Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Kena Tag Again...

Tin Sau Lei (Sky Keep You) lor... this time I kena tagged by CKYeo (Sky Keep You) lor... if I not do this, he said the sky really will keep me lor, I still want to live lah, so... don't keep me so soon ok? Ok lah... now I do this tag lor... LOL

Name : Kenny Ng
Date of Birth : 21 April 1977 (Queen Elizabeth II also same day... whole United Kingdom celebrate with me lor... don't play play :P)
Current Status : Single and available and v.....
Eye Colour : Dark Brown
Hair Colour : Brown Black (actually grey already, I dyed to brown black ma)
Righty or Lefty : Right... but when play guitar left hand press the strings lah.
Zodiac Sign : Taurus

Your Heritage : Kwong Tong Toi San 广东台山 (sound like cantonese, I'm 100% 广东台山, don't play play)
Your Fear : When no more rock musics
Your Weakness : When people kuchi me
Your Perfect Pizza : Anything without beef

Your Thoughts First Wake Up : Can hug someone and rock n roll...
Tomorrow : Dare not think about it, so much work to do...
Your Bedtime : Not sure, when I feel sleepy lor...
The Most Missed Memory : When Man Utd won the triple champ

Pepsi or Coke : I prefer beer or stout
McD or Burger King : I prefer KFC
Single or Group Dates : Don't know wor... both also sapu!
Adidas or Nike : I prefer Yonex Badminton shoe
Lipton Tea or Nestea : Tea ah? I only drink chinese tea
Chocolate or Vanilla : Chocolate!
Cappuccino or Coffee : Old school kopitiam's coffee

PART 5 : DO YOU...
Smoke : Yes, construction field can't avoid ma
Curse : Cipiak, Nia Seng, Tiu Nia Seng, Ma Chao Hai, Tiu Nia Ma Ke Chao Hai, Tiu...

Drank Alcohol : Henessy XO, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Chivas, Wine, Tiger Beer, Carlsberg Beer, Guinness Stout, Royal Stout...
Gone to the Mall : Mid Valley, Prai Mega Mall, Queen's Bay Mall
Been on Stage : For my work presentation
Eaten Sushi : I don't eat Sushi
Dyed Your Hair : Almost every month after cut my hair, if not you all will say me is an old man

1 Minute Ago : Doing this tag la... duh!
1 Hour Ago : Shitting
4 1/2 Hours Ago : Having dinner
1 Month Ago : Can't remember... TFK maybe
1 Year Ago : Still don't know what is blog... TFK perhaps

I Love : Rock n Roll musics
I Feel : Want to drink beer
I Hate : Cars with noisy exhaust booming during midnight
I Hide : My KKC in my pants
I Miss : My parents
I Need : Money!!!

1. No Body
2. No One
3. None
4. Nil
5. 0

That's All...


angel said...

Sky won't keep you now :)

FireHorse said...

Yesterday you say chiak pa boh su cho now got something ady lor :o)
I like it when you kena tag because you awes do it, very sporting and oso I get to know you better. Now I know you oso dye hair, hehe.

may said...

hmmmm, tags seem to be in trend this week! ok ok, I shall do my 2 very overdue homework pieces...

pssst... me Taurus too! *hi^5*

Simple American said...

What? No beef on your pizza! What am I going to tell the cows?

Wennnn said...

Wahhhh birthday veri soon hor... Aiyoooo all the alcohol also veri high content wan la... keng keng.... got kaki liao.... brings out guiness with ribena... yammmmmmmmm senggggggg

Huei said...

Wuahahhahha now we know ur weekness..i shall send ppl to kuchi u! =P

Kenny Ng said...

Yeah... thank god :P

haha... I always sporting one, so... now u know more abit bout me already hor?

Yalor... too much tag these days, faster do yours lor... U also Taurus? *hi 5 back*

[simple american]
I can't eat beef because of religious matter.

Shhh... don't mention it, getting older ledi, scare la. Come we yam seng!

Don't la... I scare la... LOL

LP said...

pretty soon, someone will be a year older, will have to dye the hair every 3 weeks... beer belly start looks like 4 months pregnant...etc..ect....

_butt said...

why people at construction site must smoke de meh :P

The Horny Bitch said...

Haha.. I like the last part..

moz monster said...

aiyor ... don't eat sushi !!!???!!!

Kenny Ng said...

Woik! How u know ah? U pasang CCTV ah?

Dunno... u ask them la :P

[the horny bitch]
U mean no tag anyone ah? kekeke

[moz monster]
Yah... I can't take raw fish ma, can vomit one.

aceone118 said...

The curse part, i 've heard you said more ler! hahaha

Anonymous said...

they should ban this 'tagging' thing

its annoying

uncle sha

raychin said...

u married there? gt a fren shares a same b day with u.. quite leng lui..

Kenny Ng said...

Really ah? kekeke... shhhhh paiseh la

[anonymous/uncle sha]
Yah... agree with u

My status there said single available, what u think? Really ah? Mind intro to me ah? :P

kat said...

What is Kwong Tong Toi San? Like the botak in Aces Go Places who always say 'si toi pau'??

aNNie said...

hey.. u oso taurus ar... u r 2 days before my sis bday too..
eh, bro.. ask u 1 question.. u eat meat alot izit?

Kenny Ng said...

Yes! exactly the same :)

Oh... ur sis also taurus ah? Eat meat alot? What makes u think like that? I eat quite balance la, got meat and vegetable together.

aNNie said...

u know y? cz i gt a fren.. tat like 2 eat alot of meat.. oso gt the same problem as u.. gt alot of grey hair in the early age wor..
* i heard ppl said too.. it maybe gt urea acid.. betul kah? o mayb.. u owez think too much tat y, gt grey hair in this age..

Kenny Ng said...

No lah... my whole family members also got this problem, it's genetic la.

Iwan Sanchez said...

A very nice answer bro!!!

Ckyeo said...

good citizen of sky....by doing the sky tag...now sky wont keep you...muahahhahahaha!! but u must go force other peeple to do the tag so that they can suffer!!!!

damn cham lim peh kena tag by huei to do hand bag questionaaire, niamafulat ask ppl who got kkj to do bag questionnaire

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks bro... hahaha

haha... I very good heart one, dunwan ppl suffer ma.

LOL... tag to do hand bag? Dai sei! Tin Sau Lei lor.... tell u what, if u tag me this I'm not gonna do it... wakakakaka

kyh said...

wah u curse so much! KKKK!

so u're 30 dis yr? interesting...

i love pizzas too... but definitely not pizza hut one... theirs bread crust too thick... bloated!

Annie said...

eh..eh.. sorry ar Bro..
if the question i m asking ysterday.. sound offended..
i jz curious.. nia..
Sorry, very2 sorry!
Have a Good Day!

Kenny Ng said...

I curse even more actually, if I put all I scare not enough space for me to write... LOL

Why interesting I'm 30 this year?

I hate Pizza Hut too.

No worry, u just curious only :)

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