon D90, Nikon D80 & Canon 400D) very much till everyone satisfied, I was 'raping' my Nikon D90 till tired... Hahaha.

View at Madinat Jumeirah

Shine On Your Crazy Hotel

Colourful of Burj Al Arab

Dark Side Of The Moon
Using Nikkor 70-300mm VR lens
Focal length 300mm, Speed 1/125 s, f/11, ISO 200
VR mode on, no tripod used
Picture cropped from 4288x2848 to 1024x680

Main Entrance of Burj Al Arab
Using ISO 1600, without tripod

View From Main Gate of Burj Al Arab
Using ISO 1600, without tripod

The security guards not allow us to use tripod to snap Burj Al Arab, I don't know what is the reason, this hotel really so arrogant, luckily this D90 allowing high ISO with low noise. The next day we went to Ibn Battuta Mall for our second round of photo hunting...

Bird Reading Newspaper?
Using Nikkor 70-300mm VR lens
Focal length 300mm (Actual focal length for 35mm film SLR is 450mm)

China Court

Cheng Ho's Battle Ship in China Court

India Court

Flying Man?

Andalusia Court

Nice fountain at Andalusia Court

Colourful Sandals

I've snapped hundreds of photos and I lazy to choose so much to post up here, the reason I have to resized it in order faster uploading to the blog. I'm really satisfy with my D90 performance, my battery life still got 70% balance after shooting about 350 pictures. Anyway, I'm using battery pack with two batteries inserted, another battery still have 100% life. It means this D90 battery is consuming very low battery power even I used long exposure so often in the night time.

Colourful Dubai!!!


julieann said...

really really love all ur pics!!! its really really soooooooooo nice!!!!

my fren now is contemplating whether to buy canon dunno wat model or nikon D90.. hahahaha... guess i'll ask him to visit ur blog!! :D

Wingz said...

wuah besttt!!!

Wyn said...

wah...nice pictures...

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

i'm speechless woh....

Kenny Ng said...

If Canon as well wait for new model 500D, I read the specs were little better than D90, but I not sure how is the picture quality. If to me, of course I only go for Nikon.

Your pics also best!!!


[pisang goreng]
Just talk, don't be so quiet... LOL

EmiratesMac said...

Those are some really nice shots. I just got a D90 myself, looking forward to using it. Come check out

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks... I registered to the forum already

EmiratesMac said...

Cool, Kenny, looking forward to your contributions to making it a busy site :-)

Kenny Ng said...

Sure will do... thanks for invite me.

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