Sunday, April 08, 2007

Mixed Feeling Weekend

First of all I would like to thank 5xmom, one of Malaysia's top blogger who featured me in her 'Hottest Male Blogger' in her blog.

I'm honored to be interviewed by a famous blogger. Well, I wonder what is the meaning of 'Hot'? I don't feel I'm that 'Hot' but I'm very Rock. Anyway, I really wish you all can tell me the truth about it, I'm very welcome of all backfire comments.

Thanks 5Xmom


Secondly I'm so happy that an advertiser has chosen to advertise on my blog. Look at my side bar, the Skyscraper Ad Unit. Thanks to nuffnang who did the great job.

If you still haven't sign up nuffnang please do as soon as possible, you will never know one day you become rich just because of blogging.

nuffnang ROCKS!


Thirdly, this is very sad. My all time favorite football team Manchester United lost to Portsmouth on Saturday night match. Chelsea is closing the gap with only 3 points now. NO!!! I hate Chelsea because of the manager Mourinho.

This is the second straight lost of Manchester United after the European Champions League Cup to Roma few days ago. I hope they don't lose again, if not will be another trophy-less again for this season.

Come back Man Utd!!!


Lastly I was sitting at home and watch the Malaysia's F1 race. I couldn't get a ticket from my friend in last minute, that's really upset.

Finally Mclaren Mercedes has shown their winning ways. Both Mclaren Mercedes drives leading from the first corner till to the end of race, they finished in 1st and 2nd place. Great job by the rookie Lewis Hamilton who really helps Fernando Alonso to win the race.

Too bad my favorite driver Kimi Raikkonen had not win the race, he only manage to finish at 3rd place. Anyway, my favorite team Mclaren Mercedes won the 1st and 2nd place, so I don't feel so bad after all.

Well done Mclaren Mercedes!!!


may said...

you is HOT!! teehee! boo-hoo Man-U, yay-hooray McLaren Mercedes!

angel said...

Wah... chap tou lor... maciam Cleo's 50 Eligible Bachelors liddat.. ;)

Skyscraper? I oni see Perak Hotel wor...

Ckyeo said...

Man U will strike back...dern worry!!

long live the devils

moz monster said...

The teams I support are all the different ones from yours.

Anyways ... good for you to have been featured ! Congrates ! I not even on 5xmom's radar screen ... boohoo ...

Chen said...

Kenny is HOT !!
Kenny rocks ;)

I tarak tengok bola nor F1 :)

AceOne118 said...

Kenny is HOT!!!! When wan to gip autograph jek? kekeke

Kenny Ng said...

I'm not... chehhhh u anti Man Utd. Luckily got one same with me.

Where got cham dou? Now I plan to make myself look teruk to the max... kekeke. Yah I mean Perak Hotel adv lor.

Yes... they will, thanks

[moz monster]
Then which team u support? Aiyo... I rather stay low profile and not to be featured in everywhere la.

U mean Kenny Sia? Yes... he is :P

When u transfer ur money to my account and need my autograph lor... can ah? kakaka

LP said...

ok, I can explain the meaning of "HOT". Try to put a hot potato just came out from the oven in your hand and see what happen... That is HOT. LOL

ItchyHandseng said...

i realise that we had a lot in common.Same name,MU fan,Love music(although not into rock).
The only difference is you're hot and i'm not.hahaha

Jiun Wuu said...

My nuffnang still under pending,sigh...

yes,too bad kimi cant win,but he done great job by almost the end of the race,able to drag his race gap between hamilton shorter n shorter...hope kimi and massa can win at the next race...Ferrari and McLaren rockx!!

Kenny Ng said...

Ohhh... That one still cannot eat wor, can hurt leh.

Really? U also call Kenny? Wow! That's rock! Aiyah... don't different hot or not, all same... we r hot blooded, not cold one. hehehe

[jiun wuu]
Thanks for dropping by. Don't worry about your nuffnang, sooner or later sure will.

This year F1 really excited, looking forward what will happen in Bahrain, sure very kan cheong.

Huei said...

wuah! nuffnang rocks!! =P

btw..'someone' wana hear u sing..faster..sing for her!!

u're a hot rocker!!! =P hehe

Sasha said...

u dun listen to me wan hor..i told u dun use that picture. Not nice....Come i teach u how to posie..

Brother Wai said...

wah! famous lah ppl noW

Ellone said...

Yay, got pocket money oledi now. =)

Kenny Ng said...

yalor... nuffnang rocks! Who wanna hear me sing? Later he/she vomit la. I'm only rocker... not hot la.

How ah? FOC lesson for me ah? :P

[brother wai]
Where got wor?

That just beginning... long way to go la. Thanks

Huei said...

eh serious..she wana hear u sing!! SERIOUS!! so when wana gathering go sing k jek? i bring her along! =P

King's wife said...

wah, you got hot hot publicity!

Nuffnang...I signed up liao. But cannot put 3rd party ads on wordpress! %&*#$%!

Kenny Ng said...

Aiyooo... want meh? If I sing u all sure vomit la... LOL

[king's wife]
Aiyoo... I rather got no publicity. Cannot put nuffnang in wordpress? No wonder many said wordpress not user friendly.

Brother Wai said...

where got u say?

haiya.. feature so big picture till u can hang on 1 entire wall leh.

sure all fish will come2 n swim to u one lah like that.. muahahahahah

Brother Wai said...

yes yes.. nuffnang cannot put in wordpress one.

my mafoolat was originated in Wordpress what. that is y i migrate to blogspot...

well, not becoz can use nuffnang lah but also other reasons also... heheheeh said...

Kenny, how is the payment from nuffnang? Good?

Kenny Ng said...

[brother wai]
Haha... so far no one swim to me also. No wonder u change to blogspot la.

I think should be ok, they are still new anyway.

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