Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I Lost My Love!!!

What do you feel if you lost your love one? Sad? Upset? Disappointed?

How about if someone you know who steal your love one? Disappointed? Piss Off?

Today i just discovered one of my most love guitar gadget missing, and I suspect was stolen by one of my not-so-call close friend. I always keep my stuffs very well and organised. The guitar gadget I always kept in the original box when I was not using it. Today, I was planning to take it out and play on it, when I took the box I felt the box was so light, and I was saying in my heart FUCK already!!!

I just used it few times and it still brand new, now it gone like a wind. Two weeks ago my not-so-call close friend asked me to fetch him home, suddenly he changed his mind and wanted to come to my house for a while. When I was in my toilet, I heard he was finding something in my room, so I don't care at all. When I came out everything look alright, my camera still there, my MP3 player still there... then I fetch him to Bangsar LRT station, suddenly he changed his mind again and wanted me to send him to Bangsar so I just dropped him there.

I believe he is involve with loan sharks, he keeps on borrowed money from everyone. I can't borrow him because I also run off budget, if he is not desperate with money, how come suddenly call me? All the while he NEVER call me at all. I just help him what I can, is that be a nice person always got bad return? What the fuck???!!!

This is my love...

Digitech DF-7... this picture was taken when I got it months ago

Left only the box, warranty card and instruction book all gone too!

Damn it Mother Fucker!!!

P/S: I'll slow talk to him one day, if he admit it and say sorry I'll forgive him and take it as my gift for him to settle his problem. I don't want because of this small matter and create a bull fight. It's up to him if he wants to return me back my lost. Next time I'll be more careful about it.


aceone118 said...

Tiu lor!!! Call 9 him out and ask him return it back.

ah nel said...

when u found tat farker let me noe... ;)

angel said...

How much did it cost?
*suaku dunno wat it is*

L B said...

That was so mean, and nasty!! Oh well.. cross him off your list of friends.

Simple American said...

I would fucking kill him. Rock guitar needs some good distiortion. Hope you can get it back.

may said...

I'd be more upset because of the someone-I-know's act of taking things from me without asking, rather than losing something I treasured. almost equally sad, but the former is such a slap in the face.

Applegal said...

Report police!

JoeC said...

ayoyo, poor kenny, sorry la bro on your lost but never mind la, if we can help then we help, after all, those who do us wrong may one day suffer the consequences. Cheer up :)

Kenny Ng said...

He sure will not admit it, no point to call him.

[ah nel]
No need lah, I dunwan make it big trouble.

Market price is RM500++ now.

Already done that.

[simple american]
It's like you took off turbo from a car and you drive it, that's the feeling now I had.

Just blame me too good to help friend and too easy to trust people. I really slap on my own face now.

No use one la.

It's ok, no one can help. Let him be, he'll get his return soon, I believe.

toniXe & Gang said...

its good ! u r learning valuable lessons in life !

Chen said...

tat fren of yours really teruk lah
curi your stuff when u r inside the toilet..
summore it's something so valuable to u.. 6 months saving woh.. :(

Huei said...

walauu..wut kind of person is that!? ishhhh

Anak Merdeka said...

I feel so sorry for u .. really feel your pain in this post. Don't slap yourself too hard Kenny, I hope you will receive hidden blessings soon.

Lin Peh said...

Congret! With "friend" liddat, u no need enemy lor! HAHA ! By the way, ask him out la. Lin Peh go with u with watermellon knife !

De Pianist said...

waliu..shit lah that person..don't be sad lah..someday he will get his punishment..[maybe he would be slaughtered by loan sharks..]

yenchiew said...

this kind of fren,free also dunwan la.. ish..
dont be too sad k? ;)

Kenny Ng said...

[tonixe & gang]
Yeah... what a lesson

Never mind lah, take it as lesson, material can get back, the trust hard to gain back right?

I also dunno what kind of person

[anak merdeka]
It's ok, things happened already, no point to slap myself too long right?

[lin peh]
Never mind la, let him be, he'll get his day.

[de pianist]
I'm not hope like that, I just wish he can settle his problem ASAP.

No worry, I'm not sad anymore... I just upset.

Nonnie King said...

Crappy friend.

Must be strong and ask it back oh.

13th Panda said...

wah..why ur fren like that one. Poor u.

u sure its him kah?I think u sud ask him ler

_butt said...

WTF!! if it's me I would've cekik him in the neck and shout 'YOU GIVE BACK! GIVE BACKKKKK!!!!'

but must make sure if it's really him la ya. sigh. what a 'friend'.

Hopeless Romantic said...

No more 'Black Dog', 'Money', and 'Back In Black' for you at the moment I suppose :(

Will said...

man... some "friend" you've got there...

frostier said...

wtf? this is fren ah? cipet betul. if he's my fren ah, he already been dead by now. mch... y resort to stealing?!!!

ask him out yumcha. ah-nel u stand by. linpeh bring watermelon knife. i bring canvas bag, ace pinjam lorry.

Cocka Doodle said...

Maybe he did it deliberately because you torture him so much with your style of playing the electric guitar. LOL
I once stayed with a housemate who played the Guzhing. (Zhitar) It was really torturing, and 1 day, I hid the thing. LOL

Mr. Goober said...

lol so cun..i was talking about one of my 'friend' who stole my nba live 95 game 10 years ago just now!

oh well..these things happen..get it bhack soon..hahaha

Kenny Ng said...

Will do...

[13th panda]
I'm very sure, becoz I only let few of my friends come into my room, he is the only person for the last time before it gone.

[hopeless romantic]
yah... now only left my BOSS DS-1 and my Roland Micro Cube amp to play with the effects :(

actually I dunno him much, seldom met him also.

Haiyah... forget it lah, I'll slow talk with him soon.

He's not stay with me and he never seen I play guitar. He was just want to lepak my place to copy some songs.

[mr. goober]
yours just a game CD, mine is my most favorite gadget I ever had. I don't think can get it back, he may sold it already.

Iwan Sanchez said...

alamak! 1st time see kenny bro maarah...

Relax ok.. cool down

Kenny Ng said...

Don't worry, I'm ok now, if not I won't blog about the bras right? ;)

janicepa said...

yeah , kenny hire linpeh to beat up that idiot lor... hahaha...

Kenny Ng said...

Hi, welcome here... aiyah, no need to beat him up lah... I believe before I beat him AhLong already beat him up jor.

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