Monday, March 16, 2009

My New Gadget

I remember the last time I bought my SLR camera (Nikon FM10) was back in end of 1995 and I was semi retired on photography since year 1999. Till now after more than 13 years I get my second SLR camera but in digital format (Nikon D90), and this time I still stick to Nikon which is always my first choice in SLR cameras.

Luckily my uncle helps me to buy this camera in Penang, then my colleague brought over to Dubai when he back from holiday trip in Malaysia. The reason I prefer get it from Malaysia because here selling extra almost RM 2K!!!

Although I got my D90, I still love my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 which is more versatile on all occasions. Anyway, right now I will not have much time on photography since my works are priority.

My lovely Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28
Snap with: My Nikon D90

The reason why I bought D90 because of my roommate also just bought it, and I'm so impressed with the picture quality after tried on it.

My Nikon D90
Snap with: My Lumix DMC-FZ28

My wives...
Snap with: My roommate's D90

2 Nikon D90 lineup (left: My D90, right: my roommate's D90)
Snap with: My Lumix DMC-FZ28

Then I decided to gather all Nikon cameras in my room as 'Nikon Family' lineup...

Nikon Family
From left: My D90, my roommate's D90 & D70s
Snap with: My Lumix DMC-FZ28

Nikon Family
From left: My roommate's D70s & D90, My D90
Snap with: My Lumix DMC-FZ28

Nikon Family Lineup
Snap with: My Lumix DMC-FZ28

I'm planning to snap another Nikon Family photo at my another colleague house, most of us here are Nikon fans, got a person own a Nikon D3 & D300, it is very crazy to me, I can't even aford to own a D300.

Nikon DSLR!!!


Cruel Angel said...

yeah camera here are very expensive especially DSLR..

I bought my for 4k in dubai but in msia only sell 2.8k.

But that time urgently need it for vacation lol!

Zephyr said...

Everytime I look at those big cameras, I can't resist thinking of a few guys comparing whose 'tools' is bigger n longer XD

Elizebeth D.L. said...

You mentioned in P.M's blog your have jokes in your blog, so I came... and I saw you are sai-meng-ing on your camera.. aiyoh.. hahaha...

Your advise on Lumix FZ28 is so good. I didn't regret buying it. It has good quality photos. When we went to Tokyo last time with Lumix, a girl in the tour group is very jealous of our camera, because the camera, simply shoot also can have good quality pictures and nice color:)

julieann said...

hey... i somehow look at the pics where u took with ur lumix and D90... i found that D90 pics is more clearer and more.... REAL... the lumix somehow, the color looks either too bright or something..

well i might be wrong as i dont have skills on these DSLR thingy.. :P

kat said...

Wahh.. got tai-phor,sai-phor and sam lai!! 1,3,5 - tai-phor 2,4,6 - sai-phor, 7 - sam lai!! Heehee.

Can you recommend a good point&shoot for night shots? Or are P&S not good for night shots at all?! My current Sony is good for daytime outdoor but really suck at night scenes. And I am not ready for BigAss cameras yet. Have to look after kids whenever we go out, no time to jaga my new 'baby'.. :D

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

did you ever rape it 3 sekali gus?

ha ha ha ha ha

Kenny Ng said...

[Cruel Angel]
Yah, I wonder why... isn't it is a duty free country?

Now I got the biggest & longest one... LOL

[Elizabeth DL]
Hahaha.. I mean to search back my old jokes ma. FZ28 really a good compact digicam, I still use it most of time.

That is of course DSLR pics quality are far better than compact, not you only, everyone can see it clearly.

LOL... if in real life I sure die, where can handle so much lou pohs?

Ok... P&S always have night photograph weakness, this due to the lens is small which can't capture more light. The only solution is use higher ISO, but the pics quality will be dropped.

[pisang goreng]
Errr... 4 sekali gus!!! I never realised I go geng can tahan... LOL

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