Thursday, April 26, 2007

Why Is The Rum Gone?

I'm writing this post is to join nuffnang's Pirate Movie Contest. Hope I really can win the movie pass and join with you all my 'superstar' for this event.

Last night I was visiting my taikor Wingz's blog and I saw this contest, I was wondering, what is 'Rum' mean? Sorry, my English really bad to you all, I'm not from English education background, everytime I read you all blogs, I have to refer the online dictionary to get the meaning. Yeah, I'm not perfect, I still learning on everything, life is like a learning process until end of life right? I always try to learn to be the best I can.

Then I asked taikor Wingz what is that mean, he answered me 'some kind of alcohol drink made from juice'. So I checked on the online dictionary, it shows:

I really don't understand why the title must be 'Why is The Rum Gone?' Anyway... if rum gone we still got beers, stout and liquor right? Hehehe... Those are very essential to me.

Yesterday right after work, I went to Mid Valley alone to survey some price on DVD players. Then I went to Finnegan in Mid Valley to have a pint of KilKenny, not Kill Kenny ok? I'm not killing myself... LOL. It's an Irish Beer that really smooth and nice to drink. I really like it.

Why I'm looking for a DVD player? Yeah, I found out I spent most of my time in my room after work, I don't really hangout at my living hall. Everyday after work I'll just hangout in my room with my PC, then turn on all my favorite MP3 songs, watch my favorite concert DVD, play with my 3 wives (guitars)... So, I plan to get a DVD player, so I can watch my favorite concert DVD in my living hall and play with my wives.

Everyone always asking me why I never go out? Always stay at home how to know any girl? How to get a life? (girl friend). Well... I don't know, maybe I still fear of failure again? Maybe I still can't find the right frequency? Anyway, I just leave to fate la, I always say to myself, if is mine is mine... if is not, forever will not be mine. Am I right?

So, to avoid I stay at home too much, nuffnang please select me to join the event ok? (excuses kononya... LOL). I really want to watch this 'Pirate' movie together-gather with you all! Like my previous post said... you all are my superstars!!!

Why Is The Rum Gone?


a^ben said...

i also wanna go watch :)

they got supply air tickets or not? :D

kyh said...

aiya me not in Kay Elle... So malang sial!!!

Simple American said...

Pirates always drink rum. At least they prefer to.

Why? Because it taste better than grog. How can something called grog taste good? No way I tell you, no way it tastes any good at all.

ah nel said...

rum is BACARDI *liquer*

i agree kilkenny reli smooth but stout more beter... ;)

Huei said...

woi!! y everyone writing about the rum wan???

u know why it's gone anot?

cos nuff nang share with all bloggers liao! see it's everywhere!! =P hehehe

janicepa said...

hehehe.. at first i tot u are promoting urself.. later.. i found u just wan to go for the movie nia.. hahahahaha....

Ah Pek said...

yalor, i oso wondering why.

Kenny Ng said...

U ask them n see got or not? :P

Then come lor

[simple american]
Then I wanna try both!

[ah nel]
KilKenny n stout diff one, but I like both.

LOL... good imagination

haha... yalah, what for I promote myself?

[ah pek]
Never mind, we go drink stout.

Iwan Sanchez said...

hello bro,
my english is also bad...
Dun feel inferior lah ok...


actually, ur english ok what..

Kenny Ng said...

Really? I don't think so la... LOL
Thanks bro

Aaron Chua said...

I still don't know how to get there!

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