Thursday, December 07, 2006

I'm Not Handsome!!!

I just want to make a very clear statement here, I'm not handsome at all! I read many comments in my previous post about Mini Bloggers Meet, got many said I'm the most handsome among the group. It's like insulting on me, some never meet me before and gave me such a comment, come on... I'm not pleased with it, I felt is an insult.

I don't have blue eyes, I'm short, I'm ugly, I got more than 50% of white hair but I dyed into black color, my face like estate roads with full of potholes. I don't look like Tom Cruise, I'm not tall and 'yau yeng' like Chow Yuen Fatt, I'm not muscular like Arnold Schwarzenegger, I'm not smart as Albert Einstein.

I look little bit like Phua Chu Kang (PCK), but the real PCK is more funny and handsome than me, at least he got a big mole on his face, I don't have it. He is famous but I'm not. He got a wife but I don't have. He is rich but I'm poor.

Alright, now look closer on myself... Wait!!! Go get a plastic bag or maybe two to get ready for vomit, if you got heard attack please be calm before you proceed, here we go... jeng jeng jengggggggg®

are you ready?
Warning!!! Read at your own risk!

Malaysian PCK... I tell you don't play play lor... the best in KL and Penang

I felt I'm so lame with this post :P


angel said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Who say no hensem???
Liucas & Ah Boy say HENSEMMMM!!!

Anonymous said...

look like cut and paste pictures...

Anonymous said...

sorry kenny
this my new wan

i change the http and try to get adsense
back.. but i got negetif result

all this b-kos of 1 UNEDUCATED sohai attack my blog

carcar said...

...what happen?

who say you no hensem? how to justify what is hensem?


i also not pretty loh.... do you know sometimes when i visit those pretty girl's blog, my confident level drop to 0% immediately?!


hey pal! chin up!

have a great day today!


Simple American said...

I got blues eyes. I'm not handsome.

You ain't Tom Cruise, but you're not the Elephant Man either. Don't worry. If people say you're handsome, believe em.

Carcar you're pretty too.

Why people don't wanna look in mirror and see what's there?

may said...

eh, some people find the PCK-type hensem and attractive wei!! look very dashing what, dun pray-pray!

Kenny Ng said...

I said no hensem. I gonna make Liucas & Ah Boy into hotdog soon... LOL

cut and paste from where? Ok, got ur new url oledi... thanks

I said myself no hensem la... LOL. U not pretty then who else pretty ah? No worry, I'm not down coz I'm not hensem... I'm proud of it... LOL

[simple american]
I'm not sure what poeple mean in America, but here mostly is an insulting.

Really meh? But hor... real PCK better than me 100000000000000000x la... LOL said...

Why suddenly a leap of area?
Why not the best in Penang and Perak?
Sekali jump so far, not scared fall gar?

Simple American said...

Oh? Sorry. To heck with them. What do they know.

Sasha said...

okay ma..

Nonnie said...

Ok lah.. Maybe cannot use the word "handsome" for you..

But capi can lah, and a bit cute.

Kenny Ng said...

I'm from Penang ma, now in KL... so is best in KL n Penang lor... LOL

[simple american]
I also don't know...

you mean the boots? LOL

haiyah... ppl start calling me uncle already... where got cute anymore?

Maverick SM said...

Now you are famous - the new PCK of Malaysia. Where did you get the yellow thing?

Iwan Sanchez said...


U looked younger in this close up pic lah...


Wingz said...

kei lan lengjai ah!!! PCK also no fight!!

AceOne said...

Dun call you leng chai then call you hamsap can ar??

Kenny Ng said...

nolah... where got famous? yellow boots can get at hardware shop mah... u want ah? :P

younger? alamak! what's wrong with the pic?

lengjai when i pee ah? LOL

can can... i like it... hehehe

Anonymous said...

you look ok lah..if you're ugly,then i'm an old haggard witch liao look more like phua chu beng wearing PCK clothes leh..wear specs lagi more same..ha..

