Friday, December 12, 2008

Free Meal for Jobless

I was hopping around some blogs and I found out a post from Cruel Angel about free meal for those who lost their job in UAE.

I wasn't believe got such thing since Dubai now are having serious financial tsunami, many expatriates are losing their job across UAE included our joint venture partner company is retrenching so many employees. Many mega projects have to KIV in order to overcome the financial crisis, luckily my working company still remain all employees and I'm safe for this moment.

Today I surf around Gulf News to read about local news here and I found out a hotel in Dubai is offering free meal for those who lost jobs in UAE. I felt that is so kind from the hotel, and I think it won't happen in my home country to organise such charity unless 'open house' during festive season.

From Gulf News

I wonder does those lost their jobs here still got appetite to have meals? To take a cab here is so expensive and if drive on own car sure will stuck with traffic and difficult to find a parking. What kind of food are they offering?

Free Meal!!!


audrey said...

Ahem, they offer buffer or set menu. Sounds nice. Well, jobless people can stop there and get a free meal before board a plane ;)

Wyn said...

not bad wor...wonder here got anot hor? keke..

all i know that, in pg, at d " kuan yim" temple there, they give free lunch to those meal jugak..

Kenny Ng said...

Yah, but is it worth to go or not?

Malaysia don't hope la, somemore want to suck all our money lor.

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