Sunday, January 14, 2007

5 Things U Dunno About Me (Tagged Post)

Ah... Not again! This time Chen balas dendam (revenge) after I tagged her the 70 Questions. Luckily this time only 5 things that you all don't know about me, but I have to take a long long time to think what I gonna write until my gray hair getting more again... LOL

Here we go... jeng jeng jengggggggggggg®

  1. I'd been knocked down and fainted for few minutes during my football (soccer) game when I was in Form 4. After I woke up, I lost my memory and I can't even recognized anyone included my elder brother. I can't even speak a single word. Luckily after about 3 days my memory fully recovered back. After this incident I really got phobia to play football until now.
  2. I spent most of my time in my room with my own entertainment corner when I'm at home (picture at below). I don't like to go out when I'm in Kuala Lumpur. But eveytime I went back to my hometown, I always went out with my old friends.
  3. When I drink (alcohol), I only drink more at home, I don't really drink outside like in pubs or clubs if I'm driving. I hate to go places got GRO/PRO for drink, I'll feel uncomfortable with it, I only go to places got good live bands or good musics.
  4. I have love and fear with water. I love water alot, but I can't swim and I fear with water. I always think that how come my current job is related with water, if I fall into it how I gonna survive? I did learn many times, but I failed.
  5. I was a very hot tempered person when I was schooling. My mom always said I'm like a cobra, abit abit will get angry and throw out my anger. Since I started work, I learn alot and now improve alot. I'd learn that bad temper will not get any benefit to myself.
My entertainment corner

This time I only tag Iwan Sanchez because he told me before to tag him if I got tagged by someone... Wakakakaka.


Chen said...

your #1 fact indeed scary. Lost memory for 3 days? Luckily nothing sinister happened... Phew..

I see 4 little cute guitars deco on top of your monitor ;)

Huei said...

OMG you were knocked out and lost your memory temporarily!? OMG!!

Oh btw, did you manage to recall everything? You still owe me money since then you know! =P

karen said...

lost memory?? it's so fun.. haaa... i wish can try once.. :P :P

eh.. ur computer table is really really small.... haa..

angel said...

Waaa... kia si lang hilang ingatan...

Nice entertainment corner btw! ;)

Psssst! U say u got 3 wives nia... but there got 4 wor... :PPPP

Kenny Ng said...

yeah, so lucky, but the experience damn painful. Hehehe... yeah, those 4 little guitars are my dream guitars, thinking to add more soon if I going to Melacca again.

Everything back to normal after 3 days. LOL... I got good memory after that, I never owe you money and I still don't know you that time. :P

You crazy ah? Want to try? Better don't lah, my case was so lucky. My computer table? It's not a table, I put a piece of table top on top on a cabinet. That's my creation since my room is small :)

Kia si lang leh? My entertainment corner is my heaven. That 4 guitars are fake one la... LOL

may said...

hmmmm... nobody knocked you in the head lately, yea? you remember who I am, right? yes? ok! that's all that matters now! ;)

moz monster said...

Wah ... memory loss for 3 days is no kidding man !!! Thank goodness you're ok now.

Nice entertainment corner. I like the chair ... it looks really comfy ...

Infectioner said...

Your entertainment corner is better than mine. By a little only. :P

ah nel said...

u sure u forgot wat happen after knocked down???a gal say she lost virginity tat day worr..

L B said...

Hahaha, football damn dangerous game sometimes! One time I kena chopped on the throat ~ really sore.

Kenny Ng said...

LOL... no worry, I'll remember you if u hentam me till pengsan.

[moz monster]
Yeah, that was my worst moment in my life. The chair... haha, my lazy chair, so comfort mah. Can get it in Carrefour.

Hi, thanks for dropping by. My guitars are at other corner, if I put together even much better :)

[ah nel]
I still remember how I been knocked down, I'm still virgin, how come she lost her virginity?

Yeah, football always dangerous, my ankle gone coz football, the numbers I get injured during football game really lost count.

Huei said...

You got good memory AFTER that, so means before it wasn't so good, so u knew me then! I borrowed you money!! =P

Sasha said...

u also kena ka? me too@ wakakakakaka

Mr. Goober said...

happy new year!

nice entertainment corner u have there..can make ur temper work better? hehehehe

Will said...

wow... concussion ka? that's bad... luckily it's only temporary

is that soundworks speaker i see on your desk? hehehe

Kenny Ng said...

Hahaha... I remember you not from Penang... LOL

Wah... when you kena?

[mr. goober]
Happy new year! Hehehe... of coz the entertainment corner calm me down alot.

Yeah, so lucky. That's Altec Lansing speakers lah... hahaha. The right hand side square black speaker is Roland Micro Cube amp for my electric guitar. said...

Wa. Lost memory for 3 days, is worst than my breaking-leg-unable-to-walk-2-months. Your mum must be worried crazy

Huei said...

Haha umm..that time I was on holiday to Penang! ^.^ hehe

Keropok said...

Relax brudder... don't tension. Man Utd a good 6 points ahead, bro!!!


Kenny Ng said...

Broken leg for 2 months is more painful than lost memory for 3 days I think. Yeah, my mum was worried till cried.

Really ah? LOL... damn funny lah u.

I'm not tension bro... yeah, 6 points!!!!!

_butt said...

waseh.. your entertainment corner like people's starbucks.. sanctuary like that, can chill, and rock!! :D

Bernard said...

Concussion, man! That bad huh? ok... to help you get over the phobia, come and play futsal with oldies like us... i promise not to collide with your head.

De Pianist said...

your room looks neat leh..but so many wires geh..not scared suddenly got short circuit ar..nanti semua bakar habis leh..

nyonya said...

no need fear the water - carry a lorry tube with you all the time.

Inevitable said...

Cum cum, i teach u how to swim. gibe u rubber ducky... ;)

Kenny Ng said...

That's why I always stay at my entertainment corner :)

Futsal ah? haha... no body contact mah, but now I only play badminton :)

[de pianist]
Hahaha... those wires are not connected, most are my electric guitar's wire and my headphone.

Hahaha... the swimming pool allow or not?

Rubber duck pula... paiseh lah... LOL

FireHorse said...

You are really a good sport, like your entertainment centre too. Nice...errrr in your reply to ah nel you still....ohhhh now I know 6 things abot you. :o))))

ah nel said...

virgin oso can chk kar???

Kenny Ng said...

Aiks... 6 things? What is the extra one?

[ah nel]
I know what I'm doing in my whole life... No need to check or any scientific prove.

Simple American said...

Love your corner. Looks like a rockin' place. :)

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
Yeah... it's rock! :)

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