Friday, September 21, 2007

The Eggs

Wonder why I blog about it?

Wonder what eggs I'm going to post up?

Eh eh... what are you thinking ah? Not my eggs ok? You think I'm going to show you all my eggs (balls) after get heat of 45 degree Celsius in Dubai? Im not working outdoor, don't worry, my balls still very healthy and 100% fully function-able. Wakakakaka.... (I'm really crap)

I'm here to show you all the different chicken eggs here compare to what we have in Malaysia. Seriously I never met chicken egg in white colour.

At first I thought might be duck egg, after see see the label, it's chicken eggs! Maybe you have seen white chicken eggs before in Malaysia, but to me I never seen it before, maybe I'm too outdated or 'sua pa kao' la...


Spot the different colour?

The egg yoke also more yellowish than what we usually had in Malaysia. Both also about the same price. I just wonder what are the differences, both also the same taste. Anyone can tell me?

The Wonder of Eggs


kat said...

So far I've noticed that the white egg's yolk is more orange than the brown one. And smells nicer when I fry purse egg (hor pow tan). Other than that, I also dunno..

Huei said...

wah! maybe one was bleached b4 leh? =P hehehe

Nonnie King said...

But I heard brownish shell chicken egg is actually more nutricious than the white one..

Or, white for angmoh, yellow for Asian. Just like our skins.

Aodian said...

not much difference eh.. only colour nia.. first time i come here i never realised the difference hehe// God Bless and CHeers

Princess Eileen said...

ya, now that you mentioned it Kenny. My mum also said that when we were in Dubai... But we all think the eggs there taste better. What do you think?

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Fake eggs from china!!! Keke.
Nah, just joking.

Iwan Sanchez said...

yo kenny bro,
Actually, i also never see before..


we sama sama!

Anak Merdeka said...

Those chicks are from different race la - next time must ask them to tick what "bangsa" they're from before they give birth, err ... lay their eggs!!

Chen said...

so weird geh? white chicken egg. I dunno about this either.

the eggs were laid by the angmoh kai? hence the kai tan were white in colour? LOL

claudine said...

interesting topic. i googled it and found the answer to your question.

"The color of the shell is determined by the breed of the hen. The only difference between white and brown eggs is the color - there is no difference in flavor or nutritional value." taken off


Kenny Ng said...

Really ah? I just eat only, as long is egg I don't care so much... LOL

Bleach by clorox ah? LOL

I not sure which one more nutrition. Maybe you are right... it's ang moh egg... LOL

Haha... I always observe what different, so maybe because of this.

[princess eileen]
Yah... the taste abit better, many fresh food here are taste better, especially I like their fresh milk.

That mean I ate fake eggs? LOL

Haha... I'm not alone

[anak merdeka]
Wakakaka... you so creative.

Hahaha... I also think so.

Thanks for visiting here... and very thanks of resolved the mystery. :)

LP said...

Ai yah very easy lar..white eggs come from Western lor (white ppl mah) and brown eggs come from Eastern lor..(Asia...yellow skin mah..)

In US, brown egg is slightly expensive than the white one.

Want to know more? Here is what Wikipedia said:

Egg shell color is caused by pigment deposition during egg formation in the oviduct and can vary according to breed, from the more common white or brown to pink or speckled blue-green. Although there is no significant link between shell color and nutritional value, there is often a cultural preference for one color over another. For example, in most regions of the United States, eggs are generally white; while in the northeast of that country and in the United Kingdom, eggs are generally light-brown. In Brazil, white eggs are generally regarded as industrial, and brown or reddish eggs are preferred. Regarding chicken eggs, the color of the egg depends on the breed of the bird. In general, chicken breeds with white ear lobes lay white eggs, whereas chickens with red ear lobes lay brown eggs.

may said...

harhar, I also thought the egg kena bleach with klorox!

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks for the info, now I only know even eggs also got its skin color like human... haha

Hahaha... same same

Will said...

last time got a friend who has a chicken farm... they say white (feathered) chicken lay white eggs, brown (feathered) chicken lay brown eggs

Kenny Ng said...

Oh... like that ah? okok..

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