Saturday, March 10, 2007

Together-gather Bloggers Party 2007

First of all I would like to thank everyone who participate to our 'Together-gather Bloggers Party' and all committee members who sacrifice so much of time, money and energy to make this party so successful.

I'm really tired now but I felt it's worth because I really met a lot of bloggers in the party. I also would like to apology to all participants if any inconvenience upon the bloggers party.

We would like to thank all our sponsors especially PIKOM, TNB, Cinema Online, Pleasant Surprises, Federal Hotel, 5Xmom, Digi, Pixart, NuffNang, Pianoforte, Cooking Island, Zon e, S&P,,, Hoong Bee The Composer and Kid Chan Studio for your kind sponsorships to make this party even more merrier.

Here is some pictures during the Bloggers Party...

Stage Setup

Signatures by all attendance

PIKOM Chairman giving speech

Chairman of party hand over the signature's board to Chairman of PIKOM

The Scenario in the party

Our special guest, Yvonne

Lucky winner of Kenny Sia signature's boxers, another one won by Kid Chan

Our sponsors VIP and Jeff Ooi also came for surprises

Together with bloggers celebrities... 5Xmom and Wingz

The Bloggers Party Committees

My camwhore moment with CKYeo... wakakaka

We have total of 112 participants included our sponsors representatives for this Bloggers Party. We hope will get more in the next Bloggers Gathering in future.

Thank You Very Much!!!


-Princess Shin- said...

You guys must have had so much fun! =(

Sin Ling said...

Oh seem like you all are having a lot fun, i wanna join it, next year? can see a lot of pretty and handsome blogger oh... :D

earl-ku said...

hey nice meeting you man ...

L B said...

Way to go, you all!! Looked like a great success too.. Well done!!! *clap**clap*

angel said...

Thanks for all the hard work!

Dah jadi GRO pulak... haha...

*points @ zeroimpact*
Dia lah... LOL!

Ckyeo said...

Kenny you are the man!!

Boss Lepton said...

wah so fast :D officially declare u fastest!!!

liddat also party ar? where's the dancing part?

may said...

looks like wayyyyy fun! too bad I had to miss it. well done and congrats for making it happen!

ah nel said... fast u upload ledi...

i enjoy it coz get to meet a lot of new faces...

thanks to those dearest sponsors n ur guys the organiser...

Ah Pek said...

It was a damn good party!!! Thank You very much. GOOD JOB!

Zeo said...

Tat boxer confirm Kenny Sia punya a? I wanna sell at Ebay :D

Maverick SM said...


I really miss that occasion as I am in Kuching the whole week.

I am so please to see the fun and I hope to have a chance to meet all of you in another occasion.

zeroimpact said...

It was enjoyable, very.
Me? GRO? no la him la

ahkwong said...

wuah so fast get update! btw nice to meet you kenny!

Wennnn said...

Wah really happening hor... Hmmmm how I wish I coudl be there as well...

Kenny Ng said...

[-princess shin-]
Welcome here n thanks for dropping by. Yeah, it was very fun :)

[sin ling]
Yeah, hopefully another one in next year, got too much lengzai lah... u sure nose bleeding one... LOL

Yeah... same here :)

Thanks, hopefully u can join next time?

Thanks for joining :) LOL... not easy to be GRO lor... zero la, shout so loud... must hantam him liao... haha

Nolah... u r the man! We all use your 'Sky Keep You Room' mah... LOL

[boss lapten]
Thank you for joining... dancing part? Oh... we did mentioned but no body want to dance.

No worry... next time ok? Thanks :)

[ah nel]
Thank you for coming bro and also help us, really nice to see u again.

[ah pek]
Finally!!! I met you there! Hahaha... nice meeting you Ah Pek and thanks for joining us :)

According to Wingz, yes... it's from Kenny Sia one. Congratulations you won it... hahaha.

No worry sir, we can meet anytime in KL right? I really want to meet you in one day.

Haha... thanks for coming ah. Me la GRO :P

Thanks for joining and nice meeting u too :)

next time lor... u said before gah, wanna be the 1st person to register... kekeke

Lin Peh said...

Tank Q u for job well done ;-)

Rabbit said...

So much fun! And thanks for sharing the pics! ^^

aceone118 said...

Well done blader!!

ahboon said...

Hi, appreciate for all your hard work. because of you working together, so we could meet together.

nice meeeting u.

Kenny Ng said...

[lin peh]
Thank you for all your hard work and support too :)

Thanks... wanna join next time?

U too brader... thank you :)

Thanks, not only me, it's the whole group of committees :)

Huei said...

so fast upload photos liao! good work good work! hehe

thanks kenny, for making last night so great! =D

frostier said...

tenkiu for the job well done.
no u, no slides show

King's wife said...

You are the best GRO ever!
Thanks for organising the event!

ahboon said...

