Sunday, December 09, 2007

My New Gear

Since I have to work in Dubai for long term, so I decided to bring along one of my wives (Guitar) to accompany me here, at least I got some entertainments here. To add more excitements to make love... Opsss... To play with my wife, I was looking for something small and powerful gear to make it more sexcited to play with, hehehe.

My entertainment gears

Finally I found a tone port from Line 6 - Tone Port GX, which not require a guitar amp, it only needs to connect to computer and use the software to control the sound effects. I bought it from Malaysia before I came back to Dubai. The price is reasonable, the size is small and light which is good for traveling use.

Line 6 - Tone Port GX connected to my laptop

Tone Port and Gearbox software (picture taken from

The key features:

- 23 guitar/bass amp models with 29 cabinet models
- 6 vocal mic preamps for amazing, studio-quality tracks
- 29 stompbox and studio effect models, including Overdrive, Delay, Reverb, Wah, Flanger, Chorus, and more
- 1/4-inch instrument/mic input

So, what to expect so much? With the price about RM300 I get more than 10x of the sound effects I wanted. Now I still got no time to discover all the features, anyway I can keep on rocking with my headphone without disturbing to others.

Rock On!!!


Iwan Sanchez said...

yo bro!!



angel said...

Happy Making Lup!! :D

angel said...

Oops.. forgot to say that your wife very sexy in red! ;)

May you have anak-anak soon... :P

Chen said...

u won't be so lonely liao, since u have your lovely and sexy wife together with u.

Have "fun" ;)

Jace said...

Coooool! keep on rocking!
deng deng dheng dheng!!

Wyn said...

wah..ur equipment very chio lor..

and ur wife, very pretty...

*pheeewit* kekeke


Firehorse said...

Make sure u play till u sextified :D

Huei said...

when wana let us listen to ur rock songs??? =P

The Horny Bitch said...

How come wife become some other electronic devices ah??

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Wah laueh!! First u play ur wife the u listen to the play...Not good??? Play somemore!!! Have a nice day!

De Pianist said...

lol..i thought your wife is your work your wife is this many wives do you have in total? =p!

Maverick SM said...

Wah, now u become Arabian pop artist...femus liau.

Kenny Ng said...

Anywhere I go, I'll rock till there... haha

Thanks... sexy leh? Anak-anak? Hahaha... she can't produce any la.

Yeah... not lonely anymore... really have very much "fun" lor now... wakakaka

My version is jeng jeng jeng... :P

Haha... thanks

Very sextified now... kekeke

Errr... slow slow wait yah :P

[the horny bitch]
because I don't have human wife ma

[hor ny ang moh]
haha... geng leh?

[de pianist]
I got many wives ma... u forgot liao? Haha

I'm not pop artist la...

DivineMe said...

Yo, what's working in dubai?
Haven't visited so long.... and you have gone grey!
All the best.
Dubai's unreal you know. Well you'll find out yself.

Aodian said...

cool how much did it cost.. I wanna ask my instructor to find one if he can.. I heard that there's a big and good music shop around dubai somewhere in Karamah i think. Cant remember much.. Oh n have u heard of battle of the bands in Dubai in DEC i think..
cheers n happy playing! said...

combine together sure sound super nice.
Have a nice ROCK in dubai.

narrowband said...

I really admire your 'rockness' :D Keep rocking!!!

Jace said...

deng jeng deng jeng!!!!

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Make love to your electric guitar? Be careful oh... don't get your didi electrocuted. Kekekek.

Kenny Ng said...

Hey, working in one of construction sites in Dubai. Thanks

I bought it in Malaysia for RM290. I not sure how much it sells in UAE. Anyway, Karama and Deira got lots of music shops, but I not sure they got sell this model or not.

Yah... it is

Hahaha... Thanks

Sound not rock la... haha

No worry, it won't. I play with fingers only... not didi... wakakaka

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