Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My First Time - Tagged Post

This is not my first time being tagged by Chen, I lost count already. This meme/tag is about my first time in my life. I got so many 'first time' in my past, so headache don't know which one to tell...

#1. My first time serious into watching sports.

I started learn to watch football, Formula 1 and 500cc when I was in standard one. I was influenced by my uncle who love to watch these kind of sports. That time I still don't know who is who in the game. I just simply support the football team with red jersey because my elder brother likes to choose blue team. That's why my favorite team is Manchester United and my second favorite is Liverpool (weird huh?) until now. About Formula one, my favorite drivers are Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Nigel Mansell, Niki Lauda in that era. For 500cc were Freddie Spenser, Eddie Lawson, Wayne Gardner, Randy Mamola, then... Michael Doohan, Kevin Schwantz and my all time hero is Wayne Rainey.

#2. My first time stepped into girl school

Back to when I was in form 4, I represented my school to play Badminton for MSSPP (Majlis Sukan Sekolah-sekolah Pulau Pinang) tournament, the event was held in Penang Girl School. Me and some teammate were about walked into the school, we saw all only girls in the school. We were so nervous because all the girls were staring at us, some whistle towards us, and that was my first time been whistled by girls. That time I was still an innocent boy lah... very easy get shy mah... LOL. Then we all lost in our games, we really can't concentrate our games, all the girls were inside the hall to watch cute guys there, of course they aren't look at me lah.

#3. My first time donated blood

That was my 1st semester when I studying in Polytechnic. I saw got blood donation campaign in my campus, so I went for a try. At first was a bit nervous because I still don't know what blood type I am. After check this and that... all criteria passed, then I only know I'm O+ve blood type. The doctor was smile so evilly and told me they were looking for this type of blood. They started poke into my right arm, my blood flow too slow, then they changed to my left arm, my blood flow so fast like water pipe. At first the blood bag only mentioned to get 400cc of my blood because I was the first timer to donate my blood. Suddenly the nurse look at other donator and forgot mine, then I donated about 500cc they only realized. The doctor felt so sorry with me and asked to rest for the rest of the day. In the evening I went to play badminton somemore and I felt nothing wrong at all.

#4. My first time ride my motorbike in Kuala Lumpur.

Back in 2002, I moved to KL for work. On my first day ride my bike to work, I started my journey on 6.30am because I afraid will get lost. I was staying at Sri Petaling that time and wanted to go my office near Parliament that area. I don't know how I ride my bike until near to National Zoo! Then I was so panic and don't care anymore, just follow the road sign to KL city center. Who knows I did a mistake again, I don't know how I ride to Bangsar. Then I turned back and look for Parliament Road and just follow it. Suddenly I went inside the Parliament, and I saw 3 policemen took out their guns and pointed at me, they asked me to stop my bike and off the engine. They checked everything on my bike, my bag and my wallet, after they saw nothing then only asked me why I came into Parliament? I explained... I was missing a turn and was my first day ride in KL, I told them my office name then they only laugh at me and showed me how to go... When I reach my office was already 9.30am, my boss laugh at me because he knew I was lost... now you can laugh at me with this... how crap am I!!!

#5. My first time drink beers

That time I was 21 years old, then only started how to drink alcohol drinks. I finished my certificate and started to work with a sub contractor before I continue my diploma. Then my worker pulled me to a cafe nearby my house for drink. I still remember I drank Anchor Ice beer. For the first time I can drank up to 3 bottles and still steady. I was so surprised how I did that? Don't get me wrong, I'm not a good drinker until now. I just like to drink but not with huge amount.

Alright, that's all about my first time...

Wake up!!! Don't fall sleep!!!


Sasha said...

you're the king of kena tag! BTW, how about the first time u wat wat jek? Hahahhaa

angel said...


Sei lor... I dun remember any First Time sexcept..........

Infectioner said...

y din include first time ta fei... never mind

Chen said...

kakaka.. this is not the first time nor the last time u kena tagged :P

i still remember u told me the girls at Ping Hua whistled at u & how u rushed inside the hall

kakkakaa.. u rode to Parliament in the early morning?
suspicious behaviour :P
how's the feeling being pointed at with guns??????????

Will said...

anchor ice is yummy! :P

may said...

I read till almost ngan fahh oredi...

I can't remember when I had my first beer. but I do know that I drank some whiskey before I got to know beer, when I was very young... lol!

Kenny Ng said...

wat u mean that wat wat jek? :P

sleepy leh? next time u cannot sleep can read this post. Sexcept wat jek?

U mean ta fei kei? I really forgot when la.

That mean still got more to come? Sei lor...

Wah... u still remember the Ping Hwa story ah? Errr... the feeling being pointed by guns ah? Felt like acting in 'Shang Hai Tarn' lor... so scared they will shoot me like shooting in that movie... LOL

errr... i prefer stouts :P

ngan farn leh? next time when u insomnia can this post lor... LOL

Wah... u into whiskey 1st b4 into beer? Terra la u!

L B said...

How can wan????? How can Liverpool be there? They are our SWORN enemy!!! Worse than Arsenal, worse than Chelsea, worse than Manchester City!!! Kakaka... I had a second favorite team too, and it was Middlesborough! At that time, they were dunno somewhere stuck in the fourth division or something, far away from Man Utd!

Pink Cotton said...


HAHHAHAAH how come the gals at the gal school so SAKAI wan!!!!

LOL!!!! haiyohhh

we gals where got so ...*cough* cheap


Kenny Ng said...

That's why I said I'm weird, I'm die had fan of Man Utd, but my 2nd fav is Liverpool, even all my friends also hamtam me with it... LOL.

[pink cotton]
Are you from girl school? What I experienced in most girl schools are like that. The school I mentioned in my post was really 'ganas' type lah, now I dunno how.

aceone118 said...

Let me be specific with Sasha's comment. You never mention your first time having sex with a girl leh.

mirror said...

kenny..i bring u go shopping for whole day..from shopping mall open till close..then u can add an entry...#my first time shopping whole day till my feet

FireHorse said...

Wah you like tag champion now, next time run faster lah then people cannot tag you mah.

Winn said...


eh i studied in penang chinse gal sch....but m sure i din whistle worrr

Kenny Ng said...

Oh... sex ah? Haven't done before, how to write as my first time?

U serious? U better kill me la... LOL

I was 100m champion in my school, I ran as fast as I can already, but still kena... how ah? LOL

U sure not u? Try recall back... kekeke

_butt said...

Wahh.. you so fast finish homework edey.. kheng! :D *salute*

There was once my friend took the wrong turn and duno how drove to Parliament pulak.. and kena saman.. hahahaha

Huei said...

*wHisTlE* *WhiSTLe*

There ur 2nd time being whistled by girls! =P

Kenny Ng said...

haha... fast leh? Your friend kena saman? Then I was so lucky tak kena lah... :P

eh eh... don't lah, I'm not lengjai lah.

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