Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Arabian Foods in UAE

First of all, I would like to thank Erina Law very very much for giving 'I LOVE YOUR BLOG!' award to me. I'm really touched and I would like to say I LOVE YOUR BLOG and all other blogs too!!!


Last weekend (Friday) in UAE, Kat and family invited me to have dinner together in Abu Dhabi. By using Google Earth image I send to them, they manage to find my living villa in Khalifa City at Abu Dhabi.

Then we planned to go Al Raha Beach Mall for dinner, when we reach there, the mall seems very empty, only few stores were open as the mall still new. So we went to somewhere in between Khalifa City and Abu Dhabi town, and we managed to find a Lebanese restaurant there. The restaurant name is Al Fawar Restaurant & Cafeteria.

The foods are very special to me as I never taste it before, overall the foods are quite nice!

The appetizer taste a bit weird to me, but still nice to eat it. The lamb kebab really nice to eat, the other one I forgot the name, the taste also special and nice.

I forgot name of this food again as I too enjoying with it... I also forgot to bring back their booklet for the food menu. Please slap me for my careless... Wakakakaka

I Love Foods...


angel said...

*slaps you*
Nxt time, remember oh! :p

Glad to know that at least u take some time off from work!

may said...

now, THIS is food! dun care what the names are, I want some now... it's only mid-morning but I'm hungry liao!

LP said...

I know what is the appetizer name--falafel. The dish leh looks like soem kind of meat on pita bread. Looked like a bird... ;)

LP said...

I meant the deep fried stuff name falafel.

So can go to visit you and you belanja me makan all those good food huh? ;)

Huei said...

i dun love ur blog anymore!!

make my stomach growl!!

my office is very quiet u know!!! hehehe =P

Princess Eileen said...

SLAP SLAP SLAP.... I know you like SM. wakakkaa

kebabs... wuuuu... yummy... I kinda like dubai food... both the indian & the arabic food... Haha, ok, I am a pig :P

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Me hungry now after looking at the pics. Haha.

kat said...

The appetizers are olives, pickled green chilis and pickled vege. So weird to have choong (spring onion) as part of the salad! You liked the falafels? Like vadai liddat. And I like the garlic labneh (yoghurt) dip.

The first lamb dish is lamb shawarma on a mound of hummous (mashed chickpeas). The second one is mixed grill with lamb chops, chicken tikka, chicken and lamb kebabs.

I'm glad you liked the food. I was a bit worried you may not. Pity you stay so far away. Wanted to bring you to the city for food, but it was kinda like driving from Rawang to KL and then back to Rawang for dinner! If you happen to come to the city with your colleagues, call us. Can take you to nicer Arab/Lebanese food where the turnover is faster and food fresher! :D

kat said...

BTW, that place is not Al Ain. Al Ain is another town about 150km east of AD. That place is considered the outskirts of AD but dunno what it's called.

Iwan Sanchez said...

chinese food memang the best! haahhaa!

But now puasa month, muslims cannot look at pics of food!!


FL Sam said...

Slap so more. Why so careless.!!! You enjoy those foods!

I dont think I like Arab foods. :)

Nonnie King said...

So your everyday meal is like that?
Or mostly eat cup noodles and tapao food?

Kenny Ng said...

Ouch! Thank you... hahaha.

Come come... can meet Kat also here.. kekeke

Oh... thanks for the name. Sure, why not? You come 1st la then only say. wakakaka

Don't like that la.. I still love your blog la :P Hahaha...

[princess eileen]
Ouch ouch ouch! Now feel good... LOL. Come come... go makan all nice foods.

Haha... wanna have some?

Haha... don't worry to much about it, I'm not that choosy on foods. Chinese foods I can have every dinner here. I checked already is not in Al Ain... LOL. I was surfing through google and I found all info about this restaurant name in Al Ain, so I assume it's in Al Ain... so paiseh.

Eh... this is not chinese foods la... u mabuk ah? LOL

[nonnie king]
No lah... everyday simple only, this kinda foods only once a while.

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