Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hard Rock Cafe Dubai

It was continuous 2 weekends I went to Hard Rock Cafe (HRC) in Dubai with my colleagues. Before entering, I was thinking the cover charge to enter it must be expensive than HRC in Kuala Lumpur, surprisingly, here is no cover charge at all!

Me posting infront of Hard Rock Cafe Dubai

The price of foods and drinks are about the same in KL, but the best part is no taxes at all. I manage to find my favorite drink KilKenny in HRC Dubai and the price is cheaper than what I had in KL.

The main stage

Inside HRC Dubai

Another view in HRC Dubai

The bar and crowds

At least I can hear more rock songs here compare to HRC in Kuala Lumpur which I posted long time ago that they don't play rock songs at all. The live band in Dubai was not bad at all, they were playing more on easy listening rock songs, they also good in entertain all listeners, so at least we don't feel that boring after all.

Live band performing

Posing with my favorite guitarist/band... David Gilmour/Pink Floyd

Again posing with Pink Floyd's collections

The silver satin vest was worn on stage by David Gilmour... Anyway, I'm more interested on David Gilmour's guitars than the vest, too bad I can't find it here.

HRC Dubai Rocks!


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Woah! So good arr? I have not even entre HRC kl yet! Have a nice day!

frostier said...

haha.. still silverfox ah.....

Chen said...

i presume u will hangout in this place more frequent in the near future? ;)

may said...

very the ROCK, wei! yup, definitely much better than the KL one. and bigger, too. I haven't been inside the Sydney outlet, maybe I'll do that when I play host to my next visitor...

Nonnie King said...

That place looks so much nicer than Asian punya.
Totally rockz!

Netster said...

ohh over there also can drinks ah? okay i thought can not have these kind of place.


angel said...

Woohoo! Much bigger than KL mia!

Huei said...

so when u wana rock at hard rock?? =P

Jace said...

I like the design of da entrance! Coooooooooooool!

Can you ask the yellow cab and motor dont park there? So kacao oni..

julieann said...

huahhhhhhhh!!!!!!! mostly guai lou inside that HRC leh!!!!!!! I WAN GO TOOOOOO!!! eh i oni wan to go when kenny u rock there wor... can ah?? :D

Kenny Ng said...

[hor ny ang moh]
No need to go HRC KL la, not rock at all.

yah... still

Ermm... Not really, it's quite far from the place I stay, I'm looking for more ROCK live band

Faster go Sydney outlet and snap more pics! Kekeke

[nonnie king]
Errr... I only been one in KL before, so I can't compare so much

I can tell you here are more happening than Malaysia, just alcohol drinks only can find in pubs, they don't sell it in supermarket.

Errr... Not really that big la

Errr... in my dream :P

Haha... I wish I can tell them get off

Then you no need to go lor, coz I won't rock on the stage...LOL

De Pianist said...

nice interior wor inside there...can enjoy your favourite drink somemore..i think this is the only place you'll miss a lot when you come back to kl..haha

janicepa said...

wei wei .. u really got to do something on ur hair lah .. if lidat how to "kao lui" ???

u wan me to send Revlon or Loreal over ?? kekeke
*run fast fast*

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

I didn't KL Hard Rock need cover charge. I went there for dinner few times and don't remember paying any cover charge wor.

I think Shanghai is the only place in the world where HRC can go bankrupt. I was opened in the 90s and closed and never re-opened. I gues it could not compete with the other happening pubs in the city. But... does not make sense. Hmmm..

Shopaholicfern said...

wah...the exterior looks cool...very much nicer and bigger than KL HRC...KL HRC cover charge only after 9pm i think...coz if u go dinner time, no cver charge.
i've been to HRC in Bali..nice place too..but full of gwai-los there coz it's HRC and HRHotel is opposite the beach for surfing..
Sydney got meh? which part? how come i didn't see it when i was there?? sigh..must have missed it liao..

Iwan Sanchez said...

agreed with nonnie!

looks so majestic..
but i wont step into it one cos no chance to fly to dubai.. :(

iCalvyn said...

the guitar are damm big, i guess play by HUCK one... kekekekeke

Kenny Ng said...

[de pianist]
Haha... I still miss Malaysia pubs which I used to hanged out.

Hahaha... just let it be la, I come here to work not kao lui la. Here can get all brands of hair dyer la.

Ha? HRC in China can bankrupt one? That will be sad la if I stay there.... kekeke

The second time I went was 10 something and still no cover charge. I think most HRC around the world will full of gwai lou. For Sydney, I never been there so I don't know where.

Don't predict too early, you'll have the chance in future.

Wakakaka... I also thought so.

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