Monday, April 09, 2007

Take Photo Also Slap?

Ah Beng very loves his girlfriend and always carrying his girlfriend's photo in his wallet. When got free time Ah Beng will take out the photo and look at it.

One weekend, Ah Beng wanted to go visit his girlfriend, as usual he took LRT from nearby his house to his girlfriend's house. So coincidence that weekend got mega sale and the LRT was so crowded with passengers.

While in the LRT, Ah Beng cannot wait to see his girlfriend and he took out his wallet and wanted to see his girlfriend's photo again. It was so crowded and everyone squeezed in the LRT, Ah Beng don't care the others and just keep looking at the photo, he keeps smiling with his pervert expression.

When the LRT stopped at one of the station, someone loose balance and accidently hits Ah Beng, the photo fell down under a lady's skirt. Ah Beng was so panic and keep looking for the photo, finally he saw the photo was under the lady's skirt, then he ask...

Ah Beng : Excuse me miss... Can you lift up your skirt? I want to take photo.

The lady got shock and straight away gave him a big slap.... Piak!!!




pisang goreng 115,NF said...

lift skirt to see wat?

janicepa said...

haha.. stupiak !

Huei said...



a^ben said...


padan muka ditampar : x

Jiun Wuu said...


sun,moon&star said...

the guy's real dumb, **gives him one more 'piak'**

_butt said...

look! and the skirt 'magically' lifts itself up! still work wut.. haha

Brother Wai said...

hmmm.. the sound piak is actually something torn u know.. like *toot*

Nonnie King said...

Ah beng needs tuition!

Kenny Ng said...

[pisang goreng 115,nf]
Huh? U never read proper ah?


LOL... yalor

Yeah... engkai hor?

[jiun wuu]
haha, thanks

Haha... u so garang ah?

That pic I get from somewhere la, in actual story is not that short skirt la... LOL

[brother wai]
Like wat? Faster tell... I dunno la

[nonnie king]
Ok... u tuition him, charge him kaw kaw... kekeke

De Pianist said...

lolz..should ask him to "accidentally" bump her mer..then who knows the photo will just slip out from her skirt..hehe..

Kenny Ng said...

[de pianist]
Ah Beng dumb dumb ma... what to do? LOL

AceOne118 said...


The Horny Bitch said...

This is bloody no brainer lor... haha

Simple American said...

That is why you must be sneaky when taking photo. keke

Kenny Ng said...


[the horny bitch]
Yalor... hahaha

[simple american]
U r right! hahaha

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