Thursday, January 11, 2007

Working Hours Per Year

Ladies and gentlemen, this will be my 100th post!!! Really can't believe it finally I made it! I know many of you achieved it long time ago. To me I'm still new in blogger world. Many thanks to you all who support me :)

This post will be an information about working hours per year around the world. I'm so surprised that our country ranked number 2 in the world as the longest working hours per year! Look at Paris, is the most least working hours per year. Even our neighbour country Singapore also shorter than us but with effective output. So, what wrong with our country? Work so much but yet low output?

Let's move to Paris, work less party more!!!


may said...

I'm moving to Australia, and it's not even on the charts... does it mean they don't work at all? wakakakakaka!

Wingz said...

jom paris!!! mahai too bad air asia dun fly to paris ... if not can get free flight! lol

King's wife said...

Congrats on reaching 100!! Work less, blog more! ;-)

Sasha said...


frostier said...

ok wat. at least we reached no.2 in good stuff.

Huei said...

YEA!! Work less, blog more!!! ^.^

L B said...

congrats on 100th! blog more, work less!

Kenny Ng said...

oh yah hor... No Melbourne in the list, you should so lucky la, no need to work... LOL

Jom!!! Sooner or later will have la...

[king's wife]
LOL... blog more? My brain will dry up lor...


so you proud of it? LOL

LOL... you another, I rather rock more n drink more... :P

Kenny Ng said...

Why not wish me rock more? LOL

angel said...

100th Entry wheee!! U belanja makan!!!

Ayuh ke Paris!

pssst! Maymay going to Sydney laaaa... Hah!!! U nvr read her blog! :P

JL said...

kung hei kung hei!

Iwan Sanchez said...

kesian at my kenny bro...


Work longer hrs means more $$$$$


Kenny Ng said...

next month can? now i pokkai la... :P
Oppss... May going to Sydney kah? kekeke... paiseh.

mm goi... mm goi

no... work more same salary also. That's Malaysia.

De Pianist said... pi Paris bah..less working time,but good salary,and you can be fashionable..muahaha..abo fly to Aussie,5.30pm tutup kedai liao..lolz..

Winn said...

wah congrats! y dint give prize to us one!!

eh..the 70 Q meme.......gosh.! u are the man!

moz monster said...

eh ... no party for your 100th post?

not throwing a free concert? or free visit to the smart tunnel ?


Nonnie King said...

100th post liao! I think I started to read your blog and comment in the first few entries.

Kenny Ng said...

[de pianist]
jom... let's pi Paris... in my dream can lah. Aussie? Will think about it...

damn pokkai now, how to give prize ah? errr... the 70Q ah... sap sap sui lahhh :P

[moz monster]
wahhh... request so much. I wanna jump down already... :P

yeah... you were the first person comment in my first entry. Thanks alot... :)

_butt said...

congrats!! long live crap and rocck!! yeah!! :D

Malaysia really very 'rajin'.. New York also kenot fight us.. hahaha

Simple American said...

I wanna rock more. I am budgeted to work 1,800 hours this year. Phbt!!!

Congratualations on post 100.

FireHorse said...

Happy 100th post!!! I just discovered your g-files and am absolutely loving it.

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks... yalor, we all too rajin but also bodoh lah, work more earn abit... Jom let's go to Paris... kekeke

[simple american]
Let's rock more! Thanks man :)

Thanks. Hehe... g-files is me and my friend one. Glad u like it :)

Will said...

congrats on the 100th post...

yeah good idea... let's get outta here and go somewhere where they work less and earn more :P

dreamie said...

kung hei on your 100th post !
happy blogging !!

sun,moon&star said...

happy 100th post!! so work less and blog more....

Huei said...

Can we tell that to all the bosses in Msia >.<

Well, work less and blog more, rock more n drink more! =D

old beng said...

In just 7 months, you hit 100th post, you the can.

Congrats and write more funny posts

Bernard said...

Wahhh .... centenarian ard ah... congrats!

Work less, Blog more.

AceOne said...

Congrats bro!! Blog more.

13th Panda said...

KIA!lets go to PARIS!

but cannot complain liao la..i think msia also has a lot of public holidays compare to others.

Kenny Ng said...

thanks... haha, let's go!

thanks :)

thanks, can work less rock more? Haha

u dare to tell? later kena fired leh. Yeah... work less blog more, rock more n drink more... I like! :D

[old beng]
Thanks for ur support too... ok, will come out more jokes :)

yeah... Thanks. Work less rock more can ah? kekeke

Thanks bro... got piao mei more ah? LOL

[13th panda]
KIA!!! I rather work less than holiday more ;)

Chen said...

paris mia olang manyak cocky leh..

psssss... i tagged u (again!) :P

Kenny Ng said...

wahhh... u balas dendam ah? LOL... okok.. will do on sunday ok?

Bernard said...

Yay!! Kenny kena tag! Rock more oso cannnn.

Kenny Ng said...

aiyah... u tagged me?

mirror said...

ahahaah let's move to paris :)

but i dun see japan geh?

Kenny Ng said...

Come... let's go to Paris. Japan ah? I think their working hour also quite much.

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