Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Way To Grill Hot Dog

Note: This post is 18sx, children under 18 years old are not advisable to read this post.


Do like to go outing and BBQ with friends? I guess most of us done that before those days or some may still do it now days.

I never go for BBQ outing in such a long long time after my secondary school. Most of the time we like to grill with chicken, sausage/hot dog and fish...

Now I got something new to show you all especially to girls how to grill hot dog in sexcited way. I think girls will be very hunger to eat the hot dog after it cooked.

So girls, are you ready to see how it works? Scroll down abit la...


You can DIY it your own if you want, just get some steel bars and a bolt, bend it then weld it well, you can get the same result... If you want instant result, go after your husband or boyfriend la....



art said...

where to buy aaahhh???

ah nel said...

too long the sosex tat y it bengkok??? LOL

*its kuai lou wan*

day-dreamer said...

Like that the sausage can cook meh? :P

May said...

hey, send me those... make great deco items on the grill!

Iwan Sanchez said...

ya lah, kenot cook like that...

if no husband or bf, then how?

Huei said...

hak!? get bf/husband and put over the bbq grill???? =P said...

not topple over meh?
Sure not balance

JoeC said...

Waahhhh neat liao, imagine sticking a chicken wing or drumstick hehehe

sun,moon&star said...

will take sometime to get it cooked and by then all desires would have gone off.

_butt said...

haha! but the hotdog looks lembik de.. lolol

Jace said...

U make and sell la..
I order one pair from u.
Thanks. *hehe*
Err... how much? Steel bars and bolt not expensive rite?

De Pianist said...

hahahaha...good idea..but hor,should make that metalman shorter sikit,then sausage easier and faster to be BBQ-ed,then we lagi syok makan ma..hehehe..=p

Helen said...

Go after bf or husband? No thanks. Non edible ones are plain sien.. lol

Jiun Wuu said...

haha,nice,nice to have 1,keke...

Keropok said...

No way that is 18SX!!!

Kenny Ng said...

No need buy, I can make one... kekeke

[ah nel]
U can cut it shorter ma... LOL

Can la... take longer time only

Wait when I got the material and equipment, I make one for u... kekeke

Sausage no need cook also can eat one la. No husband or bf? Simply get a guy lor... LOL

Aduh... u try 1st see what happen... LOL

With the engineering calculation, just get the right central graviti, it won't fall... kekeke

That 1 ah? LOL... I dare not think about it

Good thing must wait mah... right? kekeke

Too long ma, can cut it shorter if u want... LOL

If I got material and equipments I do 1 pair for u ok? The material very cheap one la... LOL

[de pianist]
The heat will goes up, no worry... sausage no need to cook also can eat one.

LOL... u bored with that izzit? :P

[jiun wuu]
Try make ur own one... it's quite fun.

I did put 18SX ma... no meh?

Jace said...

Oieeee... :)
I will wait o...
Cannot tipu me ya..
One pair. =one male,one female.

Winn said...

wah so long arrrrrrr!

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

WOW this is GOOD! HAhahaa!!! What creativity... barbecuing the 'hot dogs' hehehe!! Tsk tsk u better becareful with the grill next time!

Kenny Ng said...

U really want ah? Okok... I'll do 1 pair for u if I got everything... kekeke

Like energizer lor... LOL

Why I must becareful? LOL

Rabbit said...

I hungry pula looking at those sausages. Keke!

Kenny Ng said...

U mean the real sausages or other sausages? :P

Sasha said...

why the kkb sengetlike wann jatuh wan

Kenny Ng said...

coz too long ma... LOL

Chen said...

so big..
imbalance liao
sure jatuh wan :P

Kenny Ng said...

cannot wan... got engineering calculation put the central gravity sure no prob geh... haha

May said...

wow... u managed to capture Boss' photo wor... cool!! :P

Kenny Ng said...

huh? Which boss?

Jace said...

waiting~~ :P

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... ok

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