Thursday, April 12, 2007

Weird Scene

This my another weird post, same question again... are these photos edited by photoshop? I got this from my email and the title is 'Center of Earth'.

I wonder, if the hole really deep into the center of earth, why not it exploded like volcano? But try to think again, if it really is, I can't imagine if someone fall into that hole.

Fire in the hole!!! Opss... water la

How this could happen?

Nice? or scary?

Anyone know about it? Is this really have on this earth or not?

It's A Wild World...


_butt said...

no waaay! sure edit one :P

moz monster said...

It's real. This is from Yellowstone National Park in US of A.

There's a mega volcano under the whole park, a few hundred kms across. What you see here are some pics of geysers - very popular.

The different colors are from the minerals in the water. Go Google Yellowstone and see.

AceOne118 said...

Woah, lake mia tsunami ar?

kyh said...

sure fake one la!!!

but it's such a masterpiece!!!

Calvin's Wife said...

OOooOOoo, betul punya kah? Looks darn beautiful, don't they...

Simple American said...

Of course we have those. Haven't you read H. G. Wells A Journey To the Center Of the Earth?

Aaron Chua said...

Wonders of Nature. lol~
I believe such a thing exists, but I don't think it goes all the way down into the cores of the Earth. No logic. lol~

Kenny Ng said...

I checked already... it's real!!!

[moz monster]
Thanks alot man! Now I got the answer, u r the man!

Apa tsunami?

It's real one!

[calvin's wife]
Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, betul punya after I checked it.

[simple american]
Thanks... I found the answer :)

[aaron chua]
Well... it really does! At 1st I also dun believe it.

ah nel said...

its bwhind my house onli worr!!!

janicepa said...

haha... good infor.. thanks !

Huei said...

heyy i got that too!


maybe some factory..that makes blue things..just spilled their blue ink into a puddle of water! =P hehehhe

JL said...

It looks similar to an underwater cave...

I've seen one at Gunung Jebak Puyuh. Really beautiful :)

Aaron Chua said...

All the way down into the core?!
Real mou? Wu yiak boh?

Anonymous said...

This one looks just like the one in Napier, New Zealand. If i am not mistaken its called champange lake or something, but its definitly real.


Nonnie King said...

Go there do SPA sure die.

De Pianist said...

nice colour leh..i wonder if the hole can suck us into it...

Tiuniasing said...

Haa... This is the Morning Glory Pool!!

sun,moon&star said...

looks real enough but i dont think it goes all the way down to the core of the earth.

Wingz said...

its in the yellow stone national park mia one of the natural hot water fountain kot?

Wingz said...

ah! i just read moz monster mia komen ... yar i agree with him yellow stone nehsionel park! I been there befoh!! (in my dreams) kakaka!

fattien said...

This was nice!!! the combination of two color in the lake. Another photoshop "high hand" lolz

Kenny Ng said...

[ah nel]
Really? Show me!

u r welcome

apalah... blue blue thing spilled out from factory pula... LOL

Really? I gonna go one day!

[aaron chua]
I not sure really into the core, but after I get info from others it's real got such lake.

Ohhh... tenkiu berry much!

[nonnie king]
LOL... u wanna?

[de pianist]
If the hole deep into the core of earth... I'm sure it sucks everything inside.

What u mean? The lubang? LOL

Yah, it's real... but I not sure it really deep into core of the earth.

Ohhh... thanks taikor... cilaka u dream u been there before? Apa lu bikin there with the hole in your dream? LOL

It's not photoshoped, it's real!

may said...

if it's a real thing, it's absolutely so cool. can I hang my feet over the hole?

clement said...

i'm sure it's not photoshopped, but i am alsso sure it's not centre of the earth.

13th Panda said...


if it real, i rather look at it from afar

laundryamah said...

alamak..sure not real la...ayo

Kenny Ng said...

Don't ever try it... I can't guarantee u will be safe

Are you 100% sure?

[13th Panda]
Me too... haha

Kenny Ng said...

I check already... it's real!

moz monster said...

That's a geyser / pool ... it's a crack in the earth that gets filled with water.

This one's Morning Glory pool in Yellowstone National Park.

There's a giant underground volcano, which heats up the water in the geyser / pool. Minerals from the ground give it the unusual colors.

CLare said...

Scientifically speaking, the hole won't go all the way to the centre of the earth lor...But i think its a geisier (dunno how to spell)lor...

Kenny Ng said...

[moz monster]
Wow!!! Seems like u know so much huh... thanks for the info.

Geisier? what is that ah?

_butt said...

gunung jebak puyuh? where izit?? i wana see also!!

Kenny Ng said...

At yellow stone National Park

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