Ya i mean allllll og you guys n gals la. hehe

Hey All your adsense also Public service ads la, no profit punya leh.
check check it la.

Sasha said...

eh i always tot u very "big" guy lor..instead u're small only nia..and very shy wan. Nice to meet chu!!!

Chen said...

keep up the good work
now u can take a good rest & have peaceful night sleep liao, which u deprive over the last few days ;)

Kenny Ng said...

Without your help we all susah, thanks a lot for helping us. Actually WE all made it happens, not only me :)

U too bro... No u no party. Well Done!

[king's wife]
Really ah? LOL... Thanks for coming

Haha... okok. My adsense? I dun care 1 la... I blog not for money la, just for siok sendiri... kekeke

LOL... why u think I'm big? Now u see how small am I. Nice meeting u too :)

Yeah... I pengsan so well... thanks

_butt said...

very the happening!!!! :D

oh well, I didn't make it :(

Bernard said...

Uahh... looks like you guys really had fun.

Yvonne said...

You rock! *pats Kenny on the back*

KIDCHAN said...


Your guys did an amazing job! I really had lots of fun:) Thanks for having us.

Friedbeef - James said...

Thanks very much for organizing man - really appreciate it :)

Nonnie King said...

*jealous* *jealous* *jealous* *jealous* *jealous* *jealous* *jealous* *jealous* *jealous*

Kenny Ng said...

Yah... really happening, too bad u can't make it :(

Yeah... it was very fun :)

Thanks, I'm so pleased to meet u :)

without you all participate and sponsors, we'll not gonna make it. Thanks to u very very much :)

U r most welcome. Thanks for joining :)

[nonnie king]
ngek ngek ngek... nvm, next year ok?

Ckyeo said...

kenny u keng lo...even kidchan pun mali comment!! u are the man aledi...

I am proposing to buy that skyroom from Federal and change it to SkyKeepYou Room!!

Kenny Ng said...

Faster buy it! Then we can everyday 'Young Man' in your Sky Keep You Room!!! LOL

FireHorse said...

Nice pics, thanks for taking them, so did you get to meet everyone that you wanted to? Do you guys wear name tags to identify each other?

Simple American said...

Thanks for posting the pics. Hope I can make it an international event someday. :P

Get some rest. Looks like you had quite a good time.

Wingz said...

tenkiu brader kenny! no u no ticket!! u did a great job!!! u the best!

Ah Pek said...

Thank YOu!! Kenny, You were a perfect Host!!

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah bro...
So happening hor...


Kenny Ng said...

Not all, yes we wear the name tag, so all can recognize who is who :)

[simple american]
Try to join next time ok?

Don't say like that, everyone did the great job. No u No bloggers party leh...

[ah pek]
You r welcome... thanks :)

Yalor... very happening :)

Ckyeo said...

i wanna see ace and lin peh tar keh lun and singing young man at the same time muahhahahah

Kenny Ng said...

This 1 can be arrange... LOL said...

I really kum-toong to see you guys sweating it out throughout the afternoon lah. Those things you all did behind the scenes really touched my heart. Truly fantastic and bravo! And thank you.

The Lazy Bloghead said...

eh what's the point of having kenny sia's underwear when they can have yours? He might be the celebrity blogger but ur the celebrity rawker blogger too. Show em your G-Strings!

Kenny Ng said...

I very Kam Toong u commented here :)
It's worth for sweating and bring lots of joy for everyone. Thank you for your support!

[the lazy bloghead]
Cannot lah, my underwear not branded one, I'm a poor blogger la, no body know me. My underwear all cheap cheap one, all bought from Pasar Malam, 5 for RM 10... kekeke

simon said...

congrats to the comm for a good job, and kenny you must have been the hardest working person that night!

Kenny Ng said...

thanks, I can say everyone also given their hardwork :)

Ckyeo said...

kenny packed all 50 goodies bag by himself with 4 ciggarates in his mouth!!!!

Kenny Ng said...

Only one lah... where got 4 so keng? LOL

Cocka Doodle said...

Well done guys! Great party!

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks... and thanks for bring us lots of laughter.

janicepa said...

breapa kali this ah pek wan to say thank you ....

TQ TQ TQ TQ TQ TQ TQ TQ TQ TQ .. very much .. leng chai !!!... you are so leng chai .. hahahaha...

Kenny Ng said...

OMG... I where got leng chai? TQ ah... n nice meeting you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kenny,
You go for grooming and make up is it ?
How come you so good looking, like HK actor ?

~ Twinkle Star ~

dreamie said...

Your pose ho yau ying...... :)
Kenny Boleh !!

Kenny Ng said...

[Twinkle Star]
Nolah... Never did anything also, where got good looking? Same like last time mah, which HK actor? LOL...

Really ah? TQ TQ... LOL

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