Saturday, September 15, 2007

Low Batt...

I don't know what to blog, what to say now... I'm exhausted now... I'm tired... I'm no power...

My status now is...


Due to 7 days + 7 nights working for every week...

Give Me a Break Please...


Sasha said...

mine is tit tit tit....NO BATT!

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

Chill bro... take a break.. have a kit kat,,

Cocka Doodle said...

You still haven't got the time to check out the Cyclone Club in downtown Dubai yet ah? You are depriving the piaomeis there of your patronage lah.
Go there and recharge your battery lah. LOL

If you're bored on weekends, try the desert safari or the sand dune buggy. It's something unique. Don't forget to catch a belly dancing show before you come back, yeah! said...

I guess you need an 'energized bunny' ...

Iwan Sanchez said...

u and mochii same, NO BATT

Anak Merdeka said...

Think of all the money money money in your pocket!!! LOL

FL Sam said...

How come your job got no rest day one? Like that look like labour abuse!! At least should get 1 day off a week. :)

Nonnie King said...

You very lihai liao, only low batt.

Normal people already "hang-kei".

Wennnn said...

Oiiiii take a break la have some kit kat lor.. Dun drain urself too much lor!!!

nyonyapenang said...

Hi Kenny,

You continue lidat ar...the battery totally konked lar.

Huei said...

take a break!! faster go charge up!! that one is not low no batt!!!

Princess Eileen said...

I know what to give you when you back to Malaysia liao... Have a break, have a kit kat (sounds funny right? Laugh please!!!)... ok, that is so lame... maybe you should go get kilkenny drinks after working hours :)

Take care ya! Ale ale ale!

irenelaw said...

Take care of your health lah.

If time permits, go jalan-jalan at GOLD SOUK (see see look look the cheapest gold in the world),

MADINAT JUMEIRAH (many nice restaurants there, special offer and nice buffet during Ramadan,in the evening lah).

All the best in your career.

Kenny Ng said...

Same case ah? Aiyoo...

I really need it...

Aiyo... that won't boost up my energy la, I need more rock bands!!! Some boosts too.

Haha... got other meaning?

She no batt me low batt... not same la

[anak merdeka]
Money won't cheer me up so much, I need break.

[fl sam]
How I wish really got a day off.

[nonnie king]
Haha... I was build tough ma... but sooner or later I also will hang kei la.

Not I want also la... but no choice la.

Almost konk liao...

I wish can charge up now

[princess eileen]
Haha... what you gonna give me when I back? Spank? LOL... How I wish can find KilKenny here.

Gold Suok? Madinat Jumeirah? Oh no... really never been there yet. Thanks.

FireHorse said...

Hei dun work too hard sampai battery pun liao la, now I bling char koey teow here, u bo lat chiak (no strength to eat)oredi. said...

"energized bunny" only means one thing in a man world, right? :P

Jace said...

I can lend my charger to u. Nokia or Motorola?

julieann said...

yo kenny!!! that 1 is no batt lar... not low batt leh.. faster go charge up!! go holiday!!!

janicepa said...

ya wor.. work hard play smart..

erinalaw said...

Got to work hard har? But also must have some rest too. Come claim your award at my blog, please.

Kenny Ng said...

If got char koay teow... I die die also will eat! LOL. Thanks

Haha... get what you mean, anyway, it won't works for me.

I use 500KV charge... u got so big power? LOL

How I wish got time to rest instead of go holiday now.

Nothing to play here also...

Got awards? Wow!!! Thanks... thanks...

Michael Song said...

dont stress... dont stress... we smoke together k?

janicepa said...

wah.. u really so tired meh .. until no blog the whole week ..

Kenny Ng said...

[michael song]
If smoke can release stress, I did it log time ago lor

Yah... really

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