Monday, July 21, 2008

Why Chinese Shouldn't Have English Name?

Note: Received this joke via my email, I know most of you had read it before, but I just wanted to share with you all, this jokes really cheer up my tension day from work.


Read in Mandarin:

Anne Chang
- Dirty

Anne Chin
- Keep quiet

Faye Chen
- Dusty

Jane Tan
- Frying eggs

Henry Mah
- Hate your mum

Paul Chan
- Bankrupt

Nelson Tan
- Bird laying eggs

Read in Hokkien:

Carl Cheng
- Buttock

Monica Cheng
- Touching your buttocks

Lucy Leow
- You are dead

Lucy Seow
- You are mad

Suzie Leow
- Lose (money) till death

Corrine Tai
- Poor fellow

Carmen Tng
- Leg hair long

Rosie Teng
- Screws and nails

Pete Tsai
- Nose droppings

Read in Cantonese:

Macy Koh
- Never die before

Lynn Tai
- Big breasts

Faye Chee
- Fat pig



day-dreamer said...

Haha. I read it before. Really hilarious!

Sasha said...

haha only chinese will think of nicknames for everything

_butt said...

macy koh, henry mah?



tanalan2 said...

If your surname is Cheong..makes sure that the front name is not :-

1) Hogan Cheong
Very excited/Nervous

2) Morgan Cheong
DOnt be excited !!

cc said...

Funny! That's why Chinese, of all people, should choose their name very carefully.

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

do you think english name only?

even chinese name also had bad meaning when you speak in diffrent dialect.

liu poh wen
try find meaning in cantonese, teowchewnese, hakkanese and hokkienese

Huei said...


pisang goreng's right..chinese names oso sound bad fren's name

wu li qing/ching

Wyn said...

my mum have a friend..his name sound very nice calles " Siew Tak". but his surname is Ng.

Thus, Ng Siew Tak and he`s a cantonese. According to my mum, he seldom smile 1. =/

sugarbaby said...

what about my name then...hahahahha~

Anonymous said...

Yuki See- u go & die! kakakkakakaa..

that's why got to be careful naming kids cos they have to live that name for the rest of their lives!!

Min-Hui said...

My last name is Choo. My dad always like to introduce me and my sis in English name as Faye, which is not true. he just wants peoples to call us Faye Choo. How bad!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

some name can be cool

surmane KEE can name their kids
mah thin/tin/

and english name Rick

combine all of it it will makes some confuse.

Kenny Ng said...

Yeah... it is

yah... usually they did it

Hahaha... u ahhhh

So... don't so gan cheong ha

Yah, luckily mine still ok

[pisang goreng]
I know... I just got it from my email ma

Hahaha... ur friend's name funny

Sometimes the name really represent a personality too. So must becareful oh

Your name? Bayi-Gula lor... Wakakaka

Got such name meh? Hahaha

Hahaha... your dad knows how to joke, not bad mah

[pisang goreng]
Fake Ricky Martin? Hahaha

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Kkkakaakka!! This is hilarious!!

Kenny Ng said...

Yalor... haha

Marsha M said...

read this before but dang if it didn't make laugh until tears come out. Monica Cheng. Lucky no Mowaka Cheng...otherwise would have been a good invite for 'hamsap lows'. :-)

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