Thursday, July 26, 2007

Durian Fest

It's been almost 2 years I never ate durian. Last year I was sick during the durian season, so I missed it.

Last weekend I supposed to take part in a charity activity for durian hunting which organised by a rotary club, but our key person can't make it, so we just have to cancel the trip for durian hunting.

Yesterday, my working company organised a durian fest for all the staffs. It was really nice and I never expected it, according to my colleague, he said the company bought about 800kg of durian for the durian fest!

I really enjoy with the durian and I ate so much until my stomach almost burst. I really took the revenge for last year that I never had any durian... haha. We can't finish it all, some they 'tapao' back. Thanks to my big boss who spent us a nice durian fest.

'Operation' on durian

Distribute the durian

Part of the durian stock

I Love Lulian!!!


Poonky said...

whoa durian fest eh~ this year i havent taste even a bit :(, rambutan i eat a lot la

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

One word, YUMMILICOUS!!!

TingTitLei said...

wow.. dman long never makan already.. i used to be crazy over durian haha i love the bitter one

yipguseng said...

guess wat? i just ate 2 biji just now!! hmm~ season durian are the best!

angel said...

just now at carcar's blog got liulian, now here oso got... wa pun ai!!!

day-dreamer said...

Wah... sounds superb! I have never been to any major durian feast before, despite being a liulian-lover. Hehehe.

Simple American said...

Wow. That is a lot of durian. I have never been in the same country as a durian. lol

Cocka Doodle said...

This year the season so wet lulian nice meh?..or very soggy ah? ate so much sure today kenot pangsai!

FL Sam said...

You new boss so nice. So you Eat kao kao.

Me too have not been eating durians for a long time. I ate it some 3weeks ago. :) said...

You eat so much
Now feeling ok or not?

frostier said...

i almost read it as you love Lilian....

Princess Eileen said...

WALAU.... That's a lot of durian. I prefer the sweet ones though. Remember to drink lots of water after that :) And dun eat before you go out with a gal, in case you keep blurping. Hahaha

Huei said...

I WAN EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JL said...

yit hei ah... drink more leong char...

kwai lou leong char :)

Jace said...

wei... Wat u had promised me har?

Rabbit said...

walau u 2 years no eat, now u eat pou sao ah?

belle said...

....just when im heaty..everyone post durian..

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Aiyoh!! No durian over here! Looking at the durian pic really made me go on heat!!! Luckly u did post pic of u eating durian! Have a nice day!

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Wahlau eh!!! 800kg of durians??? You eat so much, later fall sick ah. Better drink more water. OOpppss.. do i sound like you mum?

Chen said...

800 kg of durians ah?
really liulian kaw kaw..

how many employees are there in the company ah?
wanna calculate the quota, one people eating how many kilo of durians..

De Pianist said... nice d your you can eat durian kao kao liao hoh..hahaha..=p

Iwan Sanchez said...

durian busuk!!!!


kenot eat too much bro...



Ckyeo said...

eat 20 durian is like eating 5 viagra!!

marsha said...

OMG!!!! anae jae lulian!!!! :-)

Kenny Ng said...

Faster go buy n taste it

Yeah... really

We really bro la... bitter the best!

Yeah... always the best!

lai lai lai... dai geh blog lulian... hehehe

I used to did that during school time

[simple american]
You should come over here to taste it :)

The taste great wor... I pangsai more after durian wor... LOL

[fl sam]
It's great after long time never eat right?

I'm feeling good, don't worry

Apalah... u should change spec jor la... LOL

[princess eileen]
Haha... I drink alot. Don't worry, I got no dates, I can burp as I like... LOL


Eat durian then drink kwai lou leong char can die leh... I drink hor yan hor leong char lah

No worry... can be arranged

Yalor... eat pou sau... LOL

Drink more leong char lor

[hor ny ang moh]
Haha... if I post I eat durian I'm sure u all will vomit

Haha... I got drink alot water, and also hor yan hor leong char.

LOL... my office ah? Around... errrr ... around 60-80 lor. Anyway, we didn't finish it all, the balance they tapao back.

[de pianist]
I think my boss also durian lover kua... LOL

I ate alot... no worry, I'm ok... haha

Where u get the fact? No wonder at night I so... then I... TFK... LOL

Silor... sipeh jeh lulian la... haha

Nonnie King said...

Urgh... Liu-Lian..

Some loves them, some hates them. And, I belong to the later.

And you ah, drink more liang-teh after eating, careful grow ulcer like me later.

Jonny said...

ARgh! I can almost smell them! sniff sniff ^(00)^ mmmm mmmmm.

sun,moon&star said...

Luv it ... i mean the durians. Had a small durian fest just last week and i just luv it .. yummilicious.

Kenny Ng said...

No worry... I drank alot water n liang teh

How u can smell it? LOL

yeah... very essential right?

erinalaw said...

How nice? I am also siau durian one. The last time, my taukeh took us all to the durian orchard. Eat all we want and tapau all we want. She very nice one. I am going to tapau durian later............. I also bought from ready made durian paste to make cakes. I am going to make my own durian filling for mooncake too. Want some?

a^ben said...

liu lian me likey!

may said...

huarrrr, I wouldn't wanna be anywhere close by just in case you burp... LOL! incidentally I saw some durians for sale here in Sydney, in Chinatown. doesn't look as good ler. very expensive too...

Kenny Ng said...

Woah... you durian fever now ah? LOL

Me too! Hehe

There sure not as nice as here. I like bitter kaw kaw one... hehe. *burp~~~~* :P

Sasha said...

wah lau whole company? After MC la semua orang..sakit tekak bosss...

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... no wor... after that all semangat to work leh

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