Monday, January 21, 2008

Most Horrible F1 Accident

F1 racing is one of the most fastest and dangerous in motor racing. We can see accidents happened in each race, with the latest technologies on the safety measures, many drivers escaped from serious injuries during accident happened.

F1 car in action

Have you ever seen the most horrible F1 accident in your life? Well, I've seen tons of the accident scenes after watching it for so many year. But now, I want to show you all the most horrible F1 accident I've seen so far...

For those who can't see the accident scene, please do not proceed!!! If you still want to proceed, please get doctor's advice before you proceed...


F1 accident lor...

Gotcha!!! That's not my keyboard anyway, I got this picture via my email...



Wyn said...

Aiseh...i tot you going to post the picture on the real F1 tim.

like Ayrton Senna or Roland Ratzenberger..


angeles said...

bwahahahaha! sampat lorrr! :P

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!

may be we should called bill gates
and make sure he redesign the F1

muah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Cocka Doodle said...

Tiu! Char lan tou! LOL

AceOne118 said...

Wakakaka! that one "Ferari" made wan ah?

_butt said...


I was expecting something for real but this?? (-_-")

Kopi Soh said...

You ah!!! LOL.

julieann said...


i really tot can see all da blood and etc 1 loh...

kat said...

Wah.. since when you become so sampat?? LOL

sun,moon&star said...

siew sei ngor! you really had me fooled.

Huei said...


i seen so many times..this time it really got me! ish!! =P

The Horny Bitch said...

knn... was expecting a gruesome picture lor!! KAOZ!

Zephyr said...

0.o what an "accident" lol!!!

keeyit said...

Like that also can ar ?

keeyit said...

Like that also can ar ?

tanalan2 said...

iyor like dat also can argh ??? thought pictures of ferrari crash !!!!!

Kenny Ng said...

Ayrton Senna's dead really a most sadness moment for me in F1 history...

Haha... kamsiah

[pisang goreng]
Haha... Keyboard also related with Gates?

Song mou? Kekeke

Dunno lor... Someone must hit the key too hard

Haha... kena tipu this time leh?

[kopi soh]
Me how? Kekeke

Hahaha... u think so ah?

All the time I also sampat ma... not meh?

Hahaha... this time kena leh?

Hahaha... gotcha!!!

[the horny bitch]
Hahaha... don't angry la

Horrible hor? Haha

Can... why not?

Haha... I'll never post that up

tom said...


zeroimpact said...

Heh heh heh
And I thought I would faint
Any way how are you bro
Hope everything is good there

Agnes said...

got this kind of F1 accident meh....

Maverick SM said...

That's an innovative joke...hahaha

Eileen said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.... Kenny, you got my laughing button accidentally click on too :P

Kenny Ng said...


Hahaha... U wont la... I'm fine, thanks

U try hit ur F1 key hard hard n see? Kekeke

[maverick sm]
Haha... thanks

Hahaha... good ma :P

yna said...


Kenny Ng said...

Terima kasih

may said...

aiyo, how sad... sure kenot save the F1 ah? got give mouth-to-key anot?

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