Saturday, September 27, 2008

Follow Construction Drawings

Note: Received the pictures via my email. For those who in construction or engineering field will understand it well.


Normally any revised drawings, the engineer or designer will cloud the part which need to be amended. This contractor really drilled a hole exactly from drawing...

The drilling hole so nice

Sometimes, the indication or marking on a drawing also confusing to those contractor who don't really understand on it...


The contractor really wrote it at the staircase, the landing step also follow the drawing line... LOL

Sometimes you cannot blame the contractor, because some consultants are not good in design drawing which caused confusion to others.

I really salute to the contractor who followed the construction drawing 100%, this contractor should be awarded 'Best Contractor of The Year'...



pisang goreng 115,NF said...

what happen if a body of naked woman picture there?
would the contractors biuld a statue too?

audrey said...

BIG laugh

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

I cannot see the writings on the staircase.

cc of Quaint Melody said...

That is so hilarious!
The saying is true, when people assume, they have an ass out of you and me. LOL

erinalaw said...

Best contrator? Eh! Not PCK meh? wahahaha........ Don't think all consultant are smart. Sometimes, they also very situpit. I come across this people. Act smart saja

Wyn said...

not bad wor...really follow rthe rules...keke...=P

eh eh, kek sim boh d race? =(


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Old Beng said...

Wahahahaha, really happened huh!?!?!?

Wyn said...

its so frustrated see our hero drove like dat ler...haih...

Kenny Ng said...

[pisang goreng]
I hope so too... kekeke

Me too

I edited already, now can see

Yah, assume also a risk.

You are right, the consultants we met here now are really un-professional at all, they are from Malaysia!!! What a shame.

If my our JV partner really follow the drawings I'll be damn glad of it.

The race was disaster!!!

[run with the wave]
Are you providing me air-ticket free? And also cover my leave? If yes I'll go.

[old beng]
Looks like it, coz have the picture

Never mind la, not his 1st time missed the championship, let's hope for next year.

Anonymous said...

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tanalan2 said...

Gua caya sama your contractor man !!!!

Imagine if you sign your signature there ...... hehe... Then you could have an instant Hollywod walk of fame in Dubai leow

zewt said...

damn good life there eh? :P

Anonymous said...

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