Thursday, December 14, 2006

Funny Translation

Have you ever think sound of some names are funny if we say it in other language? Here I want to show you all something that sound vulgar and funny.

Alright let's say...

"Come Suck Me" in Malay Language will be "Mari Hisap Saya".

"Come Suck Me" in Hokkien Language will be sound "Lai Kam Wah"

Below the picture was taken last new year eve in Jonker Street, Melacca.


Lai Kam Wah (Come Suck Me)

Will you dare to enter and Suck the owner?



Nonnie King said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That's hilarious!

Good one Kenny!

And I assume that shop is not selling "BJ" services kua...

Nelson said...

suck the signboard not the owner...LOL

Cocka Doodle said...

Anyone sitting below that signboard is expected to be sucked! LOL

_butt said...

wasehhh!! talk about being agressive!

may said...

hahaha! I wonder if the owner knew the "mistake" he made when he put up that signboard...

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

i don't dare at all.

art... said...

i thought melaka dudes speak hokkien too...
actually what are they selling ahh?

MadReza said...

what is so funny about ur
thing myes is better

ikanbilis said...


Kenny Ng said...

Thanks... I not sure what they selling too, day time the door was closed... LOL

the signboard so flat, how to suck ah? LOL

U been there before ah? :P

sometimes have to be aggressive abit mah... :P

maybe he purposely kua... LOL

me too... hahaha

yeah, they did... dun u noticed that the shop was closed all the time when we walk around there in day time?

thanks for dropping by, anyway... I dun see any funny post from you la.

cool down bro... LOL

ah pek said...

wahahahaa... after u kena sue, i dunno.

Anonymous said...

How is Jonker Street? Will be going there for a short get away.

Any good recommendation places to go see see look look in Melecca?
--Old Beng

Kenny Ng said...

[ah pek]
can ah? wa takut lor... maciam mana ah?

[old beng]
Melacca ah? Jonker Street lor... Portuguese Settlement lor...

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