Anonymous said...

got big ting oso ken b better dan handsome wat. piau mei oni wan other tings wan. handsome sissi one no use lah.

JoeC said...

Aiya, still boleh jalan lor, can get good looking wife wan, as long as you are sincere, honest and a joker, which i think you are, so, if ladies say you are handsome, its not only face, it is also your heart. Cheers dude!

Anonymous said...

Looks are not important! :)

dreamie said...

This is moongchacha's opinion :
ok, ok,, i look at your pic...
i agree to disagree you no hansem
i look in the mirror i more hansem.
(dun ask me for pic.. i say i hansem means i hansem)
you said you not hansem.. i agreed
i said i hansem .. I HANSEM LORR


Anonymous said... come look different wan? You photoshop the pic 9 9 ah?

Bernard said...

U r more hensem than PCK.

Chen said...

u r lengchai also mah :)

sun,moon&star said...

you look okay mar...i'm not complaining LOL!!

13th Panda said...

That s really you meh? more confident sikit..

Somemore beauty is only skin deep ma

Kenny Ng said...

[de pianist]
The pic look nice only la, PCK got wear specs meh? LOL

Big thing? What big thing ah? I don't know lor, I'm very innocent :P

Aiyooo... you dunno me much la, dun praised me like that la, actually hor... I'm bad and hamsap one u know?

yeah... look not important, but money important :P

wahhh... so deep la u, yah... of coz u hansem than me, that's for sure.

I dunno how to use photoshop one la... that's original pic lah

nonono... real person of PCK damn hensem one.

u mean my boots lengjai? Thanks... :P

u not complain but u LOL ma... Thanks, I got the answer already

[13th panda]
yeah, that's me... if I'm hensem I'll not confident anymore.

See Fei said...

wah phua chu klang also hemsum wat! so be better if got piao meis take together. LOL

See Fei said...

wah phua chu klang also hemsum wat! so be better if got piao meis take together. LOL

Winn said...

hahah this entry is so....liu....

but a nice one..
u have a handsome heart u know?:)

ah nel said...

mahai...u think i hamsem kar? worse than u rude as the way i blog...i had so many weakness but i don cared wat ppl think no fren bad ppl... ;)

u noe u had a lot better than me as you soft spoken and kind diffrent from u...u dont blif thre 2 ppl can prove it... *wink wink*

*btw cocka say we all GAY...owes had batang meet how we gona cook tis cock? *

Kenny Ng said...

[see fei]
yah... real PCK is hensem but not me ok? Piao Meis see me also run away la... true one, always happen on me.

I got hensem heart? Nolah... hamsap heart got la... LOL

[ah nel]
Don't say urself so bad, u ah... so down to earth for wat? I'm not better than u la. I did post up vulgar words ma... see my previous post about Rock n Roll Musics is Dead?! I tiu alot lor...

Nvm la... let that cocka say lor, I really uncomfortable if join with many gals around. Next time we fried him like KFC wan ah? kekeke

me said...

girls go for guys with a sense of humour......and plenty of cash. hahahahahaha.

The Lazy Bloghead said...

eh kenny but someone said you look lik Richard Gere once. SO if that is not good looking I don't know who else is. Even my mother drools over Mr Gere.

FireHorse said...

Came via Nyonyapenang's blog, you baru finish auditioning for the Village People kah? Hehe.

Kenny Ng said...

hahaha... u r so honest.

[the lazy bloghead]
too bad la, they called me Richard 'Kenny' Gear not Gere... Remember Shon calls me that? LOL

Hi, welcome here... haha, yalor, just finish auditioning Kampung People :P

eve said...

it doesn't matter if u r hensom anot long as u r a nice person ok liao..dun judge the book by it's cover...

Kenny Ng said...

nolah, I dun mind I'm not handsome la, I just mind ppl say I'm handsome.

Pink Cotton said...




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